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  1. I never used trophy dropping... with queen and king n barcher i can make it to 1900 and around that.. with king at 1800-1700 i can keep. my queen is down atm its going to 8.. i'll test this tonight see how it works.
  2. What If you are at 1800 trophies? will this work?
  3. Can you create govaho or a dragon attack too??? govaho gonna be very difficult but nothing is impossible :]
  4. For goodness sake, go to the thread called " Breakthrough Deploy Example " and the very first link is the video.....................
  5. Seems the new breakthrough deploy will push you to champ league.. which means some nice DE there too.. might wanna try that.. too bad its for vip... free can do it but not gonna work
  6. Well free member here.. for DE, I'm around 1750 trophies and I get filled 14-17k de in 11-13 hours... a new th9 here FFD barching king and queen 200k G/E and 900 DE and Zap drills.
  7. Hello botters, Just wanted to make a quick suggestion. Sometimes during barching, a match ends with some collectors remaining full coz the barch wasn't able to get to it. Can you guys implement the feature where IF the drills were empty the bot throws the lightning spell on the collectors IF the there were no troops in the vicinity of the collector or wait till end of battle till all troops are killed and then throw the lighting on collectors? and you could make the choice whether the bot throws it on remaining full collectors or drills. Doesn't seem anything hard to implement since you guys have made the WHOLE bot which is nothing compared to this small suggestion.
  8. Thanks, I actually went and manually made some troops for it and set it to breakthrough. It did pretty well on a maxed th9( 2 star 64%) but It did not use heal spell. I made 2 heal and 2 rage. Rage were used but not the heals. Is heal not made to be used or I did it wrong? And yea you were right, queen got squished.. Will it use jump spell if made?
  9. Ahh I see now. Well this bot, speaking of experience is a really good one. But only if the devs wouldn't be a bit too greedy and It' be great
  10. Can the "Queen Walk" part be effective with a queen lvl4? I just hit th9. And with healer lvl3... and what you mean by "tank troops" ? Like golem, pekka or valks?????
  11. I been reading some about these bots of clash of clans and A LOT are saying that boostbot's source code is from CGB and they modify it and sell it as premium. I'm not accusing anyone just saying what I've heard.
  12. the dev who made the script said it will be "available in future" release.. so yea thought of it being free. typical money hungry ones
  13. lmao you are a vip already.. why do you really care? hahaha
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