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  1. What do you guys recommend for TH9 DE farming settings? I have all maxed TH9 only heroes are currently low 20/20 both, so i need a buch of DE and what would you recommend ?
  2. Same problem Windows Defender is removing it detecting "virus"
  3. Spoken Languages: English, Slovenian, German (3 out of 5 stars ) Coding Experience: I am currently employed as Android developer at medium company here at our country, i have degree in CS currently finishing my diploma project, started with C# at mid school done most of the project in C# (some included virtualization), i done projects with WPF/XAML, connections with SQL....Overall my exp with C# is around 5-6 years, i have experience with Java/Android (A LOT), and C++ (drivers, server side etc), and for web development i use mostly MEAN stack (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node). Coding Languages (+self-assesment of your skill level for this language): C# (8/10) Java (9.5/10) C++ (6/10) Web dev (6/10) Age: 23 Available Times (if possible also convert to 'UTC+1'): 18.00 - 22.00 (same time zone as you) Skype Name: (you can leave that out, in that case i'll post you my skypename in a forum PM)
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