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  1. Tha bot didnt work

    Can you try the newer version?
  2. Hey guys

    Hello Dylan, the bot is in BETA stages right now. If you aren't satisfied yet we can refund your VIP until the full version comes back. Happy botting!
  3. Troop Deployment/ Dead Base

    The only working attack algorithm is "Four Finger Deploy"
  4. Which achievements could the bot compelte to get the gems?
  5. How do you use the bot? What are the best settings?

  6. Coming soon. BlueStacks support is coming soon, do not fear There might be issues with your internet connectivity, the download is not faulty as far as I can tell many people including myself can download and extract it fine. Can you create a support thread so we can diagnose your issue? We have had 0 bans. The fair play rules have only effected those who have jailbroken mobile phones with iMod or xMod. This bot works on your computer and plays like a human and is un-detected. I have botted up to TH11 with no issues and we have over a million members with no bans.
  7. Try disabling your firewall. It is a false positive.
  8. Download BoostBot 8.0 BETA 2 Install Tutorial With Videos Current Working Features Collect Resources Re-arm Traps, X-Bows, and Inferno's Quick Train Search Requirements Requirements Reduction Attacking Live and Dead Bases [Four Finger Deploy Only] Special Troop Deployment Surrender early or if all loot has been looted Changes in This Release Add "Surrender Early" settings with checking for resource change and checking available loot Fix Dark Elixir/Trophies requirement bug Added a photo button that will take screenshot for debugging purposes Improved "hogrider" deployment pattern Minor bug fixes Previous release: Fix for Missing File MSVCP140.dll Fix for quick train previous army not training Decreased file size over 15% Must Read This is a BETA and will likely have a lot of bugs. It is also very limited in it's features. This is for users to test and give feedback on bugs they encounter. You must read the below bullet points for known issues and how to configure the bot. Please doe not report bugs that are already in the list below. Report bugs here. MEmu 2 is required for this BETA. [Download here] Only the "Four Fingers Deploy" algorithm works, do not select any other attacking algorithms. All attacking algorithms (and new ones) will be added in the future. Moving/interacting with the emulator while it is botting is currently disabled to prevent user caused errors during BETA stages.
  9. Bug report

    Update, I'm assuming it's a TH9 because we've found an issue with TH9. If it is, don't bother uploading the screenshot, we are working on the problem
  10. Beta 8.0 bug

    Thank you! I will have devs fix it asap.
  11. Beta 8.0 bug - 2

    We are aware of the issue, it seems to be intermittent so it may eventually start recognizing deadbases. We are working on solving this issue.
  12. Bug report

    Okay thanks for the pictures. I should have been more clear earlier, I need to see your townhall and the buttons at the bottom of the screen when your townhall is selected. I am assuming it is to do with your townhall level and I need to know what level it is, and the options you have. Thanks!
  13. Fix Missing File MSVCP140.dll

    Could you create a bot support request? We can help you there.
  14. general question

    Of course we will be adding attacking algorithms. What we want to do right now with the BETA is get everything working well, and then we can start adding more advanced algorithms, controls, settings, features, etc. The stuff you see there now is just filler, with only "Four Fingers" deploy working at the moment. This is a test of the fundamental basics that run this bot. If we can perfect everything in this BETA, we can then focus on adding advanced features without compromising the fundamentals by focusing too much on the algorithms. The goal of BoostBot 8.0 is to create a seemless, fast, and customizable bot that is easy to run on Mac and Windows.
  15. This is a BETA release, we aren't trying to make any money off of it, the purpose of releasing it in a BETA is to just get a real non-beta, non-buggy release out faster.
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