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  2. Não tenho o que reclamar do boostbot mais acho que eles deveriam dar uma atenção melhor ao Brasil pois tenho vários amigos que possuem conta vip, mais os administradores do boostbot não estão preparados para falar com nos Brasileiros, deixo uma dica contratar um Brasileiro e colocar em sua equipe para assessorar seus clientes do Brasil. E criar um forum só para Brasileiros, abraços fica minha dica.

    1. gmt


      I still dont know what you are saying, please use english on this english speaking forum, or use the foregin language section, thank you.

  3. obrigado por retornar minha pergunta, tão rápido espero que vocês continuem fazendo um otimo trabalho parabens. 

    1. gmt


      I dont understand, please post in english or danish, thank you.

  4. boa tarde!

    você poderia me informar se ira demorar para voltar a funcionar a versão free do clashBot, desde ja agradeço a atenção. 

    1. gmt


      I dont understand this, please use english or danish, thank you.

    2. acerqueira


      good afternoon!
      You could let me know if it will take a long time to run the free version of clashBot, thanks for the attention.
    3. gmt


      Please read here, I know nothing more that Jordan say in this topic, thank you.


  5. As you was told already, we dont delete accounts, because we need them for dokumentation reasons. You was not denied a refund because of the payment agreement you made, but that discussion dont belong here, it should be made in the payment and account support section. Yes it is right that we dont have any controle over your account settings for your paypal account, and that is why we cant stop or end your recurring payment agreements. The paypal API woe use dont allow that kind of acces, thus you should remove those settings to make sure no more payments was made, but you refuse to do so. The only shady thing here is you, nobody forced you to keep paying, and we already told you how to end the payments. Instead of just ending the payments with a few clicks, you just tell lies here on the forum and try to get your payments back, even if Jordan said that he would reimburse the time the bot was down and make it all up to you when it is back up. You got an answer from Jackson already, and you guys made an agreement for a partial refund, because of the nature of you purchase. I already told him that you returned with your answer to his suggestion, and your refund only needs his approvement. He is the only one who can do this, thus you need to be a little patient. I will try and get him to do this asap, or I will ask Jordan to take care of it instead.
  6. I am sorry sir, but you are wrong, the front page of this forum dont say that boostbot is online. Here is a screenshot of what the front page look like I dont like your accusations, behave yourself or it will have consequences, thank you.
  7. No it is because it is not working. Please read here for more info, thank you
  8. The bot dont work at the moment, thank you for your patience.
  9. If you cant find the LLC recurring payment setting from us, then it look like you paid from a guest account. Then you need to call paypal and ask them to cansel that guest account, or call you credit card company and ask them to cancel the recurring payment from your credit card. We cant do this because we have no acces to your paypal account, or to request changes for your credit card. I am sorry about the trouble, but we cant stop this, because it is something you agreed to let paypal setup when you bought the VIP. I hope you get this fixed soon, thank you.
  10. Use the market place, thank you.
  11. Please post in english, thank you.
  12. hi. please help me.. ClashBot gives a warning.vXqjMO.jpg

    1. gmt


      The bot dont work, please read this 

      thank you.

  13. Jordan said he would make it up to all members, that he would do something extra than just extending the time for the VIP´s. I dont know what that would be, but it might be something that would make every one happy, both the normal members, the VIP´s and the lifetime VIP´s. It might be free VIP time for normal members, a extra free VIP time for regular VIP´s and for lifetime VIP´s, it migth be something else that would make every one happy, or it might be refunds or free gems, who knows. We dont know what Jordan have planned, but we know that he said he would make it up to all members, and that includes lifetime VIP´s. So please be patient and wait and see what Jordans gift to the members are, and then we could talk about if it is fair or not, thank you.
  14. Jordan is working to make a new bot after the old one was lost, he is trying hard to give all members, also the lifetime VIP´s, a working bot again, but it is not a easy task to do as one would think. How would you calculate the amount of money to refund a lifetime member? 3 months out of a lifetime?, than would be how many %? lifetime 100 years and lost bot for lets say 4 months, that is 1/3 of a year = 1/300 of a lifetime = 1/300 of $159 = 53 cents. You could look at it that way, or you could say $25 was fair, or maybe you believe that a full refund and keeping the lifetime VIP was fair? Jordan said he would reimburse the members, and he also said that he would make this up to all of you. Do you know right now if what Jordan have planned would actually make it up for all, also the lifetime VIP´s? No one is forcing anyone to keep paying, it is up the the members to deside if they want to keep supporting or not. Jordan also told that all who was VIP while the bot was down, would get the recurring payments reimbursed in new VIP time. The shop is closed untill Jordan have the bot back, only doantions is still up, and every one that have asked for a refund for there monthly payments would get the refund acording to the ToS for payments. You are wrong, the bot is not illegal at all, it dont break any part of supercell ToS either. Just think about it, the bot dont have an account with Supercell, the bot dont agree to Supercell ToS, the bot is 100% it is the players action to use one that is against Supercell ToS. If you use the bot to play CoC, then you do something that is against Supercell ToS, not the bot. Supercell dont support you if you tell them that you use a bot, and they might ban you if you tell them you use a bot, but that is because your actions against the ToS, not because of the bot. I understand you frustration, and I know that this situation is not the best, but Jordan said he would make it worth the wait for all of you, just give him the chance to pay you all back when he is ready, thank you.
  15. You cant buy VIP at the moment, becaus the shop is closed untill Jordan have the new bot ready, thank you.
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