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Robinho Barth

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  1. Simply this is ridiculous
  2. only promise !!!!!!!
  3. All right .. .. that finally showed up !!! But can we trust that it will always be updated?
  4. How can we not talk about another bot if the boostbot has its days counted? How not about about another bot if the boostbot is just a franchise from the original bot? And Jordan does not put any more satisfaction on the current events of the bot? Our money is involved in this so we require a convincing explanation on the company's current position boostbot..thank you.
  5. This is a really bitch ... they are erasing my posts ... it means that I can not express my revolt and the truth about all this here ??
  6. bot off-line again....
  7. vou cancelar a disputa no paypal...
  8. I tried using memu in two instances but the bot is crazy and confusing screens .... and do not know which instantiates manage ,,, and using BlueStacks the bot is fighting all the time.
  9. Anyone know how to operate the memu the virtual machine vmware? WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE 64 BIT BOT LAST VERSION MEMU 2.8.6.
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