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  1. I Even typed in that i want 50million after it updates a wall and it did soon as i had enough to do up a wall
  2. there have been so many problems since the new update it is attacking random loot,updating walls with the wrong amount of loot, leaving me with 0 coins,spell deploy also does not work anymore I am not posting this to bad mouth I am just posting this to tell you some of the things that are happening so we can get it fixed
  3. this happens to me on every attack i seem to use the lightening shots when troops spawn
  4. seems to be working now thanks,
  5. Have you installed .NET 4.5.1?: And YES
  6. 'Could not authernicate' seen it's happening to other people today also, Bot Version? 7.15.3 (2238) Bluestacks Version? ( Windows Version: Windows 10 Are you using a PC (Personal Computer, VM (Virtual Machine), or VPS (Virtual Private Server)?: PC Is your Clash of Clans and BlueStacks in English? YES When did you first get the error? 11/72016 10:30 How did you get the error? Trying to log in Please link a screenshot (or multiple) provided by the bot: http://pastebin.com/ZjU3ifRW
  7. Same happening to me atm
  8. Would be good if you could change the speed of the troops deployed while town hall sniping
  9. Is there anyway to change the speed of troops that are town hall sniping they seem to come out really slow and traps can just wipe them all out?
  10. ALL FIXED Works on Beta thanks for your time and help
  11. http://img4.imagetitan.com/img.php?image=13_manualscreenshot(debug)1.png When attack the yellow lines don't come up as when they do at your own base
  12. http://pastebin.com/rtBVQbNH http://img4.imagetitan.com/img.php?image=13_untitled80.png
  13. I've downloaded memu because how much problems i am having with blue stacks but when i load up my clash of clans and bit to log in to load my base it logs me in but doesn't let me loads my base in anyone know away around that?
  14. 7.15.1, The old blue stacks as blue stacks 2 wont seem to work with the bot, windows 10, and sixteen fingers,
  15. Doesn't seem to use clan castle troops
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