Mastering the Lords Mobile Cargo Ship and Trades in 2023

As a passionate player of Lords Mobile, I understand the importance of optimizing gameplay and discovering efficient strategies to progress in the game. One crucial aspect that players should master is the Cargo Ship and Trades. The Cargo Ship is a valuable feature in Lords Mobile that offers various resources and rewards, while Trades allow players to exchange resources with other players for mutual benefits. Understanding how these mechanics work is essential for maximizing your progress and building a strong empire.

Key takeaways:

  • The Cargo Ship in Lords Mobile offers a way to obtain valuable resources, such as food, gems, and speed-ups, through trading with other players.
  • Understanding how to initiate trades and the potential gains can greatly enhance your gameplay and progression in Lords Mobile.
  • Trading also carries risks, such as attacks from enemies or encountering dishonest players, so it’s important to strategize and assess the risks before engaging in trading.

What is the Cargo Ship in Lords Mobile?

The Cargo Ship in Lords Mobile is an essential feature for resource management and strategic gameplay. It allows players to trade resources with other players, giving them options to optimize their gameplay and progress in the game.

By using the Cargo Ship effectively, players can acquire resources to upgrade buildings, train troops, and research technologies. Understanding how to use the Cargo Ship can greatly impact a player’s success in Lords Mobile.

So, what exactly is the Cargo Ship in Lords Mobile? It is a feature that enables players to enhance their gameplay experience by acquiring resources from other players.

How Does the Cargo Ship Work?

The Cargo Ship in Lords Mobile is a vital feature for obtaining valuable resources.

If you’re wondering how does the Cargo Ship work, let me explain. It operates by providing players with a list of available trades they can make with others.

To initiate a trade, players select an offer and choose the resources they want to exchange. The trade is then sent to another player who can accept or reject it.

Trades are processed in the order they are received, so it’s important to act quickly to secure desired trades. The Cargo Ship refreshes every few hours, providing new trade opportunities.

By using the Cargo Ship effectively, players can acquire the resources needed to build and upgrade their empire. This feature allows for trading excess resources for high-demand ones, promoting a sense of community and cooperation within the game.

What Resources Can You Get from the Cargo Ship?

Cargo Ship Resources

The table below shows the resources available from the Cargo Ship in Lords Mobile.


The Cargo Ship provides a generous amount of resources to boost your gameplay in Lords Mobile. You can get Food to feed your troops, Wood to build and upgrade structures, Stone to fortify your defenses, Ore to craft powerful equipment, and Gold to finance various activities. These resources are essential for expanding your kingdom, strengthening your army, and progressing in the game. By effectively using the Cargo Ship, you can ensure a steady flow of resources and stay ahead of your opponents. Take advantage of this feature to amass resources and dominate the world of Lords Mobile.

Understanding Trades in Lords Mobile

Understanding Trades in Lords Mobile is crucial for successful gameplay. To strengthen your kingdom and gain resources, you must effectively utilize the trading system. Here is a breakdown of the key aspects of trades in Lords Mobile:

Trade TypeBenefitsAvailable ResourcesMerchant Level Required
Wood TradeObtain wood for construction and upgradesWoodMerchant Level 1
Stone TradeAcquire stone for fortifications and defensesStoneMerchant Level 1
Ore TradeGain ore for weapon production and researchOreMerchant Level 1
Gold TradeSecure gold for training troops and researchGoldMerchant Level 10

Understanding the different trades allows you to effectively allocate resources and ensure balanced progression in your kingdom. By trading surplus resources and acquiring those you lack, you can efficiently develop infrastructure and military power. Remember to level up your Merchant to unlock higher-level trades for better rewards. Strategically utilizing trades in Lords Mobile can greatly enhance gameplay and contribute to your success.

How to Initiate Trades in Lords Mobile?

To initiate trades in Lords Mobile, follow these steps:

1. Open the Trade Embassy building in your city.

2. Next, tap the Trade button to access the trading interface.

3. Now, choose the resource type you want to trade, whether it’s food, wood, stone, ore, or gold.

4. Specify the quantity of the resource you want to trade. You have the option to manually input the amount or use the plus and minus buttons to adjust it.

5. It is important to set the trade ratio. This ratio represents the amount of the traded resource you will receive in exchange for the resources you are offering.

6. After setting the trade ratio, select the kingdom you want to trade with. You can choose your own kingdom or other kingdoms within your server.

7. Use the Find button to search for available trade offers from other players.

8. Take your time to browse through the available trade offers and select the one that suits your requirements.

9. Once you have selected a trade offer, make sure to thoroughly review the details. This includes the resources being offered and received, as well as the trade ratio.

10. If you are satisfied with the trade, go ahead and tap the Accept button to finalize the transaction.

Always keep in mind that initiating trades in Lords Mobile requires strategic consideration of resource availability, trade ratios, and potential risks.

What Can You Gain from Trades?

– Resources: Trades allow you to gain valuable resources like food, wood, ore, stone, and gold in Lords Mobile. By trading with other players, you can exchange excess resources for the ones you need.

– Speed Up Items: Trades can provide you with speed up items that reduce the time for tasks like building and training troops. These items boost your gameplay by allowing you to complete tasks faster and more efficiently.

– Alliance Benefits: Participating in trades within your alliance can offer better trading rates and even free resources. This collaboration strengthens alliance bonds and creates a supportive atmosphere in the game.

– Power and Rankings: Engaging in trades increases your power and improves rankings. By acquiring resources through trades, you can strengthen troops, upgrade buildings, and research new technologies. This enhances your overall power and elevates your position in the game.

What Are the Risks in Trades?

Trades in Lords Mobile come with certain risks. The risk of being scammed is one crucial concern that players should be aware of. When engaging in trade with others, there is always a chance that the other party may not honor their end of the deal, resulting in a loss for the player. There is also the possibility of encountering dishonest players who aim to exploit others for personal gain.

Another risk to consider in trades is the fluctuating market prices. The value of in-game resources can vary significantly based on supply and demand. It is essential for players to carefully monitor the market to ensure that fair deals are made and to avoid overpaying for resources. Ignoring this aspect can potentially lead to significant losses or missed opportunities for profits.

There is the risk of facing retaliation from rival players. During the trading process, players may unknowingly disclose valuable information about their resources or strategies. This information can then be utilized by enemies to launch attacks or hinder the player’s progress.

Thus, it is paramount for players to approach trades with caution, ensuring the credibility of the other party, and remaining vigilant about market trends and possible threats. By doing so, players can minimize the risks involved and make well-informed decisions.

Pro-tip: Prior to engaging in any trade, thorough research into the reputation of the other player is highly recommended. Consider forming alliances or utilizing in-game features for protection against scams and attacks. By staying informed and prioritizing safety, players can confidently pursue their trading endeavors!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Cargo Ship work in Lords Mobile?

The Cargo Ship in Lords Mobile is a unique feature that allows players to trade resources for valuable items. It becomes available at level 13 and restocks every 6 hours. Players can lock deals they are interested in but don’t have the resources for at the moment.

What is the recommended strategy for trading in the Cargo Ship?

It is recommended to trade most of the slots in the cargo ship, especially for high might players. Trading resources for speedups is a good strategy, as time is valuable. It is also beneficial to trade smaller resources for larger quantities of the same resource.

How important is the star ranking system in the Cargo Ship?

The star ranking system on the ship is not very important, as most deals are great. It is always a good idea to switch resources for gold to protect against theft. The trading ratios in Lords Mobile suggest that gold is worth 6-7 times more than ore, stone, and wood, and 6.50-7.70 times more than food.