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Dark Spells Vs. Regular Spells

Recently the dark elixir spells were introduced in to the game. I will be explaining the differences in each spell and what they are used for specifically. Now a lot of people including myself didn’t think these spells would be too useful seeing as they could do the same thing as rage and lightning spells such as kill defending troops and or structures in an enemy’s base.

Dark elixir spells focus on mainly one thing, and that is enemy troops or structures. They can be made extremely fast compared to regular spells and are half the space. These spells are more specialized to do one thing so they aren’t meant to completely ‘replace’ the old spells.

A lot of you might wonder to yourself why you would still use regular spells, well I will tell you below.

The Rage Spell

Even though the haste spell is only half the space of a rage spell, that doesn’t mean you should stop using the rage spell. Keep in mind that the rage spell still gives a damage bonus to your troops, whereas the haste only gives a speed bonus. Now if you only need a speed bonus, then It would definitely be more effective to go with the haste spell seeing as you can get 2 for the space of 1 rage spell.

The rage spell is most effective when used on balloons or dragons. A lot of people usually ask what is better to use with an all dragon raid, haste or rage. Well, a dragon’s speed is obviously very slow and they attack basically whatever is in front of them. The smart thing to do is to use rage spells so your dragons blow through buildings quickly and get through a base as fast as they can. A haste spell would increase their speed, but they still do not move through bases as easy seeing as they don’t get a damage bonus.

The Lightning Spell

Well, the lighting spell is now compared to two different spells. These spells would be the poison spell and the earthquake spell. Both of these spells have something in common with the lighting spell in that one does damage to troops and one does damage to walls and buildings. But the lighting spell, however, does damage to both.

Lightning Spell Vs. Poison Spell

The lightning spell is most commonly used for taking out defense troops or air defenses/mortars for war raids. This is extremely effective with dragon raids seeing as you have one less air defense to worry about, making the raid a lot easier in many ways. Lightning spells are also very good for taking out defending clan castle troops. All you need is one lighting spell and to gather all of the enemies cc troops as tightly as you can. By using lightning spells to take out enemy CC troops, you are using less of your own troops to take them out so you will have more for the actual raid. Also, by only using one lightning spell, you have more room for other spells for your raid. This strategy of taking out CC troops with a lightning spell is most commonly used with the GoWiPe or GoWiWi raid. (I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND USING A LIGHTNING SPELL TO TAKE OUT CC TROOPS OVER POISON SPELLS, seeing as with a lightning spell the death of the CC troops are basically instant whereas poison just kills them over time.

Lightning Spell vs The Earthquake Spell

The earthquake spell is very effective went wanting an access point into a base that you are raiding. This is where the lightning spell falls. The lightning spell is good for damaging one small little area (this has been improved even more so due to the September 2015 update in which you can read about here: whereas the earthquake spell is extremely good for damaging a slightly large area of damage (but is very effective against walls).