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  1. General Update on the December 2016 Update and Why it's Taking us So Long I just want to make sure everyone is aware that we will have a bot again that will be compliant with the December Update. We have ran into some unexpected problems that I can't explain due to legal reasons, but they are not our fault. We are working around the clock in many different ways in order to have a bot as soon as possible. When we have a bot, it will be permanently and we will be able to provide updates very quick as we have in the past. New Development Team Hired We have hired an all new Development team to get the bot back up to speed and catapult it to success. I am confident in our new development team and I have known the lead developer personally for many years. He is a great guy, and really knows his stuff. He has a passion for what he does, and it shows! I'd like to introduce my friend and a very skilled Developer, @Ryan A. He has led many big projects and I've had the privilege to work for him in the past. We make a killer team and we know how to get things done! Response to Third Party Statements Regarding BoostBot While I can't talk much on this topic, what I can say is you can't believe everything you read on the internet. We have done our best to be transparent and to be mature through the things BoostBot has gone through recently. None of these things were BoostBot's fault, and it is sad that our users have to suffer due to the actions of a third party. While there is a lot of stuff going on at once right now, we are being very mature and moving forward in a way to make sure there is never downtime like this again. This is why we have hired a new development team to bring our bot back up to compliance. Information for the amazing VIP Users You will be reimbursed for every day BoostBot is down. It will be added onto the end of your subscription. If your VIP expires, when the bot is online your days will be added back and you will be VIP again! Do not fear! We also plan to do something special for you all when we are back online as an apology. We are so sorry for keeping you waiting, Stay Positive, Stay Happy, and Give us a Chance! BoostBot/ClashBot has been the leading provider of innovation and the best bot on the market for almost the whole duration of the Clash of Clans Botting Community. We have no intention of stopping and we will continue to provide the best bot in the future. I think we have provided a wonderful service and put thousands and thousands of hours into creating a bot for you and for that you should give us a chance. We want nothing more than to provide you with the best and we plan to do just that for all of the future, you just forgive us for this small hiccup! Happy Holidays! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! When we are back online, you won't want to miss what we have planned. The BoostBot team loves you all! We have a lot of people dedicating a lot of time to bring you an amazing bot to enhance your Clash of Clans experience! Give us some time and then let us treat you to the best bot! Thanks, @Jordan and the BoostBot Team
  2. $7.99 VIP [20% OFF] - Normally $9.99 For the first month ever VIP is 20% off your first month. You can now get VIP, and all of it's benefits for only $7.99! VIP Benefits Clan Donations Request Troops Donate Troops using custom Keywords Upgrading/Interacting Automatically upgrade buildings using builder menu Automatically upgrade buildings in a specific order Aytinatucally upgrade walls Automatically remove obstacles Automatically re-arm traps/x-bow/inferno Global/Clan Chat Automatically send messages in global every X seconds Automatically send messages in clan chat every X seconds Attacking Ability to avoid strong bases and specific defenses Misc Ability to Boost king, queen, warden and barracks Reduce bluestacks cpu usage Run anti-ban hours of operations (take breaks) Set kick timeout when connecting on mobile device Notifications upon finding a base Automatically check for updates Get pushbullet updates on your mobile device
  3. Another breakthrough! Almost there!! We should have something super soon!
  4. @Ryan A is getting close! Down from 2000 errors to 300 a few days ago to 5-6 big ones today!
  5. Yessir! Have to put it in layman's terms but 90%
  6. VIP will be extended. If it runs out, it will be automatically re added as soon as boostbot is back online! Soon!
  7. No lies here, I have had this Developer for awhile. Due to actions of a third party we had to write a lot of code. We only hide fear mongering/false posts and with this post I tried to clear up anything that was unclear. Sorry you feel this way, thank you for the feedback, we will be more transparent soon when it's legally expedient.
  8. Wow! A lot of work was done today. @Ryan A is working literally around the clock (he should probably go to sleep)! But it's worth it, we are 100% Positive BoostBot will be working soon
  9. We are working on a new update for the bot, it will be a little while longer. The bot doesn't work with the update yet.
  10. Of course BoostBot will still be free
  11. New update on when the bot will be back:
  12. New announcement:
  13. Thank you all for understanding. I am excited for the future, and ready to put this behind us. Side note: Our FaceBook page was wrongfully taken down and I'm working on getting that back up so I can update everyone. Otherwise, updates will be posted on our twitter.
  14. For Updates, Follow Us On Social Media VIPs Will Get The Bot First VIPs will get access to the bot when it releases first so they can test it for bugs. If you want to help us out, receive benefits and get early access, become a VIP! We have a 20% off VIP sale going on until the end of the month! What's in the Update and How It Effects the Bot New TH 11 Attack Levels New levels were added into the game. We will have to add support for all of these but we don't believe it will be too difficult. This also changes donations around a bit as well because more spells can be donated. Barbarian King levels 41-45, Archer Queen Level 41-45 Clan Castle Level 7 Golem Level 6 Hog Rider Level 7 Poison Spell Level 5 New Building/Wall Levels New building levels mean we need to grab some new images and add support for some new buildings as well. We don't see this as being a giant issue. The bigger challenge will be adding support for level 12 wall upgrading. Wizard Tower Level 10 (Wizard Tower Level 9 now available at TH10) Wall Level 12 Slight Changes in The Game There are some slight changes to the game that don't really effect the bot too much. We just have to update some values. Poison Spell Radius Increase Witch damage and hitpoints increased Balloons attack after reaching their target slightly sooner Dragon attack speed increased PEKKA attack speed increased Upgrade Discounts Events Graphics Updates to The Game This is what will cause the largest issue, but nothing we haven't handled before. Supercell updated some graphics in the attacking screen and also in the game window to support some of their new additions. This is what we will be working on. Live Update on Progress 12/19/2016 11:00 AM EST: We have begun working on upgrading the bot. 12/19/2016 11:00 AM EST: We are adding support for some obstacles/buildings/upgrades.
  15. Bot is coming! Stay patient, so sorry! We are working I promise we will have a bot!
  16. As you guys know only the Windows Operating Systems support .NET, so If you're a MAC user and you want to run ClashBot, read this. To be able to run ClashBot you can Install Virtual Machine in your Mac. Virtual Machine (DEFINITION): A virtual machine (VM) is an operating system OS or application environment that is installed on software which imitates dedicated hardware. How can I install Windows as Virtual Machine in my MAC? What do I need? A virtual machine. VMware Fusion/Pro; https://www.vmware.com/products/fusion Parallels; http://www.parallels.com/ 2. Windows Installation Image (Windows 7 or higher) - [Only If you are Installing VM w/ VMware] ; Windows 10: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
  17. Still working on it guys, stay patient
  18. Working hard still guys. Hopefully tomorrow!
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