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Google Plus Sign-In Error FIXES

I’ve tried a few methods, some of them work and other ones don’t. I will list all of the working methods down below so people aren’t confused. Again, there are confirmed working methods, so they have been proven to work! First you’re going to want to make sure you are using the most up to […]

Lets Talk About Spells

Dark Spells Vs. Regular Spells Recently the dark elixir spells were introduced in to the game. I will be explaining the differences in each spell and what they are used for specifically. Now a lot of people including myself didn’t think these spells would be too useful seeing as they could do the same thing […]

The Best TH8 Farming/War Base Layouts

Farming Bases As a Town Hall 8 you want to be farming quickly so that you can get up further into the game. Become a Town Hall 9 and get an Archer Queen and X-Bows! It is important to max out all your buildings, troops and most especially your walls. Having all Level 8 walls […]

Linking Your Clash of Clans Account to Bluestacks!

Bluestacks App Player is an Android emulator that allows you to play Clash of Clans on your computer. After downloading the app player, one may be lost when it comes to linking your Clash of Clans account to Bluestacks. The following steps will seamlessly walk you through the proper steps to linking your account properly […]

Clash of Clans September Update Sneak Peeks!

Hello ClashBot users, Today there were a couple ‘unofficial’ sneak peeks about the upcoming update to Clash of Clans. These sneak peaks were found on reddit so we cannot vouch for them 100%, but we are pretty sure that they could definitely become in game features! The first sneak peek was a post  found on […]

How To Change Your Language In Bluestacks!

Hey! It’s Mat here! Are you having trouble with your Clashbot? Are you encountering many errors that seem to not go away no matter what you do? Well in this guide I will be showing you how to change your language in Bluestacks which could potentially save you from the countless errors your getting in […]

How To Change Your Clash of Clans To English

Hello everyone, Today i’m going to be telling you how to set your Clash of Clans to English, seeing as our bot only works when the application is in English. First you’re going to want to open Clash of Clans in Bluestacks. Once open, click the ‘Settings’ Icon in the bottom right. Then click ‘Language’ […]

ClashBot’s Tips and Tricks Week 1

Hello Everyone, I am starting this series because i know a lot of new players need hints and tips to get a better understanding on how the game is played. In this series i will point out a few tips that will benefit mainly lower leveled players, and then a few tips that could benefit […]

Clash of Clans Gem Collector!

Gem Collector? Imagine getting 3-5 free gems an hour, and this number is increased every time you upgrade your gem collectors. Or even waking up to 40 gems waiting to be collected! Would that not be crazy? Such a thing would have a HUGE impact on the game itself. Some people say for the better, […]