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  1. Please read this topic, thank you.
  2. It is blocked on the forum, but the homepage still have a link to the shop. Jordan is the only one who have acces to edit that, and he is informed about the issue, thank you.
  3. The developers left with the bot and now Jordan is hiring new developers to make a new bot. Please read here for more information, thank you.
  4. That is not true, you dont even know anything about if refunds are made or not. I actually do make refunds if people ask, but Jordan and jackson are the only once that are able to refund lifetime members and very old claims. But you dont know anything about this, you just post false information.
  5. It was not deleted, it was hide because you violated forum rules. Not one of your posts was deleted, they was hide, because you violated forum rules.
  6. I dont ignore anyone, I help all I am able to help, thank you.
  7. Did I say that it was false accusations? No, I said the front page of this forum dont say anything about the bot being online, and it still dont say that. I even posted a screenshot of the forum´s main page, showing that it did not claim that the bot was online. And today 17/03-2017 the forum still dont say anything about the bot beeing online. I am only answering about the forum here, because I am a admin for this forum, and I dont have any thing to do with the .org site. When DaisyDobe post here in the forum and say that the main page state something it dont, then I have to set that straight. Who could know he was talking about something outside the forum? am I supposed to read his mind or just guess if he think about some where else and not the forum he post it in? Yes I see that the .org page still have this message posted, but I cant edit that, it is only Jordan who have acces to do that. I believe I already told him this was the case, but I will do that asap. Thank you for the help.
  8. Please read this, thank you.
  9. Jordan and Jackson are rather busy right now, please be a little patient, thank you.
  10. Please keep payment and account support requests in the payment and account support section. To cancel your recurring payments, then go to your paypal account and remove the settings there, thank you.
  11. We dont take anything, you are the one that pay us. If you dont want the recurring payment, the go to your paypal account and remove the recurring payment settings, thank you.
  12. First we need to have a bot to download, please read here, thank you.
  13. You need to wait untill this bot is ready to be used. Please read here, thank you.
  14. There is no new bot yet, it is under development, thank you.
  15. No, untill the new bot is running, there is no working bot, thank you.
  16. If clashbot was working right now, then it would have been working with memu, but it dont work right now. Please read here, thank you.
  17. The bot is not working at all, please read here
  18. This guide will help you with all the functions in the bot and how to use them. I will go through each tab one at the time, and explain all the options. The general tab Here we got 3 areas and this is the main control panel. 1. Select what the bot should do for you. Collect resources: allow the bot to collect from your mines, collectors and drills. Build troops: allow the bot to build troops, you can select barracks or custom troops. Attack: will make the bot attack, and you can select trophy push. In trophy push, the bot only drops town halls near the boarder and quit. Maintain trophy range: let the bot drop trophyes for you to maintain a set range. Clan Donations: let the bot donate and request troops for you. Upgrade buildings / walls: select this to let the bot do this for you. Re-arm traps/xbows/infernos: the bot will re-arm every time it starts. Auto stop module: will stop the bot when preset conditions are meet. 2. Control the bot. Start bot: starts the bot and if bluestacks is not running it will start that and coc, and after that you need to press start again. If bluestacks and coc is running, then the bot just starts. Please use the bot to start bluestacks, this will prevent some issues you could encounter. When the bot is running you also use it to stop the bot. Pause: is used to pause and restart the bot. Hide bluestacks: This button is the only way you should minimize bluestacks, or the bot will not function. You also use this button to show bluestacks again. Force attack: is used to make the bot attack the current base in search mode. 3. Log window. Here we get all the information the bot produce. Barracks tab / troops tab This is the center for building troops. Barracks this is where you choose what troop and speel each barracks and factory should make. If one or more barracks spell factorys is upgrading, please set up that or those barracks or spell factoryes is set so they don’t make any troop or spell, or you might get some issues. boost area, here you are able to choose if the bot should boost a barrack or factory, and how many times it should do this. what % of troops should be build before the bot should start searching for bases to attack. Troops here you add, delete, rename and convert army compositions. First you press add, now type the name and last you should select the army in area 2. Here you are able to set up the army you want, choose the different troops and spells the bot should make. You are able to do this in % or actual amount. The what will this make, will show you what it will make. Here you can set the amount of troops and spells you have. You can select if the bot should fill in the remaining spaces with archers, barbs or minions. Clear all should be used to make sure the bot starts with no wrong troops, this reduce the risk of errors. The attack any time, will make sure the bot attacks if the army camps is full, or if you do not have the army set you selected. is used to boost the barracks and factories, and you are able to select how many times it should boost those buildings. If you use only one type of troop, then the bot might not be able to attack. If you have trouble with attacking when you use only one type of troop army, then please add one other type of troop. Attack tab 1. Requierments This is where you setup what to attack and how to attack. You got 3 different tabs, normal, dead and reduction. normal: look at the above image Minimum gold, elixir and dark elixir, is the minimum amount, a base you want to attack should have. Maximum TH level is the maximum level of TH you want to attack. Need all or need any, determine if all of your requirements or any of your requirements should be meet. The different deploy algorithms is in the box, here you should choose only one at a time. If you don’t want to attack normal bases, please remember to choose an deploy algorithm all the same, or the bot will not attack. dead This is the same as normal only dead and slightly dead options allow you choose the type of bases that should be attacked. If none is selected, then all bases that meet the requirements for normal and dead according to the base, will be attacked. If the slightly dead is selected or both the only dead and slightly dead is selected, then all slightly dead and dead bases that meet the requirements from the dead tab, will be attacked. If only dead is selected, then it is only dead bases who meet the dead tab requirements the bot will attack. Normal bases is all bases where all the collectors is empty. Slightly dead bases is when all collectors is level 12 and slightly filled. Dead bases is when all collectors if half full or more. reduction Enable requirements reduction, allow you to enable or disable this option. Reduce requirements by * percent, here you set how many % of reduction you want. Every 5 bases, from # 30 to #999 for normal or/and dead bases. This is where you setup how the reduction should work. In the image you see the preset values. If you use this setup the bot will reduce the requirements with 5% after 30 bases, then another 5% after the next 5 bases, and continue with this until the 999. base. It will reduce the requirements for both normal and dead bases, and you are able to choose which should be reduced or not. Some examples on how to use the attack settings: If you only want to attack bases that have all 3 resources, you should set the minimum requirements for all 3 and choose need all. If one resource is not needed, then please choose 0 for that resource. You could also just set 1 resource and 0 for the rest. If you want the bot to attack if requirements for any resource is meet, then choose the need any and set the minimum needed amount for all 3 resources. If there is one resource you don’t care about, then set the amount for that resource very high, so the bot will not find any bases that meet the requirement. If you don’t care about dark elixir, the set the amount to 9999. If it is gold you don care about then set it to 2.000.000. The difference between need all and need any, is when there is one or more resources you don’t care about, then the resource in need all should be set to 0, and in the need any should be set high, this way the resource would be ignored by the bot. If you set a resource to high in need all, then the bot will never find a base, and if a resource is set to 0 in need any, then the bot will attack all bases that have 0 of that resource no matter what the other resources are. 2. Deploy If you would like to use clan castle troops, king, queen or warden, please choose it here. You are able to choose all of them, none or any mix you would like. Trophy push, if only for trophy pushing, and determines how long from the boarder TH is allowed to be. Size of troop wave, here you can set the size of troop waves. Delay between waves, here you can set the delay between troop waves. Size of anti trap wave, here you can set the size of anti trap wave. The anti trap wave is low level troops send in to trigger traps. If you use this option, please remember to have barbarians in your army, or the bot might not be able to attack. 3. Misc. End battle if no resources change in 10 seconds and a star option, allow you to let the bot end attacks. This is usefull when using heros. Choose how long the bot should wait and if it should stop or not with or without a star. If you don’t enable the and a star option, the bot will end the attack when no resources have changed in the time frame you set. If you enable the and a star option, the bot will not stop if no star is won, even if no resources is changing. The avoid strong base option is only for normal bases. When used the bot will dismiss bases with infernos, wizards and walls that is not below the values set by you. Clan tab Request troops here. Enable or disable the option. Set the request text for chat, and set the time between each request. Donate to all, will donate troops at hand to requests from clan mates. Donate by keywords, will allow you to setup what troops should be donated. Check every, here you are able to set a timeframe for how often the bot should check for requests. When you use the by keyword option, you should setup which troops should be allowed and which should not. For each troop you also can specify which level and if levels should be checked. And you are able to setup which keywords should allow donation and which words should be blacklisted. Misc tab 1. Boost buildings. Here you boost your heroes, first you choose which to boost, then you press locate heroes. Follow the guide that appear, to locate the heroes. 2. Hours of operation Here you can start and stop the bot in preset time frames. 3. Misc options Kick timeout: the time the bot allow another devise to login to the coc account Wrong state timeout: the time the bot wait until restart of the game when in wrong state Actually take a break: Bot take a break to reset PB timer. Reduce bluestacks CPU usage: reduce CPU usage, but could cause out of sync errors Check for updates: checks for updates Save end of raid: You are able to find those screenshots in the debug screenshot folder Upon finding a base: this allow you to choose what the bot should do when it finds a base that meet the requirements. Preferred resolution: The bot set bluestacks resolution when it starts bluestacks, this option will set bluestacks to your preset resolution when the bot is closed. 4. Pushbullet Insert a token to make the bot push statistics to your phone. 5. Trophy range This is where you setup the maintain trophy range option. With the settings in the image the bot will start to drop trophyes when at 1950 or more. It will continue until it reach 1650 or less. When the bot is dropping trophyes, it will not attack any base that meet your requirements, it will only drop trophyes. 6. Auto-stop module If you selected the auto stop module in general tab, then it is here you setup the module. You should select what the bot should do and when it should do it. If you want the bot to halt attack when gold, elixir and dark elixir storages is full, then choose halt attack in the first menu, and gold, elixir, delixir is full in the second menu. If you just want the bot to halt attack in 60 minutes from now, then you select halt attack and type in the 60 minutes in the time box. Buildings, Etc. tab This is where you setup the bot to upgrade your buildings. Please don’t use this for walls. Press + and open a screen with your base, select the buildings you to upgrade by clicking on them. When done please close the window. Press – to remove buildings from the list, you need to select the building that should be removed. If you want to change the upgrade order, then select the building to move and use to 2 arrow buttons. Reserve Resources, here you are able to limit the amount the bot is able to use on upgrades. Put in the minimum amount you want to have left after an upgrade, but remember that you should also allow the bot to have enough for the upgrades. In the box you are able to let the bot wait for expensive and upgrade in the order you set. If you choose skip to affordable, then the bot will upgrade items on the list when the resources allow to upgrade one of them, and not look at the order. You need free builders for the bot to upgrade. You can set a number of builders to be left for walls and/or obstacles. And you could allow the bot to remove obstacles, but remember it will remove any it find and not leave any you might want to keep. Wall upgrades. Choose if you want the bot to upgrade walls or not. Set the minimum amount of resources that should be left after upgrading a wall piece. And select if you only want to use gold or elixir or both to upgrade walls. If you would force the bot to only upgrade a certain level of wall, then set the amount left in a way the bot will only be able to upgrade the level you want. When there is only a few wall pieces left, you need to upgrade those manually. Chat tab Select if the bot should do global chat, how often and what it should write. You could also let the bot vary the message. Select if the bot should do clan chat, how often and what it should write. You could also let the bot vary the message. Statistics tab General stats, this show your runtime, average loot per hour, number of attacked bases, how many skips and how many upgrades the bot made for you. This show your start resources, please remember if the bot restart after PB or some errors, this change to the new start stats. Your current stats. Last attack show you loot from last attack. The total loot gained from you start the bot and forward. Remember this is only the resources and trophyes gained or lost from attacks. The bot don’t count collected or lost resources/trophyes from defences and collectors in the statistics. Here you are able to reset the statistics. The last thing you need to know about is this buttons. The first one is for you to choose preset settings for different TH levels. The second one is for you to save your settings, please choose a name for your setting when saving. The last one is for you to load your saved settings. Please remember if you use settings from a old revision on a later revision, you could get issues if there have been changes made to the way those settings files are used This guide should make you able to setup this bot and use it in the right way. If you still need to know anything, please make a topic in support or any other forum that suites your question. The debug tab you should not use, unless you know what to do, or if you was asked to do it by a staff when getting support.
  19. As you was told already, we dont delete accounts, because we need them for dokumentation reasons. You was not denied a refund because of the payment agreement you made, but that discussion dont belong here, it should be made in the payment and account support section. Yes it is right that we dont have any controle over your account settings for your paypal account, and that is why we cant stop or end your recurring payment agreements. The paypal API woe use dont allow that kind of acces, thus you should remove those settings to make sure no more payments was made, but you refuse to do so. The only shady thing here is you, nobody forced you to keep paying, and we already told you how to end the payments. Instead of just ending the payments with a few clicks, you just tell lies here on the forum and try to get your payments back, even if Jordan said that he would reimburse the time the bot was down and make it all up to you when it is back up. You got an answer from Jackson already, and you guys made an agreement for a partial refund, because of the nature of you purchase. I already told him that you returned with your answer to his suggestion, and your refund only needs his approvement. He is the only one who can do this, thus you need to be a little patient. I will try and get him to do this asap, or I will ask Jordan to take care of it instead.
  20. I am sorry sir, but you are wrong, the front page of this forum dont say that boostbot is online. Here is a screenshot of what the front page look like I dont like your accusations, behave yourself or it will have consequences, thank you.
  21. Suggest what you think we should develop next How are we going to do this and what should you do? We are looking for a new project to do for the bot, and we would like you all to help us find out what this should be. That is why we now make this topic, for you all to make suggestions for this project. We will look at all the suggestions made in this topic, and update this post with those who meet the requierments we set. And when we have collected enough, we will make a poll and all of you can vote what suggestion is the best and what the developers should make next. The only requierment we have for suggestions is, they have to be general and not specifik. We will not use suggestions like, make goblin attack. We need suggestions like: adding new attack algorithms, build new bot gui, improve all current attack algorithms with a better spell support. Please only post suggestions here, dont post comments about the suggestions made or comments about what you think about this chance to decide what we should do next. Keep it clean and if you would like to discuss the different suggestions, then do this in the boostbot forum section here discussion topic . Just keep this topic clean, we will delete all posts not suggesting things to develop. And now on to your suggestions, thank you. The list: Adding new attack algorithms New bot gui Improve all current attack algorithms with a better spell support Improved bot scheduling controls--making the random stop/start feature and AutoStop features more reliable, etc. It would be nice to have the bot run for x hours, then rest for y hours and repeat, so it looks more like a human schedule. Improve all current attack algorithms with a better humanizing fetures. Personalisation of the algorithms. Ability to customize algorithms inside the bot. Set what to attack first, what sides to focus on, what resource to focus on, and more things like that. Donation only mode, the bot only donate troops and spells and then build the troops/spells it just donated to be ready to donate those again. Ability to change the village the bot runs, to change between different google+ accounts set by the user. Fix the upgrade in a specifik order option
  22. No it is because it is not working. Please read here for more info, thank you
  23. The bot dont work at the moment, thank you for your patience.
  24. If you cant find the LLC recurring payment setting from us, then it look like you paid from a guest account. Then you need to call paypal and ask them to cansel that guest account, or call you credit card company and ask them to cancel the recurring payment from your credit card. We cant do this because we have no acces to your paypal account, or to request changes for your credit card. I am sorry about the trouble, but we cant stop this, because it is something you agreed to let paypal setup when you bought the VIP. I hope you get this fixed soon, thank you.
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