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  1. The bot is hopefully nearing completion. Perhaps we will have something this next week
  2. hi over there

    Whats the latest news my friend....?

  3. That's the plan. As soon as wel have some functions we will start releases. Hopefully not long before we can start rolling them out.
  4. We are doing well on the Development end. I've been incredibly busy, but so have the Developers and we are on track to finishing this within the next 3 weeks. Quick survey: What do you guys think about a temporary program to keep you signed in and collect resources? Sort of like a free 24 hour shield?
  5. jordan , alguma previsão para o retorno do bot ? 


  6. Hired another full time developer working with on making it cross-platform so that it will work on Mac as well and so that we can complete the bot within the time frame. They are working over 40 hours a week each. These are the best developers I can find with 10+ years of experience programming. They both have master's degrees from world class universities and are true experts in their craft.
  7. bro,i want todownload boostbot .can u pleasehelp me

  8. It will be a new bot in a new language with an improved user interface.
  9. Yes. It will be Freemium as before with a surprise (that's good for the users).
  10. BoostBot is in the process of being developed. @iTinkerBell has put in over 100 hours so far and basic memu and bluestacks handling is beginning to form. @Ryan A is working on creating a link from the new bot to our webserver so that we can integrate the forum accounts with the bot well.
  11. As an update, we have a decent skeleton of the bot and the functions we want it to complete already. The developer estimates that the bot may require slightly more work than anticipated, but still believes a 6-8 week time frame is possible. In response, to try and keep it within 6 weeks, we've instructed him to work overtime if possible.
  12. We apologize deeply for our downtimes, this is the absolute best way to 100% absolutely positively guarantee we have no issues again and will have the best bot possible for as long as possible.
  13. The developers are working very hard. I've discussed a lot with them and they predict a Windows version will be released first and a Mac version will be released shortly after.
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