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1 Gem Boost Information!

Like every year, Clash of Clans is having a 1 gem boost on all of their buildings (barracks, all resource mines, spell factory, heros, etc.). This opens a lot of opportunities for war and farming. Now as far as botters, we suggest you guys boost all of your barracks and mines while you can! We have noticed decreased amounts of resources per hour so this 1 gem boost will definitely help everyone’s hourly recourse intake go up. If you want to boost your barracks, consider upgrading to VIP here!

With the newest update you are now able to boost barracks, dark barracks and your queen, king and warden altar for only one boost! This also happens at the same time as the 1 gem boost on the gold, elixir and dark elixir collectors! With this combination we are hoping to see a lot more loot generated in the game@

Now, you might be wondering what type of troop composition you should go with, so I will explain that below:

The most commonly used troop composition that seems to work for a lot of people would be 2 barracks training archers, 2 barracks training barbarians and both of your dark barracks training minions. Some of our high TH friends at Clashbot HQ have been playing around with their troop compositions and say to play around with your compositions and get creative. The higher level your troops, usually the more loot you will get. Try maxing out your barbs, archers, and giants, or at least the troops you use most while farming. Some people also use a composition that has 2 barracks training giants, 2 barracks training goblins, and 2 dark barracks training minions. Its all about troop level and how many of the troop you train. Don’t be afraid to try new things, because if it doesn’t seem to be working, just try a new composition!

Alright Clashers, make sure you take advantage of that 1 gem boost while it lasts! It could be the difference between 400k an hour to 900k an hour!