How To Change Your Language In Bluestacks!

Hey! It’s Mat here! Are you having trouble with your Clashbot? Are you encountering many errors that seem to not go away no matter what you do? Well in this guide I will be showing you how to change your language in Bluestacks which could potentially save you from the countless errors your getting in the bot! Below I will be showing the steps to change it to ENGLISH, which is the language Clashbot is compatible with!

Step 1: Open up Bluestacks and when the first screen appears, click on the “All Apps” button. Then continue to find the Bluestacks “Settings” App.




Step 2: Now look at the bottom of screen and click on “Advanced Settings”.



Step 3: Now, under the personal tab, click on the “Language & Input” menu.



Step 4: Then the first option should be “Language”. Click it!



Step 5: Now you will be shown the list of languages. Obviously you will scroll down to “English” and select it.



Step 6: You’re done! This should eliminate some of the error you’re having when it comes to having a different language set! If this helped you, feel free to leave a like!