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  1. The developers left with the bot and now Jordan is hiring new developers to make a new bot. Please read here for more information, thank you.
  2. That is not true, you dont even know anything about if refunds are made or not. I actually do make refunds if people ask, but Jordan and jackson are the only once that are able to refund lifetime members and very old claims. But you dont know anything about this, you just post false information.
  3. It was not deleted, it was hide because you violated forum rules. Not one of your posts was deleted, they was hide, because you violated forum rules.
  4. I dont ignore anyone, I help all I am able to help, thank you.
  5. Did I say that it was false accusations? No, I said the front page of this forum dont say anything about the bot being online, and it still dont say that. I even posted a screenshot of the forum´s main page, showing that it did not claim that the bot was online. And today 17/03-2017 the forum still dont say anything about the bot beeing online. I am only answering about the forum here, because I am a admin for this forum, and I dont have any thing to do with the .org site. When DaisyDobe post here in the forum and say that the main page state something it dont, then I have to set that straight. Who could know he was talking about something outside the forum? am I supposed to read his mind or just guess if he think about some where else and not the forum he post it in? Yes I see that the .org page still have this message posted, but I cant edit that, it is only Jordan who have acces to do that. I believe I already told him this was the case, but I will do that asap. Thank you for the help.
  6. Please read this, thank you.
  7. Jordan and Jackson are rather busy right now, please be a little patient, thank you.
  8. Please keep payment and account support requests in the payment and account support section. To cancel your recurring payments, then go to your paypal account and remove the settings there, thank you.
  9. We dont take anything, you are the one that pay us. If you dont want the recurring payment, the go to your paypal account and remove the recurring payment settings, thank you.
  10. First we need to have a bot to download, please read here, thank you.
  11. You need to wait untill this bot is ready to be used. Please read here, thank you.
  12. There is no new bot yet, it is under development, thank you.
  13. No, untill the new bot is running, there is no working bot, thank you.
  14. If clashbot was working right now, then it would have been working with memu, but it dont work right now. Please read here, thank you.
  15. The bot is not working at all, please read here
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