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  3. finally, he no dare to response already, no more word to say, what error? if you pro, no error show out, just stupid programmer will get error.
  4. Simply this is ridiculous
  5. Yesterday
  6. Everyone, Aside from not handling your refund because it wasnt requested in a specific fashion you should also know, You guys should also take note taht, the boostbot terms do not promise any working bot. Just access to a web site. And even the website the promise access to does not have to be free from virus, or even be online. The bot, and the website can fail, and they do not have to give a refund. Also, you should know, they can kick any one of us at any time for any reason they choose. This is all in the boostbot terms of service. So, once you pay them, the web site and the bot can fail 100%, and none of you have any rights to any money back. That's what they put in the terms of service and when you clicked accept, you agreed to all that. So the bots dead. They dont care. The bot doesnt attract them customers. The only thing they care to maintain is this web site where they trick people into subscribing. but even if this site fails, they have no incentive to fix anything. Cause all of us who paid are entitled to nothing back no matter what. even if they infect our computers. They wrote the terms of service with this type of failure in mind. They have no incentive to do half a seconds work to fix anything.
  7. so when it will come the new module pls?
  8. Please use the payment and account support section for this question. We only handle those things it the right forum section, thank you.
  9. hi over there

    any news from your hibernation????

    please keep us informed....

  10. ustalar bot indirme linki nerde nasıl indirecem acaba
  11. You MUST use this format when posting an Error or Bug. Describe the issue below. When do you get the issue? What happens with BoostBot and the Emulator?: Ive read that some people had their VIP extended to cover the downage but I just removed my paypal reoccurring payment and Lost VIP instantly and have been paying for months for something I cannot use. I would expect the extension to extend beyond when I am no longer paying for it. So I need to file for a refund or will you be crediting me VIP to make up for the time? Thank you.
  12. @Jordan Another update please? At this point I think you should be actually giving daily updates that include statistics and a timeframe or at least SOMETHING we can hold to. The part that scares me the most is we haven't even beta tested anything...so were going to spend a month making a working bot and then another month working out bugs.....and by then supercell will have released a new update for spring......please help us understand where we are at so we can either support you or do what we have to. I am sorry to say that but it is getting to a point where no one knows what is going on and we have to blindly trust someone who is not giving us any updates....only allowing us to stew when it would only take a few minutes of your busy day to let us know you still care by updating us I know you and the coder are working hard but we would like to see updates and think since we are VIP it is not out of line to request that
  13. You need to make a payment and account support topic, we only handle payment and account issue in that forum section, thank you
  14. 3 DAYS to monthsary of no boost bot
  15. they just keep bullshit and do nothing.
  16. We really appreciate your efforts, but what takes it too long?
  17. Last week
  18. Fellow boosters I urge you to connect with your PayPal or auto payment system to cancel from your subscription and monthly payments as boost bot does not give you the option to cancel monthly payments and it seems that this has just become a scam. Seeing as competitive bots have not had any issues with keeping up to date and remaining active has made me distrust boostbot as it's going into its third month of being inactive and they have kept us in the dark as to what the setbacks are.. Don't let yourself keep paying money out of your very own pocket for services that are not being met. Cheers boosters
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