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  1. Welcome to the forum Bot progress thread:
  2. Check this thread posted just 30 mins ago
  3. Good luck to the developers, your work is appreciated
  4. We are not forcing anyone to buy VIP. Remember, Boostbot is still free and once we get a working bot there will still be a free version, so we arent forcing anyone to purchase a subscription. If you read the post, everyone will be getting their VIP extended :).
  5. Ryan is working very hard and we should all be thankful for his work. As Jordan said Ryan was able to bring down the bot errors from 2000 to 300 since he started. Just be patient and we will have a bot in no time :).
  6. Ryan our developer is working very hard on the release of the bot, be patient and we will all be botting again in no time. As far as becoming VIP once the bot is fixed: http://boostbot.org/forums/store/
  7. They are currently making the bot functional. Ryan is working very hard on this for everyone and we are very thankful for his work, just be patient and we will have a working bot in no time :).
  8. Not that I've heard of. Clash royal would be a hard one to bot seeing as your moves and what characters you put down on the field are based on what the other person puts down. Let me know if you have any luck finding a bot for it though
  9. Don't mind if I do ;D.
  10. Please use this format so our staff can help you
  11. Please use this format so our staff members can help you
  12. Moved to bot support! Our bot support staff will be happy to help you
  13. Are you using Bluestacks or Memu? You can select which one you are using by selecting the dropdown menu on the start button.
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