How To Change Your Language In Bluestacks!

Hey! It’s Mat here! Are you having trouble with your Clashbot? Are you encountering many errors that seem to not go away no matter what you do? Well in this guide I will be showing you how to change your language in Bluestacks which could potentially save you from the countless errors your getting in the bot! Below I will be showing the steps to change it to ENGLISH, which is the language Clashbot is compatible with!

Step 1: Open up Bluestacks and when the first screen appears, click on the “All Apps” button. Then continue to find the Bluestacks “Settings” App.




Step 2: Now look at the bottom of screen and click on “Advanced Settings”.



Step 3: Now, under the personal tab, click on the “Language & Input” menu.



Step 4: Then the first option should be “Language”. Click it!



Step 5: Now you will be shown the list of languages. Obviously you will scroll down to “English” and select it.



Step 6: You’re done! This should eliminate some of the error you’re having when it comes to having a different language set! If this helped you, feel free to leave a like!

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How To Change Your Clash of Clans To English

Hello everyone,

Today i’m going to be telling you how to set your Clash of Clans to English, seeing as our bot only works when the application is in English.

First you’re going to want to open Clash of Clans in Bluestacks. Once open, click the ‘Settings’ Icon in the bottom right.

Then click ‘Language’

And English should be right up at the top. After choosing the language, your game will reload. Once its loaded you should be ready to begin botting!

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ClashBot’s Tips and Tricks Week 1

Hello Everyone,

I am starting this series because i know a lot of new players need hints and tips to get a better understanding on how the game is played. In this series i will point out a few tips that will benefit mainly lower leveled players, and then a few tips that could benefit anyone. I hope you guys enjoy this series and it helps at least someone :).

Always Remove Obstacles and Save Your Gems

Obstacles such as trees, bushes, and rocks will occasionally be spawned on the outside of your base. These obstacles will only spawn when you are offline, so depending on how much a player plays they will either get a lot of obstacles or very few. If you remove these obstacles, they will occasionally grant the player gems, which can be very helpful. This allows a player to gain gems for free, and in turn save them up for another builders hut/upgrade etc etc.

Saving your gems is extremely important especially at a lower level. If you can continuously destroy obstacles and complete achievements at a lower level to buy builders huts, you will be able to build your base even faster. The more builders huts the better!

Achievements, Do them!

Though a lot of people don’t think achievements are worth the time, i am here to tell you that they are extremely important. By doing achievements you can save up hundreds of gems every day, sometimes even more. For example, There is a single achievement that is worth 450 gems just to reach 1,250 trophies. That is nearly enough to buy your third builders hut! Just look through each achievement and make goals for yourself of what achievement you are close to and think you can get in a relatively short amount of time. For more information on achievements and how many gems they grant upon completetion, look here.

Goblins Do Work

At lower trophy levels, goblins can be used to go through bases quickly and efficiently for just their resources. The lower your trophies, the easier the bases will be. Therefore, if you have mass amounts of goblins to bombard the enemies base, they often cant do anything about it, seeing as there will be too many goblins to kill. The loot will be less at these lower trophy and town hall levels, but goblins train very fast and they are extremely cheap compared to other troops, so you will still find yourself gaining a lot of gold/elixer.

Heres a video of someone using goblins:

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Clash of Clans Gem Collector!

Gem Collector?

Imagine getting 3-5 free gems an hour, and this number is increased every time you upgrade your gem collectors. Or even waking up to 40 gems waiting to be collected! Would that not be crazy? Such a thing would have a HUGE impact on the game itself. Some people say for the better, and some say for the worse.

Pictures of these Gem collectors and Gem storages have been exploding online in the Clash of Clans community. Players seem to be either outraged, or extremely satisfied with these rumors. Some hope this will eventually become a reality, they believe it is fair since the top 3 clans get free gems, so why not everyone else? The others believe that it will have a horrible impact on the game. Some even mention the fact that they want a refund on any gem purchase they had done ever! They feel as if it’s unfair that they had to pay for gems when now everyone can just get them for free.

Needless to say, if this were to ever become a reality, it would undoubtedly save everyone a LOT of money! That is why I don’t think it will ever actually be true. Supercells profits would suffer far too much to ever do this!

What do you guys think? Post down below, I’m curious :).

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Clash of Clans 1 Gem Boost

An announcement from Supercell stated that “Clash of Clans is about to turn three years old!”, and as a result of this, Supercell has blessed us with a one week gem boost. This announcement was also made on the 31st of July, on Clash of Clans official twitter page found here, just in case you wanted to receive updates on what Supercell is planning. This boost can be used towards all combat and resource collecting buildings (collectors, spell factories, and barracks) and allows you to maximize the effectiveness of each of them.

Now some of you might be wondering why or how a 1 gem boost can help so much and why everyone is going crazy over it. A one gem boost allows you to boost a resource collector, barrack, or spell factory by 2x all for the cost of just a single gem (per building). This gives you an extreme advantage seeing as you can have a farming army ready at twice the speed, increasing your attacker per hour and in turn increasing your resources per hour. This can also be extremely helpful when farming because so many players will have their collectors boosted, so they will have more resources collected in a shorter amount of time, so more money that you farm!

To maximize the effectiveness of this one gem boost

In this section i will be telling you how to maximize the effectiveness of this one gem boost. Now to do this trick, your collectors can NOT be maxed out. In other words, your Gold/Elixer collectors can not be level 12.

On the last day of the one gem boost, you will want to start an upgrade on these collectors. This will in turn cancel out the boost on the collectors immidiately. After you have done this, you want to cancel the upgrade, (yes you will only get 50% of what you spent on the upgrade back, but you will make up for it in the long run seeing as your collectors will be boosted for a longer period of time). After you cancel the upgrade just boost all of your collectors again and there you go, you have one more week of boosted collectors, whereas other players boosts will be coming to an end!