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  1. Thank you for being a VIP. Sorry for such a long wait, I just tested the bot and it is so fast we might have to slow it down so we can actually see what it's doing! I hope after we release it and get it to a stable point it will be well worth such a long wait. :/
  2. For Updates, Follow Us On Social Media What's in the Update and How It Effects the Development of the C++ 8.0 BoostBot BoostBot 8.0 As you know when this update hit we were still in the process of developing a new bot. This bot is being made to be cross-platform to work on Mac and PC. We were in the final stages but still had some barriers to come over before a BETA release. These barriers are in the to-do list below. Everything that we need to do is in the to-do list and we are working on. The Builder Base - A second base in Clash of Clans This is a whole new base with all new troops, a new attacking style (versus mode), all new buildings, and it's in a "dark themed" mode! We will have to update the bot to be compatible with all of these new things, and find a way to manage battling on the Builder Base and in your Home Village (or selecting to battle in one or the other). This is a very large change for the bot, as you can imagine and will eventually be in our bot. It will likely not be in our BETA release. Our first BETA will likely only work for the home village for now. With that being said, the Builder Base is very easy! It trains troops for you and you can never be attacked while you are away. This eliminates a few steps for the bot and may make it a bit easier to manage than the home village. The Home Village - New Troops, New Hero There are some new troops levels, and some connections between the Builder Base and Home Village with the new hero, but overall the home village isn't effected too much. We will likely have to update the detection of what the bot is doing and update collecting resources to the new style (one click per resource). Otherwise our development wont be delayed too much. Complete To-Do List with Live Updates for a BETA RELEASE (Home Village Support Only) Adding & improving game-state detection [Partially completed 5/23/2017] Fix some issues with crashing Update collecting resources style [Completed 5/22/2017] Update changed buttons/etc [Completed 5/23/2017] Create/Implement Authentication server Complete To-Do List with Live Update for a Complete Release (Builder Base Support) Support for navigating to Builder Base by clicking on boat Support for attacking and deploying Add new game-states for the new base Support for collecting resources Support for changing troops that will be trained (will not be 100% needed in first update as it auto-trains anyway)
  3. I wouldn't recommend buying the bot until it's out and you've tested it It will be free when it firstcomes out so don't worry about paying just yet If you'd like to support us after testing the bot we will have upgrade options available then. Thank you for the support!
  4. The first versions do not have every single feature, so it will be completely free.
  5. Updated the live update. We are now compliant with the update and focusing on deadbase/authentication servers. We skipped over adding all attack methods - we will stick with one for now and add more after the initial release. This will save us a lot of time before an initial release.
  6. It isn't released yet, but when it is, check here.
  7. Yes, that will likely be in a later release. It should be covered in the first post
  8. Refunded. It could be a few days, so you can just re-purchase then
  9. We are in the process of updating the bot - it should be out soon. I can refund you if needed.
  10. We had a BETA that does not utilize dead bases as we hadn't gotten that far in the BoostBot 8.0 development before the update. We will probably be back to that point today. I will keep this thread updated.
  11. I am discussing it now with the Developers, we are hoping not too long.
  12. During the development of BoostBot 8.0, you may also notice updates to the website and forum. If you haven't read about this, you can find the thread here. This is in an effort to re-vamp and re-energize the forum and website in preparation for the big release. If you have suggestions for the website or forum post them below. Thanks, Jordan
  13. This new update is coming this week. We are watching and preparing. However, we aren't changing anything in our plan and it will not stop us.
  14. The developers are too busy developing to log into the forums. I apologize for not doing a better job of this myself. Please check the Announcement section now, we have some more updates
  15. Updated 5/20/2017 Today we re-did image capturing system and made it real-time so we have no delays on the bot's ability to see now. Should speed future development up.
  16. We have been working overtime the past few months to create a new bot in C++. Our developers work 100+ hours a week and we have spent all of our money creating a new bot. As you know, BoostBot is a very intricate program and so the decision to create a new bot came with the side effect of not being able to provide a bot to you guys for a very long time. While that sucks, we are doing this to ensure something like this never happens again. Ever. That being said, it is with great pleasure that I show you guys a bit of what the bot can do. The bot is in it's infancy stages, but all basic features are currently operational. List of what is currently functioning in BoostBot 8.0 C++: Opening Memu/Clash of Clans Taking screenshots Zooming out Collecting resources Re-arming traps, x-bows, infernos Quick-train Attacking/Deploying Completed on 5/19/2017 Major speed enhancements (Screen capturing is now real-time, which is a first for our bot and will allows us to operate at maximum efficiency) List of what is needed before BETA release [Updated 5/17/2017]: Better handling of detecting what state the bot is in Better handling of smoothly going through the game states (basically knowing when to compelte each task) Dead base detection Fix for issue with crashing As we complete the above to-do list I will update the list accordingly. This thread is going to be locked. Previous announcements that were un-locked resulted in fear mongering, lies, and misconceptions. Do not listen to anybody, BoostBot is coming back! The compelte re-write of a bot as complex is BoostBot is no easy task, and we are doing the best we can. In the coming days I will be more active on the site, previously I have been bogged down making sure Development is working and doing some back-end/top secret stuff.
  17. As you may know we have been working countless hours to bring you a bot once again. After hitting delay after delay we have hit out biggest delay yet, and so, we've made a very big decision. We will be spending our time developing a brand new bot in C++. We realize bad decisions have been the reason BoostBot has been put in this position. Creating a new bot insures absolutely nothing will ever stop BoostBot again. There is no point in taking our time to restore a bot with limited possibilities. BoostBot has always provided the best bot, and to continue providing the best bot, it is smarter that we start over. This new bot will likely be branded BoostBot 8.0. This is what we want it to be. Writing a new bot will allow us to simplify the bot from a programming perspective, and C++ is a great language for that. It will be much easier for Developers to push updates compared to the old, cluttered bot. We will make the bot very fast, faster than any other bot can be due to the limitations of the programming languages they use. The bot will work on Mac and PC! There is not a Clash of Clans Bot that works on Mac. We plan to provide our new, upgraded bot, to everybody, and we will no longer be limited to only PC. We do not have an official ETA, but our Development team suggests no more that 6 Weeks. We will provide initial versions for everyone to test before that date. If you are an actively paying VIP, and would like to continue to support us during this time, that is greatly appreciated. This project needs funding to be completed. If you are a normal person, and only want to pay when the bot comes back out, we understand, please post in Payment Support to receive a refund. We will refund payments from December 1st 2016-March 1st 2017 If you posted already and haven't received a refund, post again, we've had to clean the section.
  18. The bot works. We are super BETA testing this. It currently can do basic base tasks and attack. There are minor and major refinements going on now. We will have a BETA very shortly. I am so sorry for the delay, creating a program this large is difficult.
  19. The bot is hopefully nearing completion. Perhaps we will have something this next week
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