Clash of Clans Update – Clan War Rebalancing

Clash of Clans Clan War Rebalancing

In the March 2016 Clash of Clans Update, a new generation of clan war matchmaking will contain significantly large improvements to the way clans are matched up in Clan wars. This new Clan war update will be reconditioned with the fairness of proper matchmaking at hand. Its primary objective is to give a clan a challenge which is very competitive and also fun at the same time. Because of this new Clash of Clans update, a few clans may have to wait some time for matchmaking, maybe a little more than 5-10 minutes, which is the usual intermission for matchmaking. Over time Supercell will be ‘configuring’ these significant changes to the Clan war system when the update goes live. This will give Supercell enough time to polish the servers and make sure that they meet the demands to the new Clash of Clans Clan war system.

List of changes occurring in the new Clash of Clans update.
-The quantity of players for war sizes 35 versus 35 and 45 versus 45 have been removed to increase the availiblity of matches in the other war sizes.
-There will be much more emphasis on the defending villages and there will less emphasis on the attacking forces.
-Greater defensive and offensive weaponry and troops such as the Grand Warden, Eagle artillery, inferno towers and lava hounds will affect the clan war matchmaking greatly due to their increasing strength compared to other defences and troops.
-The new Clan war system will combine clans will similar statistics and win to loss ratio in recent wars.
-To help pick off and prevent unbalanced and unfair matches, Clan versus Clan checks have been added to stop unfair matches if they do occur.
Supercell Clash of Clans development team are aware that Clash of Clans gamers are truly and extremely zealous concerning this topic. If you want to read out more about this update, look below for more information that will be present in the next Clash of Clans update.

The Optimization of War bases and defences.
In this future update, Clan war matchmaking concerning defensive progress will play a more significant and play a more important role. In the past, the old Clan War system placed balanced weight between the defending village and the attacking armies. This then led to confusing match ups between some players which had over-powered defences or over weak defences. Now and in the future, matchmaking for Clan War will take into mind your defensive progress increasingly to help keep the Clan war bases balanced out. This means that when time comes to face an enemy in clan war, the primary matter for your team is how strong the defences are on the other clan.
Also at the same time, the calculations of the statistics that determine your rank and progress throughout the game have been changed to a better suited system which is more appropriate to Clash of Clans. Before, a player’s base could be edited to carefully conceal a strong and powerful defence or offensive asset to try and steer around the matchmaking and to attempt to outsmart it. An example would be a player intentionally not constructing an X Bow and cease to upgrade any other defensive weaponry to conceal an Inferno tower from the old matchmaking system. Therefore, it would be treated as a town hall nine base and then the player would be matched up to easier targets. Now, the Supercell teams have programmed the Clash of Clans Clan War matchmaking so it has a much sharper distinction to determine which players have and haven’t constructed high level troops and defences. This will not only prevent higher tier players from preying on the lower people, but it will also optimize Clan War bases more than currently. Generously, it will let higher players upgrade lower tier units like cannons or barbarians without risking a penalty by the matchmaking system.

Clan war Team balancing and Win streaks
The Clan War matchmaking has newly been fitted with newly introduced routine checks that make better balancing teams overall instead of just balancing the individual bases. This will definitely have a greater emphasis on matchmaking the peak of the Clan War map, and also less emphasis on the bottom base of the Clan War map. The whole war teams offensive and defensive statistics will be analysed overall. This will help pick out the unfair matches.
In some Clan Wars, clans find it very hard to be victorious and in many other clans, they are extremely victorious and never seem to find a clan which matches their skill and statistics. To make sure this never happens anymore, a clan’s recent war statistics will now be taken into store and will be used for further reference for future Clan Wars. Clans that have not been victorious recently and before will also be considered and placed into Clan Wars with other Clans with the same stats so that they have a fair chance at winning and therefore going higher up in the leader boards. This is also the same with a Clan that has been winning recently. A new Clan war statistic named the “War win streak” will additionally be introduced and will be present on the profile page for the clan. This will mean that people can see how many wins the clan has had in a row.

In the near future.
It is clear that no matchmaking system can be 100% efficient all time as there is bound to be some minor or major problems. The work to improve Clash of Clans (and other games in the clash universe such as clash royale) is never complete which suggests that Supercell is always striving to make their games better and more efficient every day. The development team will and always has fixed bugs and applied adjustments to Clash of Clans. I expect this update to come out in a few weeks time (End of March or Beginning of April). After this we should expect updates concerning other sections of the game such as adding features to Town Hall 11 and Clan features.