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  1. As you may know we have been working countless hours to bring you a bot once again. After hitting delay after delay we have hit out biggest delay yet, and so, we've made a very big decision. We will be spending our time developing a brand new bot in C++. We realize bad decisions have been the reason BoostBot has been put in this position. Creating a new bot insures absolutely nothing will ever stop BoostBot again. There is no point in taking our time to restore a bot with limited possibilities. BoostBot has always provided the best bot, and to continue providing the best bot, it is smarter that we start over. This new bot will likely be branded BoostBot 8.0. This is what we want it to be. Writing a new bot will allow us to simplify the bot from a programming perspective, and C++ is a great language for that. It will be much easier for Developers to push updates compared to the old, cluttered bot. We will make the bot very fast, faster than any other bot can be due to the limitations of the programming languages they use. The bot will work on Mac and PC! There is not a Clash of Clans Bot that works on Mac. We plan to provide our new, upgraded bot, to everybody, and we will no longer be limited to only PC. We do not have an official ETA, but our Development team suggests no more that 6 Weeks. We will provide initial versions for everyone to test before that date. If you are an actively paying VIP, and would like to continue to support us during this time, that is greatly appreciated. This project needs funding to be completed. If you are a normal person, and only want to pay when the bot comes back out, we understand, please post in Payment Support to receive a refund. We will refund payments from December 1st 2016-March 1st 2017 If you posted already and haven't received a refund, post again, we've had to clean the section.
  2. During the development of BoostBot 8.0, you may also notice updates to the website and forum. If you haven't read about this, you can find the thread here. This is in an effort to re-vamp and re-energize the forum and website in preparation for the big release. If you have suggestions for the website or forum post them below. Thanks, Jordan
  3. The bot is hopefully nearing completion. Perhaps we will have something this next week
  4. That's the plan. As soon as wel have some functions we will start releases. Hopefully not long before we can start rolling them out.
  5. We are doing well on the Development end. I've been incredibly busy, but so have the Developers and we are on track to finishing this within the next 3 weeks. Quick survey: What do you guys think about a temporary program to keep you signed in and collect resources? Sort of like a free 24 hour shield?
  6. I'm giving one 1 month VIP away. To win just go to the link below and upvote or click on "Good Question". We are trying to get our Facebook Page back online. When you are done post here and I will choose one of you to get the free vip. https://www.facebook.com/business/help/community/question/?id=1187880807994489&rdrhc
  7. Hired another full time developer working with on making it cross-platform so that it will work on Mac as well and so that we can complete the bot within the time frame. They are working over 40 hours a week each. These are the best developers I can find with 10+ years of experience programming. They both have master's degrees from world class universities and are true experts in their craft.
  8. It will be a new bot in a new language with an improved user interface.
  9. Yes. It will be Freemium as before with a surprise (that's good for the users).
  10. BoostBot is in the process of being developed. @iTinkerBell has put in over 100 hours so far and basic memu and bluestacks handling is beginning to form. @Ryan A is working on creating a link from the new bot to our webserver so that we can integrate the forum accounts with the bot well.
  11. As an update, we have a decent skeleton of the bot and the functions we want it to complete already. The developer estimates that the bot may require slightly more work than anticipated, but still believes a 6-8 week time frame is possible. In response, to try and keep it within 6 weeks, we've instructed him to work overtime if possible.
  12. We apologize deeply for our downtimes, this is the absolute best way to 100% absolutely positively guarantee we have no issues again and will have the best bot possible for as long as possible.
  13. The developers are working very hard. I've discussed a lot with them and they predict a Windows version will be released first and a Mac version will be released shortly after.
  14. I apologize sincerely but we think this is the best for the bot and removes us from any possible limitations going forward.
  15. We understand why you have doubts, we hope to prove it with our actions this time. We have hired a second developer that is working 40 hours per week + overtime in addition to @Ryan A
  16. Thank you! Awesome, thank you Thank you! We currently don't have a download, but we are in the process of making a new bot Of course Thank you very much
  17. Appreciate it man. I think there's a great advantage to waiting for this bot, we won't let you down. It means a lot to see our loyal users staying and believing, dispite how insanely long this has taken.
  18. I am so so so sorry for the false hope provided in the last few months. If we could predict the future we would have done this to start with. This is the best path for us, and we are working very hard. I think it makes more sense to take the time now to create something that changes the Clash of Clans botting community. I am committed to this. I will provide as many updates as I can during the development.
  19. Hello all, As we are getting close to having a bot, there are some final tasks we need to complete. We are working very hard to do these tasks ourselves, but some require a lot of repetitive tasks, and it could be done quicker with some help. I will be giving 1 Month Free VIP to everyone that helps. We managed to get a lot from very few of you guys. To those who helped, thank you so much! For now, instead of PMing me there are tasks anyone can attempt and PM me (the more images the better). Just take images of any troop in each of these scenarios and PM them to me. BMP 24-Bit format is very important. You can do as many different troops as you have time for. Individual Image of each troop in a barracks [Grey and Colored] Individual Image of each troop in barracks que [Colored and Red] Individual Image of each troop before and after ana attack How to do it: Open any old version of BoostBot, log in, and go to the Debug tab. (If you don't have one, download here) Open Memu or bluestacks and find the building in Clash of Clans. Got to the debug tab, and hit "show me what the bot sees" When an image pops up, click "X" and the Save the image. Navigate to your Debug Screenshots folder and open the image in Paint Crop the image as close as you can to the building without cutting off any corners Save the cropped image as a .bmp (24-bit) repeat Thank you, Jordan
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