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On 1/9/2017 at 1:10 AM, gmt said:

Jordan did not post anything about lifetime VIP, and I dont know what Jordan have in mind, or if he even have anything in mind for lifetime VIP members. What do you think he could do for lifetime members? give them extra time? give refunds? or do you have any other ideas?

Extra time: If you look at how much time a 1 month or a 6 months VIP loose of the time they paid for, then it make sense to give them back the time the bot was down. For lifetime members this dont make any sense, because they already have acces to the bot for a lifetime.

Refunds: If you look at a lifetime, how long is that? 100 years? ((100 years * 365 days) + 25 days from leap years)/7 = 5217 weeks. Downtime 6 weeks = 0.0015 % of a lifetime = $0,24. Is it worth to do all that work for a quarter? And as a lifetime member you dont lose anything either, you still have a lifetime left to use the bot when it is back up.

I really dont know what Jordan have in mind, other than he already stated here, but I dont see a refund of any kind as a option for lifetime members, but I could be wrong. You need to ask Jordan what plans he have for you guys, thank you.

there isn't a hole lot to be given the lifetime VIPs.  maybe some of the other lifetime vip might have some thing in mind. with in reason.

Forum Benefits:

  • Gorgeous Cyan PiP
  • Amazing Cyan Glow
  • Up to 3 display name changes a month
  • Bypass bad word filters
  • Profile customization
  • No flood control on search settings
  • 50 Private Message Invites
  • 500 Storable Private Messages
  • 5 times the reputation power per day (50 positive, 5 negative)
  • 5 Images in Signatures
  • 10 URLS in Signatures
  • 5 Lines in Signatures
  • Avatar increase to 150x150
  • Ability to hide own topics/posts
  • Ability to bump topics 10 times a da


i was just asking a question that hadn't been ask and might be brought up in your staff meetings.


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other than the hiccups over the last few months i think that you are doing great job. in 12 months i went from a low HT9 to HT 11. with out buying gems. thanks keep up the good work.

Accommodare et vincet


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Jordan why don't you admit you are done? for anyone who paid within last 30 days filed a dispute on paypal. Anyone who has longer as SOL. So don't be fool tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow bs

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