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    Hello all, So as of today ClashBot.org is now known as BoostBot.org. This IS PERMANENT;. We will still offer the exact same ClashBot software. Nothing changes other than the URL. Here is how the transfer to the new domain went: We redirected ClashBot.org to BoostBot.org Here is how this affects you: You now go to BoostBot.org Other than that, nothing changes! Your login data to the forum at boostbot.org and the bot is the SAME Please note your data is extremely secure. Regards, @Jordan and all of the amazing members of the ClashBot Staff Team For more information about the new ClashBot Release, has posted information on the new release below
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    ClashBot Release: 5.8 Everyone thank @joejoe and @Bunta for this release! Please remember to tell all of your friends and spread the word about ClashBot! The next release is planned to have extra/upgraded custom troop training, an updated wall upgrade and building upgrade option, reduced base search delay, and updated algorithms for a quicker bot. Release 5.8 contains: Fix for please restart your computer loop Donate Only Added Donate/Train Only is Flawless Brand new searching methods. Choose how to attack Dead Bases, and how to Attack Any other base. Custom deployment settings for Dead Bases and Other Bases separately. Custom and random untit/wave delay added. Attack now button is flawless Custom reconnect interval Custom king delay time Custom queen delay time Custom return home after no income delay time Auto Upgrade Walls is Back and Better than ever Wall tolerance level added (if having issues, lower/higher tolerance) Find wall button added Now choose which barracks to boost Boost king or queen now as well Stats tab is back You must register to see the release. The C# Bot is on it's way, when it is out it will replace the AutoIt version and will also have less bugs. How to use CoC Bot Download
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    My Bot is running since 51 Hours so its very Proof. I used the bot with that settings since the Loot Treasury! I had good experience with this settings. Trophies: around 1800-2000 Here are some statistics: [hide] Here my Barracks: Here my Attack settings: Here my Misc Tab: (There is Trophy Range of 2500 to 2200 cause i started the bot as i had 2600. the best value for me is. Trophy Range: 2000 to 1800 [/hide]
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    As you may know we have been working countless hours to bring you a bot once again. After hitting delay after delay we have hit out biggest delay yet, and so, we've made a very big decision. We will be spending our time developing a brand new bot in C++. We realize bad decisions have been the reason BoostBot has been put in this position. Creating a new bot insures absolutely nothing will ever stop BoostBot again. There is no point in taking our time to restore a bot with limited possibilities. BoostBot has always provided the best bot, and to continue providing the best bot, it is smarter that we start over. This new bot will likely be branded BoostBot 8.0. This is what we want it to be. Writing a new bot will allow us to simplify the bot from a programming perspective, and C++ is a great language for that. It will be much easier for Developers to push updates compared to the old, cluttered bot. We will make the bot very fast, faster than any other bot can be due to the limitations of the programming languages they use. The bot will work on Mac and PC! There is not a Clash of Clans Bot that works on Mac. We plan to provide our new, upgraded bot, to everybody, and we will no longer be limited to only PC. We do not have an official ETA, but our Development team suggests no more that 6 Weeks. We will provide initial versions for everyone to test before that date. If you are an actively paying VIP, and would like to continue to support us during this time, that is greatly appreciated. This project needs funding to be completed. If you are a normal person, and only want to pay when the bot comes back out, we understand, please post in Payment Support to receive a refund. We will refund payments from December 1st 2016-March 1st 2017 If you posted already and haven't received a refund, post again, we've had to clean the section.
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    BoostBot 7.13.0 Revision 2003 This is an early release for VIP members only to test the bot. To become a VIP and use this version click the button below. You must be a VIP member and logged into your account to download. This Release [2003] New Features in 7.13.X: Support for Memu Emulator - You can now use Memu Emulator to run BoostBot. Memu is one of the fastest and most reliable emulators. We recommend you use this if you are having any issues with bluestacks. Download here. Bot Multiple Accounts [VIP Only] - Memu also supports multiple emulators. Use Memu-Multi to set up new accounts. Open a new BoostBot for each Memu instance to bot with multiple accounts. Anti-Ban - We've taken our software and made it even safer! There are more improvements to come. Release 7.13.0 Contains: Support for Memu Bot Multiple Accoutns [VIP Only] Anti-Ban Improvements Updated Attack API New Attack Algrotihms (16-Finger) Improved Attacking Algorithms Release 7.13.0 Known BugsPossible Issues with Memu Personal Break Handling Features Access to Early BETA Bot Releases Anti-ban "Hours of Operation" Bot Multiple Accounts in one PC Advanced Forum Support Buildings & Wall Upgrades Custom Troops & Spell Training Boosting Barracks, Altars Town Hall Sniping/Trophy Pushing Smart Donating Notifications (Phone & Computer) Training & Attacking Basic Features ClashBot VIP Upgrade Now! Free Trial Continue Using Trial
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    I am so so so sorry for the false hope provided in the last few months. If we could predict the future we would have done this to start with. This is the best path for us, and we are working very hard. I think it makes more sense to take the time now to create something that changes the Clash of Clans botting community. I am committed to this. I will provide as many updates as I can during the development.
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    Appreciate it man. I think there's a great advantage to waiting for this bot, we won't let you down. It means a lot to see our loyal users staying and believing, dispite how insanely long this has taken.
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    im going to be honest here i wouldnt be th 11 without your bot and i promise as soon as your new bot comes out ill buy the vip im a loyal person and will stick with you till the end my friend
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    Jordan may have won the waiting contest but I already did my charge back and now have paid the competitor and I do not regret it. I have been using it the whole time this bot is down and i am almost maxxed out th11. This bot is dead. Jordan is not coming back, he has a new bot to play with that he can sell resources and crap for so he is probably making more money there and the abuse here from his lack of leadership was probably unbearable. Im out. Good Bye. I have the same username on the other site so if you were someone I talked to I will be there.
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    March 1st to April 12 = 6 weeks to the day. i think that the Lifetime VIPs and VIPs need to hear something more than "hopefully" and "perhaps". Would it be to much to ask for a detailed update at this point.
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    Show me the results I wonder if you're making it. show me the picture I want to believe you.
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    Ok next month announcement using JAVA brand new bot and MAY annoucement using VB to written new bot and following month using Python...and so on
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    to be fair we keep getting told to wait and then no updates....so I think a simple "just be patient" is belittling at this point. All it would take is a few moments of his time to be at ease with this situation. People keep talking about scams and this is getting to fit more and more of the criteria and we are nervous! We spent good money to not have a product. So excuse my frustration but it literally has been way to long and no one is giving us updates....we are just being left to our own fears all alone. I am hopeful you really know him in real life and that your update is a legitimate one but you dont even have VIP so we dont know if you're just making up stuff or what. We have no official update on the situation. I think we are not out of line being frustrated....and all we get is "be patient". I am sorry but I HAVE been patient. All I wanted was a post from Jordan. Those legitimately tell me he is still around and cares....right now I feel like hes not around and doesnt care........ I still have faith this will get completed but we have had nothing in the way of updates in a LONG time.
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    still considered complaining when we have been waiting for the better part of 6 months? I used to be where you are but I am starting to lose hope and there is no update from Jordan so what are we supposed to think? Its not like it takes a million hours to make a post on the message board or show a screen shot of what he is doing. He even offered to make us a bot to keep us from being attacked and that was the last we heard anything....I am starting to wonder if there even is any devs working on a new bot at all....
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    March 1st to April 12 = 6 weeks to the day. i think that the Lifetime VIPs and VIPs need to hear something more than "hopefully" and "perhaps". Would it be to much to ask for a detailed update at this point.
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    @Jordan We really could use an update sir....realize you are busy building a new bot but we are close to the deadline you projected early and we are eager to see what is happening. You also had mentioned you may be able to have an early release that at least collects loot and keeps our base protected. Thank you for your time sir....you sure are a rarity these days
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    My base is max already i'm only upgrading troops in lab and 2 barrack using advanced free bot. I feel so sad other here waiting bot here. Goodluck for those who waiting here for the paid bot.
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    The truth is that we do not lose anything with the friends of the wishes very lucky with this new program
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    Hi!! This version doesn't work with the new update of Clash of Clans, where barracks are very different. Are u going to post a more updated version? Thank you!
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    But instead of adding the clan tag, I would rather the bot auto join random clan and donate then leave, it would be much better. Because if let the player enter the tag in the text box, I would rather you go into CoC and enter it rather than doing it in the bot
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    The funny thing is that the developers @iTinkerBell hasn't been on seance march 2 and @Ryan A hasn't been on seance march 25. one must wonder if there realey working on the Bot at all.
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    Hey, there is a small problem, there is no download page when i click on download here at the instruction page
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    wow everyone who hasn't done so stop waiting and read this https://www.raccoonbot.com/forum/topic/18143-final-satement-boostbot-raccoonbot/ and head over to r a c c o o n b o t. it works great. stop wasting your time (and $$$) here.
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    So why cant @Jordan post that himself. I'm not mad at the fact that the bot has been down for so long. its the disappointment at the lack of communication from @Jordan and the BoostBot staff.
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    I just wonder if it's allowed from a legal aspect to sell a product and promise that the bot is online and working without having anything... Sorry - the boostbot developers left the sinking ship and now it looks for me like a few hobby programmers who read something like "How to implement a program with java in 10 easy steps"... For me it's just a scam - nothing more. And unfortunately they have my money already...
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    The bot is hopefully nearing completion. Perhaps we will have something this next week
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    In Development: BoostBot 8.0 - A Brand New Cross-Platform Bot [C++] in behalf of Jordan and his team, This bot is need of financial assistance, please i am begging you people to to take VIP its the only way to release the new bot. Thanks!!! Jordan
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    if someone proves that aliens do exist thats the time that the BOT will be released so let keep hoping lol
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    I wanna know if my VIP will be activated when the bot release
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    The developers are working very hard. I've discussed a lot with them and they predict a Windows version will be released first and a Mac version will be released shortly after.
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    i cant download the bot, here is the system info: Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F173/O
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    basically, you put it the clan tag into a text box, and evry 20 mins it will join that clan, and once the donations fill up it will leave. This shouldn't be to hard to implement, right?