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  1. vou cancelar a disputa no paypal...
  2. I tried using memu in two instances but the bot is crazy and confusing screens .... and do not know which instantiates manage ,,, and using BlueStacks the bot is fighting all the time.
  3. Anyone know how to operate the memu the virtual machine vmware? WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE 64 BIT BOT LAST VERSION MEMU 2.8.6.
  4. Thanks, installed memu and it worked perfectly.
  5. I will do an installation memu and we'll see if it works on. thank you.
  6. windows 7 ultimate bluestacks Game Language is English log:
  7. I will try to be as clear as possible. The clashbot not resumes the game during "personal break" that I've already booked time and lasts approximately 5 minutes. The bot does not resume the game and sometimes I get the whole night without obtaining resources. I've noticed that when we stayed a long time without getting the shield, the game forces you to stop games this personal stop the bot does not resume the game. That is the question. Thank you and await response.
  8. da mesma forma você pode usar um tradutor!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I did not post in the area in Portuguese . Then move to area in Portuguese .
  10. Boa tarde, meu bot tem funcionado bem mas quando não obtenho escudo por não ter sido atacado, o jogo me obriga a parar no chamado "Personal Break" e se eu nao estiver presente para reiniciar o jogo (Isso so e permitido após 5 minutos) fico com sem farmar as vezes a noite inteira prejudicando a obtenção de recursos!!!!! Já tem alguma solução pra isso? Obrigado e aguardo.
  11. I will use the session in Portuguese
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