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  3. restart
  4. fsafsadf
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  6. Welcome man! Glad you are excited for the Mac bot It will likely be released with the initial BETA or shortly after
  7. Welcome back! We have created a new bot to work cross-platform between Mac and Windows. It is being released soon for free
  8. hello and welcome back, i dont know if you want to take a bad bot, if i were you id wait (shortly) for ours to be back up!
  9. hi everyone.. im a old user of clashbot before i quited a year ago. but now im back with the new update. sadly the bot was not up yet. i hope everyone have a great day.. OFF TOPIC: btw. any bot working right now?
  10. Name/Nickname : Shiv Age/Location : 20 and India Hobbies/Education : Gaming, Reading and Music of course. I am an Engineering student. How you found BoostBot : Google Your plans/expectations with BoostBot : Since I switched to MAC I've had troubles finding a bot, finally hyped that Boostbot would work for mac, cant wait till its released.
  11. Locked & Archived.
  12. Welcome to BoostBot, we are happy to have you here! I hope you enjoy your stay A great way to get started within the community is to create an introduction. I've put some suggestions below for things to help you create your introductions. These are merely suggestions so feel free to ignore any or all of this and introduce yourself your own way Name/Nickname Age/Location Hobbies/Education How you found BoostBot Your plans/expectations with BoostBot
  13. Thank you! I've been waiting like forever
  14. Yesterday
  15. i can say that it will be ready to download SOON as for now, you cannot download it yet.
  16. Ok thanks
  17. You could download the beta version earlier. And now that only the paid version must be downloaded
  18. yes, the bot is currently broken.... read this topic please:
  19. You MUST use this format when posting an Error or Bug. Bot Version and Revision Number: MEmu or BlueStacks Version:MEmu new version Windows Version:10 Professional Do you use a PC, a VM or a VPS?:PC Describe the issue below. When do you get the issue? What happens with BoostBot and the Emulator?: Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F173/O Please submit logfile with the timestamp for the issue if needed. Please posts screenshots to help us see the issue if needed. Click here for a guide for screenshots.
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