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  1. Coming here and giving satisfaction is an attitude of responsible people. Could someone on the team give a comeback?
  2. From time to time it would be good to post a feedback of the progress so that we do not go without at least one positioning.
  3. We will continue faithfully awaiting
  4. Jesus, we are missing out on the 1-gem event, with BOT already be with the full walls hehehe !! Let's force Jordan!
  5. how to update please.....

  6. Oh my God, let's miss the quartet acceleration event for 1 gem.
  7. hip hip uuurraaaa jordan jordan jordan \o/
  8. Hello friends, there is some expected to release the "upgrade buildings in a specific order:" again Thank you Hello friends, there is some expected to release the "upgrade buildings in a specific order:" again Thank you
  9. No, my version is 7.16.0 2345. Thanks for help-me
  10. Good Morning guys My clashbot is not working, after the click "start MEmu", the log send this message and the clashbot is stopped. [14:19:51] ClashBot started with modules: AntiAFKModule, WaitingModule, TrophyModule, CollectModule, QuickTrainModule, AttackModule [14:19:51] [Collect] Starting a collection run... [14:19:53] [Collect] Done. Collected 0 items [14:19:53] [ReArm] Trying to rearm all traps/xbow/inferno [14:19:55] [ReArm] Could not find townhall [14:19:55] [Build]: Starting to quicktrain. [14:19:56] [Build] Checking if we can attack now... [14:19:58] Still waiting for at least one hero to finish recovering. [14:19:58] [Build] Waiting to let other modules work... [14:19:58] [Trophy] Disabling everything except AttackModule and TrophyModule [14:19:58] [Trophy] Looking at troops and heroes [14:19:58] Bad Army Overview quantity at (118,174): '120' [14:19:58] [Trophy] Can't drop trophies: no cheap troops or heroes available When help-me? thanks
  11. I'm also having the same problem
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