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  1. Thank you for being a VIP. Sorry for such a long wait, I just tested the bot and it is so fast we might have to slow it down so we can actually see what it's doing! I hope after we release it and get it to a stable point it will be well worth such a long wait. :/
  2. I wouldn't recommend buying the bot until it's out and you've tested it It will be free when it firstcomes out so don't worry about paying just yet If you'd like to support us after testing the bot we will have upgrade options available then. Thank you for the support!
  3. The first versions do not have every single feature, so it will be completely free.
  4. Updated the live update. We are now compliant with the update and focusing on deadbase/authentication servers. We skipped over adding all attack methods - we will stick with one for now and add more after the initial release. This will save us a lot of time before an initial release.
  5. It isn't released yet, but when it is, check here.
  6. Yes, that will likely be in a later release. It should be covered in the first post
  7. Refunded. It could be a few days, so you can just re-purchase then
  8. We are in the process of updating the bot - it should be out soon. I can refund you if needed.
  9. We had a BETA that does not utilize dead bases as we hadn't gotten that far in the BoostBot 8.0 development before the update. We will probably be back to that point today. I will keep this thread updated.
  10. I am discussing it now with the Developers, we are hoping not too long.
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