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  4. Bot loop, quick train

    I think its unnecessary to create a new one since its the same problem and i my own fix to it. i just suggested to them to do what I do as well. Not really a big issue for me.
  5. Same happened to me. It seems to "crash" after a while and the log is normal. After memu closes, you can't open it again. It recommends you to restart your PC before opening it again.
  6. how many ''betas'' you're going to made at the final version of the bot pd: the beta 2 is working good. i left the bot doing his work and left my house, when i comeback the memu was closed, why?
  7. great for boostbot to be back, first time downloading again can't wait for stuff to come!
  8. Bug in beta 2

    you left my problem and want to know what he means?
  9. Bot can't attack

    Can you fill out the proper format here: http://boostbot.org/forums/topic/4956-how-to-get-support-must-use/ And also provide images of the issue when it occurs.
  10. Bot loop, quick train

    Would you mind creating your own support topic so we can have some more info on this?
  11. Tha bot didnt work

    Do you have an active anti-virus? If so disable it, re-download BETA 2 and try again. Otherwise I may be able to help you over teamviewer, just PM me your TV info.
  12. Bug in beta 2

    What do you mean?
  13. Beta 2

    Thank you for the report, it may be an issue with TH10. You may want to disable the rearm module until this is fixed. Could you hit the green image icon with your Townhall selected, save the image and upload it to https://cubeupload.com/. We want to see the re-arm options as they appear for you.
  14. Glad BETA 2 is functioning well. We are working on BlueStacks support in BETA 3.
  15. Bug in beta 2

    the bot is working fine but sometimes the army is not cooking as it should
  16. Bug in beta 2

    which file?
  17. Tha bot didnt work

    My bot is beta 2, well for a while the bot is working fine but the army is not building up after sometime and white clouds show up even when there is a very good net speed
  18. Tha bot didnt work

    i tried the beta 2... same
  19. Bug in beta 2

    file what?
  20. Beta 2

  21. Attack strategies?

    post screenshots of your bot. (general, search) etc. the mods can only help you if they see the screenshots.
  22. Bot loop, quick train

    i get this problem once in a while, all i really do is pause the bot, turn on the off quick train, and the army i want to use then unpause the bot.
  23. Bot can't attack

    Hey, I have a problem, when the bot is running in attack mode, the bot can't click "next base". The bot does not pass from the first base found. What can I do? Thank you!
  24. Home village achievements, Those achievements have gems in quantity. I have 2,015 gems if I achieve all the achievements I have a few completed but the idea is that everyone can complete them with the bot. Jordan
  25. Tha bot didnt work

    Can you try the newer version?
  26. Tha bot didnt work

    do u have teamviewer? maybe i can try to help u
  27. Bug in beta 2

    u try to delete the file and redo again should be work , be4 that i had this issue also....once i delete and re-do work fine right now~ enjoy your BOTTTT
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