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  4. it did that before it went down. you just had to know how to do it
  5. Ahahaha good joke dude. we will get same bot we used last year's same gui same options only cracked version by Jordan and his team boostbot will not by the same again. we get cracked version full of bugs and we have dev. team without many exp. and skills in dev. of boostbot. mother version of this bot has now many new futures many new attacks algorithms etc. yes im talking about Rbot. and this here?please after 3 months we will get cracked and bugged version of old bot.
  6. Could not get to Ingame and zoomed out how to fix it ? any guide video ??
  7. Should add multi bot.. or in better terms have it to where we can use the bot but on 2 accounts at the same time.. that would be cool. would really enjoy that
  8. Last week
  9. yeah ok i know.. i dont wait in chat for updates.. i know where the updates posted just for fun.. an old friend of this forum came a visit from the past.. hehe
  10. this works, they willnot release you special information because you are in chat though. this thread will be updated, when there will be an update to give please bear with "us". thanks!
  11. hello anyone know if the chat in the forum works? come around to have a little talk guys about the progress of the bot.
  12. maybe the system used to update the bot was old, and people didnt wanne put in the time, and now with a new team they developed a way better one, to recognize better/faster. update faster, control faster everything, its called a major update. unfortunatly, in the meantime we got nothing else :(. id not be to negative about it tho, if they got it (semi) working, means people are doing a pretty good job, whenever they get the title developer or not
  13. who would dev a software like that and not have like 10000x back ups lol..... as time goes by it just proof that the real devs left and they are trying to copy it with some files left on the trash of the server lol.
  14. Even the bot is back i will not use this bot always have a problem in developing team. What if the developer leave again because the issue of the money? Again and again waiting and waiting for update. Many already developer leave here because all the money goes to jordan.
  15. Yet, we are still waiting with no timeframe to speak of... I think I've botted 1 billion gold and elix since November using a FREE BOT located at another website. LOL
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