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  1. hi over there

    any news from your hibernation????

    please keep us informed....

  2. why take so long time for on update

  3. Another breakthrough! Almost there!! We should have something super soon!
  4. where is the update??

  5. @Ryan A is getting close! Down from 2000 errors to 300 a few days ago to 5-6 big ones today!
  6. hi jordan

    we been heering bot coming soon and you hired ppl thats great but u need to be honest with us and your self can you run it or no i been member for 1 year and half the bot never stayed down that long we all klnow the problems you ran into with the others in raccoon but come on i payed 2 month and coming the third mont fort botting less than 2 weeks so please if you cant ay it and accept it .. i know after this i might be kicked but i paid for service that i am not getting and all i get is soon or excuses and i am sorry if the bot not on before the 10 i am canceling and hope not to get charged if i do i will dispute last month and this thx


    What happens is that when I want to start to make the boot bone that the boot attacks etc. It closes me alone and tells me this, extension: waiting time ah elapsed and the operation has not been completed, etc.

  8. Yessir! Have to put it in layman's terms but 90%
  9. VIP will be extended. If it runs out, it will be automatically re added as soon as boostbot is back online! Soon!
  10. No lies here, I have had this Developer for awhile. Due to actions of a third party we had to write a lot of code. We only hide fear mongering/false posts and with this post I tried to clear up anything that was unclear. Sorry you feel this way, thank you for the feedback, we will be more transparent soon when it's legally expedient.
  11. Wow! A lot of work was done today. @Ryan A is working literally around the clock (he should probably go to sleep)! But it's worth it, we are 100% Positive BoostBot will be working soon
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