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  1. http://boostbot.org/clash-bot-installation-tutorial/
  2. I tried your instructions but no image going to the screenshot folder
  3. I have access from my few clanmates account from th3 up to th11
  4. please add the x-bow level to be avoided in the strong base settings. right now, only the eagle artillery, IT, wizard tower and walls are there
  5. Bot still working

    well, i guessed boostbot is back.this pc is working and just logged in
  6. Bot still working

    still boostbot or not boostbot anymore?
  7. Bot still working

    Do not logout of the bot, otherwise you cannot log in back. You can log out of memu or bluestack but don log out of the bot
  8. Bot still working

    If the bot is still working, is this still safe to use? As i didnt closed my bot (or logout ), my bot in my other laptop is still running and working as good as ever. the other bot in my 2nd laptop is not working caused I logout on it and cannot log in back. so my question again, Is it safe to continue using the bot that working?
  9. 5 Builders

    in the buildings tab, make sure it set to 0 the keep builders free
  10. Settings for Boostbot October Update Version

    I believed that was my issue before. I used to set the "Begin Attacking Phase" Attack at a troop capacity of 100%. But this new update has a set of troops for quick train which it stuck when giants left on the queue because my other troops were donated to the clan. So I change my settings to Attack at 96 - 97%. Since then, it never stop botting
  11. yup, just make sure no spell in your saved army and it will work. there are some instances that the bot read the ' / ' a '7'
  12. working good as long the quick train has no spell in queue
  13. Authentication Issues Resolved!

    still having the issue. could not authenticate
  14. still green on teamviewer, can you tell me if theres a post how to's for teamviewer?
  15. which is safer, the humanlike barch deploy or clicking on human-like attack algorithm which uses the four finger deploy?
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