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  1. other than the hiccups over the last few months i think that you are doing great job. in 12 months i went from a low HT9 to HT 11. with out buying gems. thanks keep up the good work. Accommodare et vincet
  2. there isn't a hole lot to be given the lifetime VIPs. maybe some of the other lifetime vip might have some thing in mind. with in reason. Forum Benefits: Gorgeous Cyan PiP Amazing Cyan Glow Up to 3 display name changes a month Bypass bad word filters Profile customization No flood control on search settings 50 Private Message Invites 500 Storable Private Messages 5 times the reputation power per day (50 positive, 5 negative) 5 Images in Signatures 10 URLS in Signatures 5 Lines in Signatures Avatar increase to 150x150 Ability to hide own topics/posts Ability to bump topics 10 times a da i was just asking a question that hadn't been ask and might be brought up in your staff meetings.
  3. My computer was down during the initial down time when the authentication servers were off line. So all i could do is fallow the forums from my Linux computer. No big deal for me. Now that my main PC is up and running i cant bot and my base is getting ran over. There has been talk of giving back the lost time to the VIP. The question is what about the life time VIP how is the time made up.
  4. hope every will get back to the way was when i first started boting with boost bot. 12 months and 4 days a go. good luck to the new team.
  5. Can't wate im sur it will be just as awsome as the last verion. BORK BORK
  6. 1
  7. the last few version have worked great. so well all i had to do was "SET IT AND FORGET IT". i was away and came back to find that i was 2 versions behind. keep up the great work. 5 STARS FOR THE CHEF.
  8. thanks Accommodare et vincet Bork Bork.
  9. here is a better video of the bot and coc. i was sure if you had see the other one. Project_1.avi
  10. Test run https://mega.nz/#!V59DwIRD!aM74OWdpTU4oO7bP7m4aP-gDUAlf1TLGs0YL3weDPM8
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