Clash of Clans Attack Strategies, War Strategies, Farming Strategies

What is a Farming Strategy?

In Clash of Clans, having an effective farming strategy is key. Farming is what allows players to afford the massive amounts of upgrades available to them. If players do not have an effective or well planned farming strategy, they will not be able to advance in the game as quick.

These strategies will differ as you increase your town hall and trophy level. At lower town hall levels, your attack strategies will not be as complicated seeing as the bases are very simple and (usually) not well designed. But as you increase your town hall the bases will continue to be more well designed and have more defenses to protect against attacks. In this guide we will show you certain farming strategies that work for many people across all town hall levels.

What is a War Strategy?

The goal of a war strategy is to completely and utterly destroy someones base. You are either going for 3 stars (100%), or two stars (at least 50% and destroying their town hall). These attack strategies, just like farming strategies, will vary a lot at each town hall seeing as you will level up your current troops and unlock even more powerful troops/spells.