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Clash of Clans Gem Collector!

Gem Collector?

Imagine getting 3-5 free gems an hour, and this number is increased every time you upgrade your gem collectors. Or even waking up to 40 gems waiting to be collected! Would that not be crazy? Such a thing would have a HUGE impact on the game itself. Some people say for the better, and some say for the worse.

Pictures of these Gem collectors and Gem storages have been exploding online in the Clash of Clans community. Players seem to be either outraged, or extremely satisfied with these rumors. Some hope this will eventually become a reality, they believe it is fair since the top 3 clans get free gems, so why not everyone else? The others believe that it will have a horrible impact on the game. Some even mention the fact that they want a refund on any gem purchase they had done ever! They feel as if it’s unfair that they had to pay for gems when now everyone can just get them for free.

Needless to say, if this were to ever become a reality, it would undoubtedly save everyone a LOT of money! That is why I don’t think it will ever actually be true. Supercells profits would suffer far too much to ever do this!

What do you guys think? Post down below, I’m curious :).

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Clash of Clans 1 Gem Boost

An announcement from Supercell stated that “Clash of Clans is about to turn three years old!”, and as a result of this, Supercell has blessed us with a one week gem boost. This announcement was also made on the 31st of July, on Clash of Clans official twitter page found here, just in case you wanted to receive updates on what Supercell is planning. This boost can be used towards all combat and resource collecting buildings (collectors, spell factories, and barracks) and allows you to maximize the effectiveness of each of them.

Now some of you might be wondering why or how a 1 gem boost can help so much and why everyone is going crazy over it. A one gem boost allows you to boost a resource collector, barrack, or spell factory by 2x all for the cost of just a single gem (per building). This gives you an extreme advantage seeing as you can have a farming army ready at twice the speed, increasing your attacker per hour and in turn increasing your resources per hour. This can also be extremely helpful when farming because so many players will have their collectors boosted, so they will have more resources collected in a shorter amount of time, so more money that you farm!

To maximize the effectiveness of this one gem boost

In this section i will be telling you how to maximize the effectiveness of this one gem boost. Now to do this trick, your collectors can NOT be maxed out. In other words, your Gold/Elixer collectors can not be level 12.

On the last day of the one gem boost, you will want to start an upgrade on these collectors. This will in turn cancel out the boost on the collectors immidiately. After you have done this, you want to cancel the upgrade, (yes you will only get 50% of what you spent on the upgrade back, but you will make up for it in the long run seeing as your collectors will be boosted for a longer period of time). After you cancel the upgrade just boost all of your collectors again and there you go, you have one more week of boosted collectors, whereas other players boosts will be coming to an end!

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Clash of Clans Hack

Salutations Clash of Clans Community,

As to recent findings many people who are involved of some sorts or play the game of Clash of Clans have expressed a growing search for “CoC hack” or “free gems”. I am here to tell you, besides advanced automated processes such as ClashBot no other form of hack for clash of clans exists. We are here to provide information and resources that not only get you a step ahead in the game, but also make sure your security is withheld to the highest tier. No such Clash of Clans hack exist that offers free unlimited gems, unlimited elixir or ANY other form of resource. We warn you to stay away from all sites or programs that may attempt to make you aware of anything related. When visiting these websites and opening these programs not only are you putting yourself at risk, but you’re also generating an immediate threat of possibly spreading that malware. Do you wonder why? Read on this article and we will tell you the truth behind the myth clash of clans hacks.

Alternatives to Clash of Clans Hacks

Seeming as there is no easy way out of it and the only available option to quick riches in the Game Clash of Clans is ClashBot. It is a bot that uses automation processes and an advanced way of image recognition to guarantee your gains while you do other productive things with your time. ClashBot offers a vast amount of options to cover every aspect of game play. While it may not be as quick, it is the safest and most efficient solution for Clash of Clans cheating. It farms gold, elixir, and other resources automatically. We use an android emulator, BlueStacks, which runs on any PC using the Clash of Clans application from the Google Play store. You may check out how to get started here!

Does a Clash of Clan hack exist? Any day of the week you can type in your search engine Clash of Clans Hack and many results will pop up. The first thing you see pop up is either a YouTube video or site that features a generator for many resources used. Then you began to input the details in order to receive your free resources than an ad pops up stating you must first complete a survey or download & run a problem to claim or finish the process. Then you get the idea that something is fishy once you install 8 programs and doing 5 surveys while your anti-malware programs are going crazy on your computer. By that time, you finally realize that this doesn’t exist. However, there are alternative solutions to your wanting of clash of clans ‘hacks’ of sorts. There are very few places you could obtain these programs and ClashBot is one.

Why do absolutely no legitimate Clash of Clans hacks exist? Clash of Clans is a server based game, meaning all the data you see displayed on your phone (gold amount, how many gems you have, etc.) is actually being sent to your device from a secure server owned by Supercell. Any change to these values, such as collecting elixir from a collector in game, is carefully monitored by Supercell and authenticated to make sure each player is playing the game fairly. Manipulating your accounts data through other means would require hacking into Supercell’s servers and changing your account values manually, a highly illegal offence! So don’t waste your time filling out surveys or looking for a Clash of Clans hack, there is not much of a possibility that one even exists.

Many may ask, has any Clash of Clan hack ever existed? To be frank, no. They have always been falsified! However; due to the insufficient information on the topic of CoC hacks many people have been manipulated into thinking that such thing exists which has made it much easier for the people behind these schemes. Clash of Clan have a server-sided authentication system in which every transaction made, and every increase/decrease of gems, elixir, and etc. is documented. Such major increase, if possible would put you and your account at high risk of serious action. More than likely a permanent or extensive ban handed down by Supercell.

What are some examples of these fake sites or programs? By going to Google and typing in CoC hacks or Clash of Clans free gems and many other things along those lines there are thousands of entries on every possible search engine you could find. Many of these sites will basically ask for your username, how much elixir and/or gold you want and then have a ‘generate’ button you are ordered to press and it randomly shows a loading process of some sorts then either asks you to fill out a survey or to download a program. The survey is simply to make money off of you. they will have you repeatedly doing surveys until you finally give up. The programs will more than likely infect your computer and steal data from you. Maybe a key logger, or a RAT(remote administration tool).

Survey Examples

Surveys claim they are a Clash of Clans hack

Surveys claim they are a Clash of Clans hack

Survey start

Survey start

But according to the YouTube video they really do have a ton of resources? This reminds me during the years of when a very popular game of RuneScape was exploited and eventually led to an influx of ‘private servers’. Private servers are simply just that, private games or games not relevant to the real besides of the content available. Those resources you see in the YouTube video are solely offline and cannot be used in no way the real game of CoC. In most, if not all of the YouTube videos they use ‘dummy’ accounts which are mainly low-leveled and are just for numerous reasons other than playing the game legit. Most of the time they modify files via application which is accessible by jail breaking or rooting your device to gain access to restricted data.

What else ClashBot is able to do? Our bot can actually help you in many situations beside farming resources. We offer trophy pushing, rearming (traps/xbows/infernos), donating and requesting troops automatically, advertising at chats and of course a great community with a lot of ingame knowledge which will help you to become better. The newest ClashBot version is able to read the text of your clan mate’s troop requests. You can set key- and blackwords which allow or disallow the donation for this specific request.

Smart Troop Donation by Keywords

Smart Troop Donation by Keywords


The purpose of this post was to be informative about the naive, money hungry people that currently roam around the free internet. CoC hacks are not real and steer clear from any site that is involved in such matter. There is no alternative hack than the technology that ClashBot provides. We are not the only, but we certainly are the best. The only solution to getting tons of Gold and Elixir isn’t a Clash of Clans hack, it’s ClashBot.


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ClashBot Dead Base Issues and Questions Explained


Why am I not getting as many dead bases with the new ClashBot?
This issue is not because we have a new bot or because the C# bot is not the Autoit bot.  Everyone is experiencing this issue  because Supercell has removed a lot of the super inactive profiles from the matchmaking system. Another reason your bot is not finding as many dead bases is because when Clash of Clans updated, a lot of users started playing again to check out the new update.  This could be to get the new buildings or just because when they updated it they decided to check it out. Either way, right now there are less dead bases and this would be the cause of you not being able to find as much of them. Over time there will be more and more dead bases available due to players quitting again, lack of interest, etc, so just be patient :).

What is ClashBot doing about it?
In the next update users will be able to use an option to “Attack Slightly Dead” bases. Basically, this reduces the criteria and allows for more dead bases to be found. The only downside is these dead bases may not have as much available loot. A good side to this however is that there will be more of these bases than dead bases. These types of bases could be a result of the player not getting on for 2-5 hours, so they are not completely dead. Seeing as there will be more of these types of bases, depending on someones trophy and TH level, you could be receiving more or just about the same amount of loot as you would with dead bases. (Do not worry, with this option checked it will also attack completely dead bases as well).

Dead Base Detection
Many users have been telling us that the dead base detection in the bot is not ‘up to par’ and it skips many dead bases. If you wish to test how good the dead base detection actually is, go to the ‘debug’ tab on your bot and check the box that says ‘screenshot dead bases’. This will screenshot all bases with fulfill your loot requirements (so active bases need to be allowed for this to work). After a screenshot  has been taken it will be named either ‘Active’ or ‘Dead’. These screenshots can be viewed in the debug screenshots folder wherever you extracted the bots files to.

What is a dead base?
A dead base is a base that hasn’t been active by the account owner and all of the gold mines and elixir collectors are nearly full. This is beneficial for us because these mines and drills are typically very easy to get because they are located on the outside.

The way we can tell this is by looking at the elixir collector’s fullness. Look a this image to see all collectors and their respective fullness. elixer from empty to full

If the bot sees that the collector is nearly full and it meets your search requirements, it will attack.

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Clash of Clans Update July 2015

For those of you who don’t know yet, Clash of Clans Is coming out with quite a game changing update. As Supercell hinted, “Big changes are coming to the multiplayer leader board scene! There are new Leagues, a new Tournament and crazy sounding things like Legend Trophies,”. This update will not only include big changes to the leaderboards but also big changes to player’s offensive and defensive strategies when it comes to wars and trophy pushing. This Clash of Clans Update is very exciting!

League Changes

Clash of Clans will be implementing a new league called the ‘Legend League’. Players can achieve this league at 5,000 trophies and when this league is achieved they will be able to enter a monthly legends tournament. The details for this league are listed below:

  • Your current global rank is featured on your League Badge in your Profile
  • Your final global rank and Trophies will be permanently saved to your Profile when the Tournament ends
  • The Top Player tab will feature last season’s Legend League Tournament winners
  • Trophies above 5000 will be reset down to 5000 when the Tournament ends, and deducted trophies will be converted into Legend Trophies
  • Legend trophies will be permanently featured in your Profile and cannot be lost

Supercell has posted an article explaining why this league was added so people will better understand the reasoning behind these changes. In this article they say:

“Nowadays, reaching 3200 trophies and becoming a champion is a great accomplishment, but it is far from the ultimate symbol it was in 2013. There is a vast competitive spectrum beyond 3200 Trophies that is going completely unrepresented. Again, we’ve been intensely watching how many trophies players have, and the situation feels somewhat familiar.

  • The most competitive Trophy range is around 4700 trophies.
  • Less than 150 players in the entire world have over 4800 Trophies.
  • NOBODY has over 5000 Trophies.

We’ve placed the new titan league to again contain only the most explosively competitive player in the game. Just like we did for Champion League in 2013, we are placing legend league to where no player has been: 5000 trophies. Also, Just like in champion league felt in 2013, the new legend league will, at first, feel immensely difficult and ultra exclusive.”

If you want more information on the changes to leagues, check out the article found here and the video here.

Dark Spell Factory/Poison Spell

Supercell released quite the teaser telling everyone that there will be a brand new spell, called the poison spell, that can be creaed in the brand new Dark Spell Factory, which will look a little something like this: Supercell teased, “The Dark Spell Factory is here! Harness the Dark Elixer to make spells with advanced tactics, starting at Town Hall 8” . According to Supercells description, the poison spell will “Make a toxic cloud that slows and drains the health of defending troops.”

No further details have been released about the new Spell like how much damage it will do or how much Dark Elixer it will cost, but if it does then we will make sure to update you!

More changes have also been added to the regular spell factory as well. Supercell went on to announce that “Extra spells can now be queued in the spell factories, even if your spell storage is full!” This is just a little something Supercell has added to make their players happy as it has been something requested for a lot.

To see the poison spell and dark spell factory go to work watch this video

Dragon Level 5

The first sneak peek put the image of the update off to a good start. All we know about this new troop is somewhat of what it looks like and the fact that it is available at Town Hall 10.

Though the new dragon looks extremely powerful, players shouldnt worry. There is also going to be an added Air sweeper to protect your village against this dangerous looking foe. This second air sweeper will be available at Town Hall 8.

For more information on what the dragon looks like can be found at 0:20 in this sneak peek video.

New Barracks

Supercell has answered many of its players prayers with the new GUI design for barracks, dark barracks, and spell factories. According to a sneak peak video found on youtube, all of your attack buildings (barracks, dark barracks, and spell factories) can be found all on one screen. This makes it much easier to see what barrack is currently training as well as what the barrack is training. The spell factory and dark barracks can also be accessed much easier instead of having to scroll through each barrack until you get to it.

For more information and to see what the new design looks like you can skip to 5:30 in this sneak peek video.

Down Time

With each update to Clash of Clans, our bot will go down for maintenance. I, along with all of the rest of the Clashbot staff, ask that you please bear with us as our developers work hard to get it back online. For more information as to why we go down for maintenance, you can read the article on our blog found here

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Clash Of Clans Bot Update

Greetings ClashBot community,

As we all know, Supercell updates clash of clans regularly, and implements more content into the game. When these updates are released, certain features of our clash of clans bot will stop working & need to be updated, and some featured may need to be added into into our program to ensure our bot is up to date with clash of clans, and will run as efficiently as possible. Therefore, i am here to inform you how our update process works, and how we aim to stay up to date with all of Supercell’s actions.

Why is the bot going to malfunction when Supercell releases an update?
Every time clash of clans adds in-game content, we also need to add an update in order to make sure our program is cooperative with the new version of Clash Of Clans. If Supercell adds in-game content, and we don’t update our software, our program will become out of date, and will not be able to handle the new features that Supercell has added into Clash Of Clans.

How is ClashBot going to handle each new update & how long will the update take?
When we receive word that Supercell is planning on releasing new content into the game, we research as to what this content will be so that we can plan ahead and get a feel for what we will need to code into our program. After the update is released, we will go to work straight away in effort to make sure our program  will be updated as soon as possible, and before any other competitor site that may chose to run against us. Once we have finished updating our program, a new topic will be made regarding the new release, and it will also contain a download link to the latest version, which will be compatible with Super cell’s latest update. Furthermore, Within the days leading up to the new update Supercell is going to be releasing, we will notify our users of any downtime by posting an announcement, and you can follow the discussion from there. When we update ClashBot, it usually takes no  more than 48 Hours, however, if we feel we may need more time to perform the update, all VIP’s will have an extension added on to their subscription, as a form of compensation for our downtime.

When is the next Clash Of Clans update?
The next update for Clash Of Clans is due to be release this upcoming week, and will implement a variety of in-game content, so of course, ClashBot will need to update. The following content is set to be released.

We are currently in preparation for these new updates, and will strive to update our bot as quickly as possibly, so that you’re not missing out on precious botting time. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask them on our official announcement thread, which is coming soon. We thank you for sticking with us through these times, and we value your cooperation.


ClashBot's Informational Category

Safety of Clash of Clans Bots

Greetings ClashBot community,

Throughout our time striving to provide the most efficient & effortless Clash Of Clans bot, we’ve noticed some of you may have a few questions & concerns regarding the security and safety of our client. Because of this, we are aiming to clear up any misconceptions you may have about our client, and hopefully better inform you with the way our bot works, and how safe your account really is from being detected. We hope to keep you updated with the latest information in our programs advancement, and any possible updates from SuperCell that will affect our operations or you safety. This article will inform you on the safety of clash of clans bots.

Is ClashBot a virus, and can it hurt my computer?

The short and sweet answer to this is no. We here at clashbot have absolutely no desire to harm your computer in anyway, and we never will. If you’ve received a message from your antivirus, or your browsers security stating that ClashBot may harm your computer, we understand you may be alarmed at first, but there’s no need to panic or be worried at all.  this is simply due to the fact that we Modify the size of bluestacks’ resolution so that it is in compliance with out bot. Here is a report from Virustotal, which is a website that will analyze a file and search for any malicious content, and if it finds any, it will alert you.

How to scan a file with Virustotal:

1. Head to
2. Click URL & paste the ClashBot download link (example –
3. Click “Scan it!”
4. Click “View list analysis”
5. View the results, and you will see that clashbot is safe to use.

Can SuperCell detect I’ve been botting?

Currently, only less then a handful of users have reported they’e been temporarily banned from Clash Of Clans using our program. These accounts cannot be 100% confirmed as not much details & information have been given by them regarding the matter, but from the knowledge we have, users can be banned temporarily if someone submits video evidence to SuperCell of an automated attack. SuperCell will check the video and if they believe the attack was automated, then they will investigate the user in question more in depth. There are other ways for SuperCell to determine if someone is botting that were currently unaware of, but please do not worry as we’re the only company who is prepared to combat their detection system. Furthermore, using our red line deployment feature will lower your chances of being detected as you will appear more human like. This is currently exclusive to our VIP members, but it’s a great investment to keep your account safe. Also, we suggest that you make use of our ‘attack dead bases only” feature, as people with inactive (dead) accounts will not report you.

What can i do to prevent being banned?

ClashBot has implemented a few options to help minimize your chances of being detected, such as our “Red line deployment” feature which is currently exclusive to our VIP members. This is a very great feature to have, due to the fact that deploying troops closer to the red line is more human like, and will reduce your chance of people viewing your attacks as automated. Upgrading to VIP can help protect your account even further and reduce your chances of being caught by SuperCell.

Why isn’t SuperCell trying to combat Companies such as Application Automation LLC?

If SuperCell were to even attempt to put forth an excruciating amount of development to try and stop or reduce the amount of botting activity that occurs, it would cost them an extraordinary amount of money, time, resources, and research. Also, botters tend to spend the most currency on gems to finish their upgrades faster. if they were to stop botters completely, they would be missing out on a mass majority of money, which is something we all know they wouldn’t want to see happen. (If you were unaware, ClashBot is owned by Application Automation LLC.)

An email we received from SuperCell asking us to cease our operations here:

Cease and Desist Demand regarding Trademarks and Copyrights

To whom it may concern,

It has been brought to our attention that your business has been marketing, selling or otherwise making available products or services that may infringe Supercell Oy’s copyrights and trademarks in the software games “Clash of Clans”, “Hay Day”, “Boom Beach” and other games and related merchandise (“Supercell Assets”).

We have a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law. We assure that the notification is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that we are authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

Location of potential infringement:

Supercell Assets are developed and published by a Finnish company Supercell Oy. All intellectual property rights to Supercell Assets are owned by Supercell Oy, including copyright to the game characters and internationally registered trademarks. Supercell Oy’s copyright to Supercell Assets’ characters and international trademark registrations of the words “CLASH OF CLANS”, “HAY DAY” and “BOOM BEACH” provide Supercell Oy with certain proprietary rights. This includes the right to restrict the use of copyrighted works and/or trademarks, or a confusingly similar works or trademarks, in association with confusingly similar products or services.

Supercell Oy’s trademark registrations include, but are not limited to, the registration of the word marks CLASH OF CLANS, HAY DAY and BOOM BEACH by European Union Community Trademarks (no: 011158086, 1156712 and 012661864) and United States Trademark and Patent Office registration (no: 4327980).

Your use of Supercell Oy’s copyright and/or registered trademarks is likely to confuse consumers and/or lessen the distinctiveness of Supercell Oy’s brand. Your continued use of Supercell Oy’s copyrights and/or registered trademarks will cause significant and irreparable damage to Supercell Oy.

Supercell Oy demands that you immediately:
1. cease and desist any further use of images, emblems, logos or similar items infringing Supercell Oy’s copyrights in association with the manufacture, marketing, sale, distribution, or identification of your products or services; and
2. cease and desist any further use of Supercell Oy’s trademarks in association with the manufacture, marketing, sale, distribution, or identification of your products or services.

This is written without any prejudice. Supercell Oy reserves the right to claim damages as well as any other remedy under applicable copyright and trademark legislation, but we hope this issue may be resolved without any further legal actions.

How is ClashBot fighting the war against SuperCell?

At ClashBot, we have a diversely trained team of Developers who are working day in & out to provide and  create the most realistic clicking patterns & algorithms to make our program seem as human like as possible. Our team is working every single day to stay one step ahead of SuperCell’s detection system, and currently, we’ve been successful with this. If SuperCell ever feels the need to try and advance their detection system, we will work to counter any “solutions” they believe they may have created. Supercell could calculate a user’s behaviour by analyzing click heatmaps. This means they send every click position to the server and do an analysis based on those click points. If a user clicks exactly on the same pixel every time in order to click the “Train Troops” button it is most likely that this user is a bot. Every normal user would have a wider spread of clicks on the button. When put like this, it sounds like it is easy for Supercell to detect bots, but ClashBot is prepared for this. ClashBot has an anti-pattern system which is programmed to be undetectable from this method. Every click is in a randomized position and clicked at different times which makes it untraceable by pattern-detection systems. Here is an example screenshot of a click heatmap (based on Google SERPs):

Click Heatmap Google

Click Heatmap Google

Does ClashBot affect users who don’t bot?

No. ClashBot has no affect on users who choose to not bot. The only contact our program makes with others, is when it is attacking other users, which is not something that is going to honestly affect them. ClashBot is a free program that only benefits the user who chooses to use our software, and will not in anyway harm any regular users.


We hope we’ve been able to clear up any confusions & misconceptions you may have had about our client, and how it functions. If you have any more questions or concerns, please reach out to our staff team, and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as we can.