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  2. I understand. Most things are too technical - or there is no UI behind it. It's really super deep stuff giving us a problem. Imagine the bot is a person and a working bot == a whole human body. Now imagine it getting shot in the heart. Now we need a new heart. This is no simple task! After thousands of development hours, the heart has started beating again, but when the heart started beating, we went blind! Now we are fixing our eyesight (so the bot can see the game again). However, I do have some tangible proof of our recent progress. Here we added a private tab temporarily to help us see again. The fact that you can see the bot in the image below means we're made significant strides.
  3. If you really understand the software you created, you should use less time to build an same application, at least workable, we dun hope any new feature or what shit. What i heard is you just keep lie and keep talk like marketing, at least show some UI? or you dun have? you dun have source code, just a seller who hired noob programmer.
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  5. Some individuals associated with other bots sabotaged our services and made it nearly impossible to fix. This wasn't our fault. They were malicious - took us down and are now trying to end BoostBot. We are taking legal action, but also working tirelessly to fix what they have done.
  6. If anyone has ever worked with software you know that it always takes longer than you think. We will breakthrough one area, and then hit another giant roadbloack. I realize we aren't specific, but most of our issues aren't really too clear. The purpose of this thread is to let you know we're still working - very hard - day and night, even through the many roadblocks. Here's an example: We need to update images the bot uses. It seems all we need to do is update a .bin file. Max 1 hour of work. We begin updating the .bin file, and realize some definitions are using complex vectors . Now we've added another week of development due to an issue we never could have predicted. Why didn't we know about this before they did it? We did. We have been working for a while to prevent this before it happened. Individuals and old developers took advantage of the freedoms and powers given to them to destroy BoostBot so they could make more money.
  7. bla bla bla, talk shit more
  8. why it take months?? all the other bots been online after an few hours. i don not understand why it takes so long. on other updates for clash the bot worked in a few hours as well. are you developer as well or just waiting?
  9. Interesting post, mostly restated information. I do enjoy the attempted "update" portion, but the information is still far too vague. Let's see how progress is described over the next week. I hope to see redemption in a sense, of your service and mentality. Here is my post within the last official announcement, which hopefully will be deemed irrelevant through proper action on BoostBot's end:
  10. All heard was blah blah blah
  11. Check this thread posted just 30 mins ago
  12. Good luck to the developers, your work is appreciated
  13. thank you boostbot team !!
  14. Thanks for the update Jordan. A bit late, but better now than never.
  15. Information for the amazing VIP Users You will be reimbursed for every day BoostBot is down. It will be added onto the end of your subscription. If your VIP expires, when the bot is online your days will be added back and you will be VIP again! Do not fear! We also plan to do something special for you all when we are back online as an apology. We are so sorry for keeping you waiting. If you are planning on buying VIP, just wait until BoostBot is back online Stay Positive, Stay Happy, and Give us a Chance! BoostBot/ClashBot has been the leading provider of innovation and the best bot on the market for almost the whole duration of the Clash of Clans Botting Community. We have no intention of stopping and we will continue to provide the best bot in the future. I think we have provided a wonderful service and put thousands and thousands of hours into creating a bot for you and for that you should give us a chance. We want nothing more than to provide you with the best and we plan to do just that for all of the future, you just forgive us for this small hiccup! Daily Updates BoostBot has been forced to attempt and achieve the impossible. We have been working non stop, thousands of development hours, ridiculous amounts of money spent but have made some strides. The bot has proven to be much more difficult to update but we have made some significant steps. We have hired multiple developers and the are working as you read this. January 22nd Update One developer is working on creating a tool that allows us to add/update the bot to be compliant with the Clash of Clans Update. @Ryan A has made MEmu and Bluestacks functional. Bluestacks 2 is having some minor issues, and we are working on improving Bluestacks 2. Thanks, @Jordan and the BoostBot Team
  16. Jordan, I've been a lifetime VIP for a long time. I feel VIP members here deserve more communication from you GOOD or BAD. Please take a moment and let us about the progress, so we can either move on or continue to support you. This is going on way to long. Thanks OOps Doube post...deleted please..if anyone reads this
  17. Jordan, I've been a lifetime VIP for a long time. I feel VIP members here deserve more communication from you GOOD or BAD. Please take a moment and let us about the progress, so we can either move on or continue to support you. This is going on way to long. Thanks
  18. como descargo el bot o no hay disponible ?
  19. bunu imdirmek için yorum atmak gerekiyorsa diye atıyorum
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