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  1. What's up my dude

  2. You MUST use this format when posting an Error or Bug. Bot Version and Revision Number: N/A MEmu or BlueStacks Version:N/A Windows Version:N/a Do you use a PC, a VM or a VPS?:N/A Describe the issue below. When do you get the issue? What happens with BoostBot and the Emulator?: in trying to add a Picture signature to my profile and all i get is this error. the picture is 640 x 400 and 276 KB. i have tried drag and drop and URL from photo bucket. Please submit logfile with the timestamp for the issue if needed. Please posts screenshots to help us see the issue if needed. Click here for a guide for screenshots. or
  3. Can't wate im sur it will be just as awsome as the last verion. BORK BORK
  4. 1
  5. the last few version have worked great. so well all i had to do was "SET IT AND FORGET IT". i was away and came back to find that i was 2 versions behind. keep up the great work. 5 STARS FOR THE CHEF.
  6. thanks Accommodare et vincet Bork Bork.
  7. here is a better video of the bot and coc. i was sure if you had see the other one. Project_1.avi
  8. Test run https://mega.nz/#!V59DwIRD!aM74OWdpTU4oO7bP7m4aP-gDUAlf1TLGs0YL3weDPM8
  9. that was the full log. what i had done is clesed and restarted the bot so that that the bot will make a new log file. what i wil do is restart the bot and let run till the camps are full and post. i as able to was mak desktop recording of the bot and coc side by side. will post it if you like.
  10. Yes. i set up a nother test run and whin i came back i had 2 pekkas and 6 golems and 2 more golems tranning. https://mega.nz/#!1t8HzLoY!QWpG5FEg6ai2aM-U21AzlsFUpDQWY4J6zF5mqzhoNWA
  11. thanks
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