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  1. You need to make a payment and account support topic, we only handle payment and account issue in that forum section, thank you
  2. The bot is not working at the moment please read here, thank you http://boostbot.org/forums/topic/38492-update-on-boostbot-read-here-devember-2016-update/ The bot is not working at the moment please read here, thank you http://boostbot.org/forums/topic/38492-update-on-boostbot-read-here-devember-2016-update/
  3. Suggest what you think we should develop next How are we going to do this and what should you do? We are looking for a new project to do for the bot, and we would like you all to help us find out what this should be. That is why we now make this topic, for you all to make suggestions for this project. We will look at all the suggestions made in this topic, and update this post with those who meet the requierments we set. And when we have collected enough, we will make a poll and all of you can vote what suggestion is the best and what the developers should make next. The only requierment we have for suggestions is, they have to be general and not specifik. We will not use suggestions like, make goblin attack. We need suggestions like: adding new attack algorithms, build new bot gui, improve all current attack algorithms with a better spell support. Please only post suggestions here, dont post comments about the suggestions made or comments about what you think about this chance to decide what we should do next. Keep it clean and if you would like to discuss the different suggestions, then do this in the boostbot forum section here discussion topic . Just keep this topic clean, we will delete all posts not suggesting things to develop. And now on to your suggestions, thank you. The list: Adding new attack algorithms New bot gui Improve all current attack algorithms with a better spell support Improved bot scheduling controls--making the random stop/start feature and AutoStop features more reliable, etc. It would be nice to have the bot run for x hours, then rest for y hours and repeat, so it looks more like a human schedule. Improve all current attack algorithms with a better humanizing fetures. Personalisation of the algorithms. Ability to customize algorithms inside the bot. Set what to attack first, what sides to focus on, what resource to focus on, and more things like that. Donation only mode, the bot only donate troops and spells and then build the troops/spells it just donated to be ready to donate those again. Ability to change the village the bot runs, to change between different google+ accounts set by the user. Fix the upgrade in a specifik order option
  4. Please read this topic, thank you.
  5. The snow dont have anything to do with the bot not working. Supercell made some changes to the game, and those changes made the bot not recognize all the images right anymore. The bot was already updated for the snow from last years snow event. Supercell also made changes in where the buttons the bot use to click are placed, thus the bot dont click the right places anymore. This is what Ryan is working on to fix, thank you.
  6. Yes, it have been a long time now, but as Jordan already told here on the forum: they are working and they are close to get a bot up and running. You ask how long yet to wait, and we cant tell you this, because that depend on how the progress is with fixing and updating the bot. If they have 200 issues left and they fix 30-50 issues a day, then it might take a week, if they fix 100 a day, it will be only 2 days. But it depend on what issues they have to solve, if the issues are hard to solve or not, how much testing they need to do for every issue, and a lot of other things. It is impossible to give a ETA because of the above, and if we give date and miss it, then everybody will get disappointed, thus Jordan only give the information he already posted here on the forum. If you want to talk about refunds, then you need to make a payment and account support topic, because we only handle payment issues in that forum section. But you could try and read the terms and conditions you agreed about when you bought your VIP. Then you would know more about what to ask for in the payment and account suppot topic. I hope this will help a little, thank you.
  7. No the bot dont work right now but the team are working hard to fix it, thank you.
  8. Jordan did not post anything about lifetime VIP, and I dont know what Jordan have in mind, or if he even have anything in mind for lifetime VIP members. What do you think he could do for lifetime members? give them extra time? give refunds? or do you have any other ideas? Extra time: If you look at how much time a 1 month or a 6 months VIP loose of the time they paid for, then it make sense to give them back the time the bot was down. For lifetime members this dont make any sense, because they already have acces to the bot for a lifetime. Refunds: If you look at a lifetime, how long is that? 100 years? ((100 years * 365 days) + 25 days from leap years)/7 = 5217 weeks. Downtime 6 weeks = 0.0015 % of a lifetime = $0,24. Is it worth to do all that work for a quarter? And as a lifetime member you dont lose anything either, you still have a lifetime left to use the bot when it is back up. I really dont know what Jordan have in mind, other than he already stated here, but I dont see a refund of any kind as a option for lifetime members, but I could be wrong. You need to ask Jordan what plans he have for you guys, thank you.
  9. Jordan said that all would get the VIP time they lost back, and I believe he will also make sure to fix this issue for you. Please make a payment and account support topic, because we only handle payment and account issues in the payment and account support section, thank you. No I did not say that. If you read that post again, you will find that I was telling a member who asked for a refund what to do. I am not fixing anything, that is a job for Ryan, and he is working hard to make a bot available for you guys. If you read Jordans posts (click his name and see the latest posts he made) you will find that he say: close to have a bot ready, a few days or so. You will also find that Jordan told that all VIP´s will get free VIP for the time the bot was down. When the bot is available again, then you will have a bot and get all the VIP you paid for, but until the bot is ready, you need to be patient. And again, I did not say to process a refund, I told a member who asked for a refund, how he should do it the right way, thank you. You guess is not wrong, but it is not right either. Yes I am just a admin for the forum and I dont have anything to do with coding this bot at all. But I do know a lot about coding and I am aware of what a big job Ryan is doing, no matter how he is working to get a bot ready for boostbot. Thank you for helping to calm down the members, and you are right. Jordan told that they are close to have a bot ready, and he also told that all would get what they paid for, no matter what would happen. And yes it would help if people was a little more patient. We know that all have be patient already, and that it have been a long period of waiting. We know it started to be frustrating weeks back, but Jordan already told that he will make it worth the wait, so please all, be a little patient, just little longer, thank you.
  10. Please make a payment and support topic to get help about your VIP account and any refunds you want. We only handle that kind of requests in the proper forum section. Also please read here http://boostbot.org/website-terms-and-conditions/#toggle-id-4 for information about payment terms and conditions, thank you.
  11. Lost the 1 gem boost event? how did you lose it? even if the bot did not work, you could still take advantage of the event, you just needed to do it manually. Did you forget how to play the game all together because of the bot or did you never play the game your self at all. Jordan posted this topic well before the event started, thus you had enough time get ready to play manually. If you played the game manually while boosting during the 1 gem event, then you would have got the full value for your gems, and they would not have been wasted using them together with a bot.
  12. Please use the mandatory format so that we can further assist you with your issue. This is the information we need, thank you. What is the issue? when do you get the issue? what happen with the bot and the emulator when the issue occur? Bot version and revision number Memu version or bluestacks version Windows version Do you use a PC, a VM or a VPS A logfile with the timestamp for the issue, if needed to see the issue Screenshots to help us see the issue
  13. That will most likely never happen, because everything in the bot is designed to run on a windows based platform. To make a linux bot, we would need to build a new bot, and nothing from the old bot could be re-used. I dont believe that this will ever happen, because the user base for a linux bot would be very small, actually you are the only one I have seen ask for this here. We have hundreds of requests for a bot that is able to run on a mac, and here it is that same story, it will not happen because that would also be new bot, and nothing could be re-used for that project either. It is so easy to make the bot run on both linux and mac, thus there is no need to build a all new bot for the few users how use either a mac or linux, thank you.
  14. You open your paypal account and remove the recurring payment settings, thank you.
  15. Open your paypal account and remove the recuring payment settings, thank you.
  16. What did you have in mind? what should Jordan do for lifetime VIP´s? If you think about a refund for the downtime, then how much should it be? how much is 2 weeks out of a lifetime? We understand that this is a frustrating situation and that it might seem unfair some members get free VIP time in return for the time the bot is down, when lifetime members already paid for that time and they dont get extra. But try and look at it this way, you paid for lifetime VIP and you will have acces to the bot always. If the bot is down a short time it will not affect you that much, because when it is back you will have full acces again. 1 or 6 months VIP´s will loose much more, because they dont have the rest of a lifetime to get back what they lost, but you will have the rest of a lifetime. I believe that Jordan will look at this, if you have a great idea to what we could do, but if it is just about a refund of money, then I believe it will never happen.
  17. I did not erase your posts, I just hide them. The reason I hide your posts, is because it is against the rules to advertice for other bots in this forum. It is OK for you to express you revolt and the truth here, but you need to apply to the forum rules and dont talk about other bots, thank you.
  18. The only information we got right now is what Jordan have told us in the topic I linked to. I am sorry but this is the only information we have at the moment, and until Jordan tell us more, we have to wait in patience, thank you.
  19. Please look in this topic for information about why the bot dont work right now, thank you.
  20. Please read here
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