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Found 45 results

  1. clash of clans

    why the bot dont work right now?
  2. Can someone help me please? My bot stopped working about a week ago. Today i downloaded the 7.15 one but whenever I try to start bluestacks it never works. IF the bluestoacks windows shows up, it just keeps saying initializing. I'm not sure how to get my bot to work but if someone has any advice that would be great. Bluestacks has been a pain in the butt for me. Thank you!
  3. After finally getting clash of clans on the the main screen for mEmu I will launch it but only a black screen comes up and after awhile it will say "clash of clans has stopped working"...I have also launched it with the non VIP version of boostbot and it will act like its working then say it failed to zoom out please help me figure out what im doing wrong. im using mEmu 2.8.2 and the latest version of clash of clans 8.332.16 as well as BoostBot 7.15.5 Rev 2245 | Queen Walk, New Building Upgrade Features, Bug Fixes, Improvements
  4. Bonjour a vous, j'ai clashbot depuis 2 mois et j'ai eu aucun bug mais depuis 2 jours, mon bot tourne 1h et apres bluestckas s'eteind sqns raison et dans les recents du tchat du bot ca me dit juste "Clashbot stopped"
  5. Hello everybody, I am posting this here as I don't know where else to do it. I have also tried to find help with my issue by searching on Google, but alas, no luck. So the issue I am facing is that I use BlueStacks for CoC and other apps such as Whatsapp, Kik, etc. My issue revolves around CoC. If you see the image below, you will see that CoC overlaps with android buttons on BlueStacks. It was not a problem to me before but after the latest CoC update, the chat has been moved to the bottom of the screen and I can't click on the chat button. Does anyone know how I can resize the CoC app or any other method so that I am able to click those buttons? Much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hola me instale el nuevo clashbot 7.13.0 y el Menu 2.6.2 la cuestion es que el bot ataca y va bien pero cuando sale el presonal break no lo reconoce le adjunto una imagen y si me pueden ayudar a solucionarlo gracias ]http://i67.tinypic.com/2rdg5eh.jpg[/img]
  7. I Got A Fresh news update from COC Website Official And This is : We’re stepping up our commitment to Fair Play! The goal? Provide a level playing field for everyone. As part of our Fair Play policy, players using prohibited 3rd party software will face disciplinary action, including but not limited to: permanent ban. We consider “bot” and “mod” use cheating, and strongly encourage players to remove any aforementioned programs from their devices. By offering this warning, we hope to give all players a chance to enjoy our games the Fair way. What meaning about this? Will if I and You use a Boot in COC got permanent ban? please come here for discuss it
  8. Bot Version? 7.10.5(revision 1848) (The current latest version is here, make sure you have the latest version) Bluestacks Version? To find out what version you have, a bluestacks icon shows in the system tray, if hoovered over, it will show the current version Note: Bluestacks 2 is NOT supported yet, download the recommended version here : bluestacks 1 Windows Version: Windows 10 Are you using a PC (Personal Computer, VM (Virtual Machine), or VPS (Virtual Private Server)?: PC Is your Clash of Clans and BlueStacks in English? yes When did you first get the error?: yesterday after install the new version of bot How did you get the error? i dont know, the bot just dont start after the personal break Have you installed .NET 4.5.1?: yes Please link a screenshot (or multiple) provided by the bot: http://i.imgur.com/0QCVnmu.png
  9. https://gyazo.com/305772ff2c0fe108ead7a48d8e398ccd [14:19:42] [Attack] Cannot continue. Not ingame! [14:19:45] [build] Waiting to let other modules work... [14:19:56] [buildTask-WithBoostedUnits] Starting to build 4 types of units [14:19:57] [build] Now in barracks tab #1 [14:19:58] [build] Cannot build 'unitbig_archer' in barracks tab #1 [14:19:59] [build] Now in barracks tab #2 [14:19:59] [build] Cannot build 'unitbig_barbarian' in barracks tab #2 [14:20:01] [build] Now in barracks tab #3 [14:20:01] [build] Cannot build 'unitbig_archer' in barracks tab #3 [14:20:02] [build] Now in barracks tab #4 [14:20:02] [build] Cannot build 'unitbig_barbarian' in barracks tab #4 [14:20:03] Building rotation done [14:20:03] [build] Checking if we can attack now... [14:20:04] [Attack] AttackModule starting... (Reason: [build] Starting attack, camp is at 100% capacity) why its not attack?? please help
  10. hi, i saw CoC bots, and i think it's cool. but i don't see any bots to do what i need. what i need is a bot that search for dead base. like xmod does on mobile phones, it will only check my opponent is collectors while searching for example.. i chose to search for me a base that his collectors only have min Gold : 100000 min Elixer : 100000 then the bot will find it for me and i do the attack. so far all bots i downloaded, they do search and attack.. what i need exactly is to search for base and notify me then i do the attack by myself. please i need answer..
  11. Hey I didn't mention it in the previous version but for some reason I have this little bug when it displays "Total Attack Resources" screenshot below.
  12. Bonjour tout le monde J'ai commencé à utiliser le bot il n'y a pas très longtemps et suis satisfais en 3 jour j'ai réussi a avoir 6 million d'élexir Et plein d'or je suis très content qu'il existe une tel chose pour Clash of Clans Donc je me posais la question est-ce qu'il existe une option qui permet De Rush mais sans payer pour être V.i.P ?
  13. Hello everyone, Bluestacks released the second version of its software but Clashbot is not working on this. I searched for answers and I found that Bloodeagle posted a article to download the old version for Bluestacks (1st) Downloaded, Installed and play perfectly before TH11 update released. Now, later of TH11 update Clasbot runs Bluestacks 1 and Clash of Clans (in Bluestacks) perfectly but when I'm first tapping "Start Bot" bot isnot working. I think Bot's trying to scoll all the time without reason.. Please let me know if I can fix it or it's a developer's bug.
  14. Merhaba arkadaşlar, yeşil taş kazanma konusunda fikri olan veya bir yöntem bulmuş olan var mı?
  15. Title says it all, thanks for having a look at my topic. Please leave me a like. If u successfully did it great job! To see the content hit the button and leave a comment. [hide] Change the first time: Open game. Go to the Settings menu, there is a Change Name button there, just tap on it! (You need to have at least Town Hall 5 to change your name). Just enter your new name and press Continue button. Your name have been changed! If you want to change it again: Open Clash of Clans. Go to Settings ~> Help and Support ~> Tap on the Search icon ~> Scroll down to the bottom ~> Contact Us. You will be redirected to a email screen. Make your email be like this: Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to change my Clash of Clans name from <your name now> to <wanted name> because people always make fun of my current name. Thank you so much for helping me out. Kind regards, < your name > After sending this email, you will get an automatic reply email immediately. Just ignore it! After 1-2 days, you will receive an email from SupperCell tell that they have changed your name. Just log in to the game and see. Note: If your current name has bad words, just include in the email. Seems like all names with bad words always can be changed! [/hide]
  16. Requisitos: Número Celular (Google Voice pode ser utilizado aqui mas sem tutorial do google voice no momento) Cartão de Crédito Internacional ou conta no Paypal (Não será cobrado se você cancelar antes do fim dos $15 de crédito) Bluestacks compativel com o TBC Bot TBC Bot Passos: 1) Registre-se uma conta no RunAbove.com. Link Patrocinado ($10 Grátis) ou conta normal (sem bonus). Ao verificar o celular e o cartão você nao será cobrado, basta cancelar a assinatura antes do bonus acabar. 2) Após registrar-se, receba grátis mais $5 clicando aqui. Se você usou o link patrocinado então agora seu saldo é de $15. 3) Adicionando Instância: Add->An Instance->Location Melhores Rocket+Engine Combos Sandbox - M - 1 VCPU, 2GB RAM - $0.004/hour | $0.096/day | $2.88/mês – Instável, a falta de recursos para o Bluestacks pode causar muitos problemas de sincronização. Sandbox - L - 1 VCPU, 4GB RAM - $0.010/hour | $0.240/day | $7.2/mês - Aceitável, um pouco mais estavel e deve ser verificado de vez enquando. Steadfast - L - 2 VCPU, 8GB RAM - $0.056/hour | $1.344/day | $40.32/mês – Estável, o bot funciona sem problemas. Piores Combos Steadfast - S - 1 VCPU, 2GB RAM – Mesmas especificações do sandbox só que com mais HDD. Mais caro. Steadfast - M - 1 VCPU, 4GB RAM - Mesmas especificações do sandbox só que com mais HDD. Mais caro. Use uma combinação de Steadfast L e Sandbox para aproveitar ao máximo o bonus de $15. Lembre-se que o bonus é válido por UM mês. 5) Se não for automaticamente redirecionado para o acesso faça o seguinte: Abra o acesso remoto para conectar-se ao seu VPS. 5.1) Habilite Remote Desktop e desabilite IE Enhanced Security Configuration na janela que aparece após logar OU vá em Server Manager -> Local Server. Talvez você precise desabilitar o Firewall para fazer o acesso remote. Você pode usar algum programa para acesso remoto como o TeamViewer para iniciar o bot. 6) Faça o download do Bluestacks compativél com o Bot e instale o Clash of Clans. 7) Faça download do Bot e configure conforme sua preferencia. 8) Após iniciar o Bluestacks e o Bot vá até o Task Manager -> Details. 8.1) Clique com o botão direito nos processo do Bluestacks e coloque a prioridade como ABOVE NORMAL. 8.2) Clique com o botão direito nos processo do Bot e coloque a prioridade como Acima do Normal. 9) Seja feliz! PS1: Passos alterados para ficar mais fácil para os BRs Hu3Hu3 PS2: Caso você receba a mensagem abaixo não é possível fazer nada. Apenas espere o aviso quando tiverem mais servidores disponíveis. Fonte: [TUT]24/7 Botting on VPS
  17. Okay so, been using ClashBot for about a month and I couldn't be happier! However, I am starting to get a little concerned about how efficient this thing actually is. There is 28 days left in the season and my bot has already put in 220 attacks for me. Although this is awesome as I have done almost nothing except press stop/start, how suspect do I look in the "My League" section when people see that I have put in 220 attacks? Is this comparable to the amount of attacks that you guys have? Or should I slow it down you think? I know that there have been no confirmed ban hammers laid down but I don't want to be the poster child! I'm riding around 1200-1400 trophies so usually it's other botters/dead bases so I assume that most people don't even check that tab and take the time to report anyone. What do you guys think?
  18. Hi guys, I run the bot and after a few seconds it writes this: http://prntscr.com/8tpxf1 I don't know what to do.. I really want this bot to work Please help...
  19. All linked to android gmail accounts and the email will be given to you after the purchase. Middleman and paypal. First base, no name change ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd base, with name change ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd base, with name change Post your offers or PM me. Contact me through PM. You can also add me on skype: goiba_abi or at facebook: Email: miajabi@rocketmail.com Edit: For those who are asking, you will have complete control of the email account linked to the coc account.
  20. Selling my maxed TH9 on Android except walls, looking for around 100$ on PAYPAL. https://imgur.com/a/bG6ie
  21. Hello Clashers CHEAP GEM SERVICE (14K gems for 45$) As title says, I can buy for you 14k gems packs for only 45$. Or this packs: 500 GEMS (2$) 2,500 GEMS (10$) 6,500 GEMS (20$) 14,000 GEMS (45$) Instructions: 1) If you playing Android device and already linked your CoC with your Google+ account: All you need to do is provide your Google account details (login and password) that linked with your CoC village 2) If you playing Apple device and never played on Android device: First you will need to create (or take your existing) Google account, link your CoC village with that Google account and then give me that Google account details. To do that you will need to have any Android device or PC with Bluestacks! No hack, no glitch. I buy the gems with my credit card and then you get your account again with them. I will not save any of your data and won’t be shared with no one else. I recommend to you to change the password before and after the transaction. Payment method: Paypal and Bitcoin. CONTACT ME ON: EMAIL: nymarena @gmail.com SKYPE: jesus.regnault DELIVERY: Instant after your confirmed payment, we can talk on Skype while I do the service (max 20 min but only during my online time – UTC -430) if you’re unsure at this, you can always give your DUMMY Account not main so you can try my service for authenticity. Contact me before making any payment Just for being new in this forum the first three clients gets 2x gems :3
  22. Selling my maxed town hall 9 account. Please PM if you are intersted.
  23. Hi guys, One of my acquaintances tipped me about the clash of clans bot you can use on your clash account when playing on bluestacks. But when I want to connect my google account I walked into a problem. I can't fill in the '@' sign on the e-mail adress form. Even when i tried to copy and paste it. This provents me to connect my Google account. My acquaintance told he havent had that problem because he installed his on the browser. This left me with two questions. 1. How can I fill in the '@' sign on the e-mail form when trying to connect the Google Account on Bluestacks. Or 2. What is the hyperlink to the web browser to fill in these staps to use the bot. As my acquaintance did. Greetingz Ntb