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Clash of Clans Update May 2016

Clash of Clans May 2016 Update


The last major update which took place in Clash of Clans was back in March 2016, only 2 months ago. Hopefully this update will be just as good or even better than the previous release which hosted many improvements and brand new features into the game. Supercell have been working hard at this update and have promised a solid update which will enhance the game and improve our “Clash” experience. For now, it is only a question of waiting until the release. As always we will be notified of the public release via social media and a lengthy Maintenance break will take place prior to the reopening of the game. The maintenance break began at around 15:00 BST on Wednesday 24 May and the game opened a few hours later.

Previous Changes

Here are the minor tweaks and changes that Supercell made to the game in between March and Now (23 May):

Certain troops and spells have had reduction in training and brewing times. The long awaited hero regeneration time has also been greatly reduced. This, as a whole will make high level attacking more efficient and allow people to attack more often. Here are the actual changes:
– 2x Spell Brewing
– 3x training for Golem, PEKKA and Lava Hound
– 2x training for Witch, Wall Breaker and Dragon
– Slightly faster training for Valkyries, Bowler, Wizard, Balloon and Healer
– Much faster Hero Regeneration (Varies for each level of Hero)
There has been no alteration to the how much quicker boosted barracks train troops. Boosted barracks are still 4x as quick than non-boosted barracks.

It was expected that this would be an issue just as the release of any troop brings. The bowler is still being adjusted due to its new presence in Clash of Clans. After a series of nerfs and buffs, the Bowler was recently improved as players were complaining that it’s movements were rather lethargic and that it didn’t really have a large effect on raids. Worst of all, people weren’t using the troops in their army compositions and Supercell have emphasised that they don’t want any more stagnant troops in their game. Bowlers will now attack much more quickly once being released onto the battlefield. They will pick their targets more rapidly and move along with the rest of the army instead of being left behind and being sniped off by defences. Hopefully we will see the Bowler in more army compositions and see it at its full potential.

As you might know if you are a keen trophy pusher up in Titan or Legend leagues you will be strongly aware of “clouding.” This term is used to describe the length of time it takes to actually find a base to attack. Up in those leagues it is not odd to wait a few hours (2 – 3 hours) to find ONE base. Previously, a “Retry” button would be shown on your screen only after 5 minutes of searching. As Supercell have become aware of how long searching can take at high trophy ranges, they have changed this to 30 minutes before the “Retry” button appears. This has angered some top level players as instead of actually fixing the problem of “clouding” which is known to ruin the fun of the game, Supercell have only eased the pain slightly. However an advantage of this is that the change doesn’t affect 95% of players in lower leagues. There will still be a plethora of bases to choose from in lower leagues (Non-league – Champions).

The Friendly Challenge

It is obvious that the highlight of this update is “The Friendly Challenge.” You may be aware of a similar system to this in another one of Supercell’s Games: Clash Royale. Within clans you can duel each other in order to test certain decks and just in general train yourself to be the best. This is a similar ideology to the new Friendly Challenge in Clash of Clans.

To initiate a Friendly Challenge all you need to do is click on the new button which will be located among the other clan commands in the Clan information tab. Here you can enter specific text or just leave it blank (a bit like requesting for troops). Your challenge will be shown in normal clan chat and anyone of your clan mates are able to accept the challenge. You will not have to quickly build a base, you can easily select which base you want to use to defend from your friends and clan mates. We are not yet sure if there will be any cool down for this feature however it is unlikely that there will be one.


Once you have accepted the Friendly Challenge you will use your current troops, spells, clan castle troops and heroes against your clan members base which they have selected. There is no gain or loss for utilising this feature. You are not able to gain any gold, elixir, dark elixir or trophies only knowledge and experience. Once finished with the raid, your troops and other attacking facilities will remain unaltered as if they had never been used regardless of whether they were used in battle or not. If your opponent has any clan castle troops in their clan castle then these will be used as defence but again not taken away after the battle has finished.

This feature has been long awaited by the Clash of Clans community and has been expected since Duels were released in Clash Royale. Supercell have said that they added this in due to almost excessive recommendation from the players as well as some good ideas that they had come up with which would help it fit in well with their game. It will mainly be used to test different attack strategies or test how well you base does against certain army compositions. People will also have fun with this as well, everyone has always wanted to attack their friends but couldn’t due to restrictions, now you can! There have been many competitions taking place on Clash Royale using the Duel system so I would not be surprised if we started to see competitions and contests on Clash of Clans.

You may be thinking, can’t this be used to the same extent as “ghosting” or “modding” in war attacks. This was the first impression of many but Supercell have taken steps in order to make sure that this does not happen within Clash of Clans. There have been recent ban waves for people who use the controversial clients such as X-Mod and iMod. It wouldn’t be right for Supercell to release a feature in their game which allowed them to do such things that mods which went against their terms of service also did. Here are the measures that the owners of Clash of Clans have taken in order to prevent use of the feature in malicious and unfair methods:

To select the base you want to use to defend against your clan mate you need to use your Layout Modifier. To prevent people copying their war opponents base and then carrying out multiple attacks on an identical base, Supercell have said that a base modified in the last 24 hours cannot be used in a Friendly Battle. If people were able to copy opponents bases and infinitely test attack them it would ruin the fun and competitive aspects of the game. However this restriction only applies for the higher Town Hall levels, Town Hall 8 and below are not affected by this rule.

There have also been some major changes to the Preparation Day of the 2 day war period in order to enforce the fair use of this new feature which will be in its BETA phase once released (so expect minor changes). Once the update has been rolled you will not be able to view your opponents war base, instead you will be able to see their main base. This means that you will still see their defences, hero levels, walls etc but won’t be able to see the exact layout (to prevent copying). However during Battle Day you will be able to see the exact war base that you will be facing.

Other Tweaks and Modifications to the Game

– The Bowler’s housing space has been reduced to 6 from 8 as people complained that it didn’t actually provide enough worth to be considered such a large troop in the game. Hopefully this will allow the Bowler to fit into a lot more army compositions.
– The Edit mode for building your base has been totally revamped and now has a lot more features for you to try out. Here is an image which depicts what it will be like:


– The new builder tab now shows even more information. On the small page it will advise you in which upgrades you should perform next. I’m unsure on how this will work but I’m excited to see this change.
– You can now donate fully trained troops or spells from the production queue even if your army camps or spell factory is full. This will increase the efficiency of donating and lead to people getting better donating stats in order to level up or finish that friend in need acheivement.
– There is now a new button in chat which will quickly allow the user to request without even clicking on their clan castle.
– You can now instantly use gems to donate troops or spells to someone. No training is required and the troops or spells will be instantly donated regardless of full army camps or spell factories.
– While training troops in your barracks or spells in your factories you can easily drag units across each other in order to increase the priority of one.
– Clans can display their War Log to the public and anyone will be able to see their stats as well as recent wars. This can be disabled in the Clan settings.
– When a raid is being spectated, whether it is a war attack or a friendly battle there will be a spectator count which tells you how many people are watching the attack.

New Releases

Now here is the much awaited list of new releases that are coming to Clash of Clans on Wednesday 24 May:

Spring Trap


People will now be able to upgrade their spring traps from Levels 1 – 5. As you increase the level of the trap the re-arm cost will increase but more importantly, the Spring capacity will increase. We are not 100% sure about what Spring Capacity is but we think that it is the number of troops which can be sprung with the Housing space factored in. (Eg. If the Spring Capacity is 15 then 15 barbarian can be sprung or 3 giants etc).


Town Hall 11 Exclusive Upgrades

The illustrious Level 14 Cannon has been released. The aesthetics of the defence have stayed very close to its previous level but the stats have increased giving the cannon a higher Damage Per Second stat and making them more durable with much more hitpoints.


The next level or levels of Spell Factory have also been released. It’s blue tinge to its colour scheme suggests something about the spells which will be released alongside it. The new spells will be discussed later on in the article.


As you may have noticed, air attacks are becoming less common due to the frequent nerf of the troops and buffs of air defences and those pesky air sweepers. Well now air attacks will be reinvigorated with the release of Level 7 balloons and Level 4 Lava Hounds. If you though balloons couldn’t get any more powerful or that Lava Hound couldn’t become any stronger, think again! Start building up your anti-air bases because I expect a lot of air attacks to be coming your way in the foreseeable future.



The New Spells

With only 3 current Dark spells there isn’t much variety so hopefully we will be spoiled for choice after this update which hosts the release of 2 brand new spells.

Skeleton Spell

As you can guess the Skeleton Spell involves the release of a bunch of skeletons onto the body of the battlefield. The skeletons can be placed anywhere at any time of the battle but they will need to be placed strategically to be of any use in battle. The skeletons should be used as a distraction in order to allow other troops to power into the base or just as an auxiliary force which can help clean up a few extra buildings and maybe earn an extra star and a few more trophies. This spell is available to those at Town Hall 9.


Clone Spell

The Clone Spell is unlocked slightly later at Town Hall 10. The troops which enter the radius of the spell will create exact duplicates of themselves with equal hit points and identical damage per second stats. However the clones only last for a certain duration of time and will soon wear off. Troops with large housing spaces will not be able to be cloned such as Golems and Lava Hounds or the spell would be too overpowered. This will also be useful for distracting defences and packing a bigger punch while raiding strong bases.


The New Troops

With the release of new troops we can expect new barrack or dark barrack to be released alongside them. We were not shown any of these in the Sneak Peaks so it will definitely be a nice surprise.

The Baby Dragon

You may recognise this beast renowned for its presence in Supercell’s new hit game: Clash Royale. There, the Baby Dragon is notorious for taking on whole bunches of troops on at once. You might be thinking that the Baby Dragon will be a weaker version of the Dragon but you are wrong. It does have lower hit points and a small Damage Per Second stat but it also takes a shorter time to train and takes up less housing space.

What separates is Baby Dragon from the normal Dragon is depicted in the picture above. If there are no other air units around the Baby Dragon it will be put into a rage mode where it will have a higher movement speed and higher Damage Per Second. The Baby Dragon will be utilizable by Town Hall 9 and above players.


The Miner

This troops has been frequently suggested and has been long awaited by the Clash of Clans community. We are unsure of the exact stats but the main aspect of The Miner which makes it stand out is that it can dig underneath walls without being attacked by defences or setting off traps as shown in the image below.


The Miner will be only available to Town Hall 10 and 11 players but I expect great things to come from this unique troop.


Well that’s it for this update of May 2016. A massive release packed full of new features and improvements. Hopefully the Summer 2016 update will be as great as this.

Additional Note


This image which you can see above was leaked and we are unsure of its authenticity (whether it is real or fake) but it suggests that Giants will be the first to reach Level 8 and that Wall Breakers will make the jump to Level 7. Hopefully we will see this in the new future but it is real or fake? I will let you decide that one for yourselves.

Thanks for reading and make sure you share the article!

Clash of Clans Update – March 2016

As you may know, Supercell have recently posted a bunch of Sneak Peeks in order to release information of new features and improvements that will be coming soon to the number one game on the App Store, Clash of Clans. There has already been much speculation as to guess what will be added to the game in the coming update. This update will most likely be more focused on many additions to Town Hall 11 which is still relatively new and lacks any real unique aspect apart from the Grand Warden and Eagle Artillery. There has also been speculation in whether a new troop or spell will be released. I’m estimating the whole update to be rolled out to the public before the end of March, it would be surprising if Supercell left this update too long (Supercell actually brought the out on Monday 21 March). Read on to indulge yourself in the many different things that will be integrated into the game we know all too well – Clash of Clans.

Sneak Peek #1 – 18 March
This recent release of information from Supercell started off the series of sneak peeks for the March update. Supercell, Clash of Clans’ developer told us of the new level of mortar and inferno tower. These are only available for Town Hall 11 players who have been recently complaining due to the lack of features unique to Town Hall 11.

Comparison between the Level 8 Mortar (left hand side) and the Level 9 Mortar (right hand side). The Level 9 version of this defence is larger now with more defined gold decorations on the silver body of the Mortar. There is also golden chain which runs along the front and back of the Mortar and this chain seems to be a trend in this update.

These are the statistics for the new, Level 9 Mortar. This new level of mortar will be even more effective against strategies like Barch (Barbarians and Archers) and also other farming strategies.

The old, Level 3 Inferno Tower (pictured on the left side) and the new, Level 4 Inferno Tower (on the right side). There is a golden chain evident at the top of the Inferno Tower and other aesthetic changes to make it look more majestic than previous levels of the infamous Inferno Tower.

These are the statistics for the level 4 Multi Targeting Inferno Tower.

These are the statistics for the level 4 Single Targeting Inferno Tower

There have been other changes announced in this Sneak Peek, most of which are aesthetic. Supercell have played around with different designs for the Hero Altars (where the heroes sleep when regenerating health) and they have finally come to rest with new, crisply designed Altars with a more modern appearance. The old Altars were quite boring and didn’t really stand out which was ironic since the heroes are probably the most important units for the attacking aspect of Clash of Clans. It is only right that they deserved a revamp to the design of their Hero Altars.

This image depicts the new Altars of the Grand Warden (newest hero which was brought along with the long awaited Town Hall 11), the Classic Archer Queen and of course the Great Barbarian King shown from left to right respectively.

However that wasn’t the last of updates shown in the Sneak Peek #1! Air Defences which have been left unattended for a few years have also been redesigned. The stats of every level of Air Defence has remained constant but they now have a new look which seems to be another trend Supercell are bringing into their regular updates.

This shows the new designs of Air Defences. There is no chronological order in the image, they are random levels of Air Defence. The Air Defence on the far right side of the image is the maximum level.

Another cool addition that came along with the first sneak peaks was a tab next to the builders’ icon which concisely shows you what each builder is doing and how long until the upgrade is done. If you click on one of the tabs, it will show you the corresponding buildings in your base. This will be very useful for players who want to factor in time with their update schedule in order to make progression through the game more efficient and rapid.

Here is a crude example of how this will work. A green progress bar shows how far the upgrade is until completion, just like the actual buildings or obstacles would have. Except this is all in one place!

Sneak Peek #2 – 19 March
After a massive overhaul of information from the previous day which commenced Sneak Peeks, Supercell decided to tone down the amount of information in the Sneak Peeks. This Sneak Peek mainly focused on the tweaks and fixes to existing troops in addition to some other bits and pieces.

3 vintage troops of the Clash of Clans collection received additional upgrade levels, one rather surprisingly but two were definitely deserved.

I was not expecting the Hog Riders to receive an additional upgrade level from 5 to 6 as they have already been classed as a very overpowered troop – especially against Town Hall 9s. Even though they were nerfed last year and were given the dreaded 1.5 times more damage from Giant Bombs, they still managed to persist and ruin the days of Town Hall 9 players. Although the upgrade to Level 6 Hogs is exclusively available to Town Hall 10 and 11 players it will still have a large effect, particularly in war for cleanup attacks. Aesthetically, the Hog Riders haven’t changed much, they still maintain their notorious orange, mohawk hairstyle. They appear slightly larger and have a bigger, gold tinted sledgehammer to ferociously destroy buildings with.

On the other hand, Valkyries were hinted to be buffed in this update due to the severity of their weakness against defences, especially in the higher leagues like legend, Titan and champion leagues. Valkyries are normally exempt from all army compositions and are rarely seen throughout all of Clash of Clans. Valkyries have been given an additional level making the maximum level, 5. Even though the health the female warriors has been slightly reduced, the damage has been greatly increased. Hopefully this allows Valkyries to intergrate better into different army choices and maybe even form their own strategies. As the image depicts, Level 5 Valkyries are following suit of Level 6 and 7 Giants due to the black fur coat that is seen on both troops.

The last troop to receive an additional level were the Goblins. This was a very long awaited upgrade as it was estimated that the Goblins would follow suit after the Barbarians, Archers and Giants all received upgrades to Level 7. The design of the Goblins did not change too drastically although there was an added emphasis to the red hat or hair that the Goblin has.

Getting away from troops now, the time for brewing spells has again been reduced which has been met with joy from the Clash of Clans community. Regular Spells (such as Lightning, Rage, Jump, Freeze and Heal) have been reduced from 30 minutes to 20 minutes. Dark Spells (such as Poison, Earthquake and Haste) have been reduced from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. This will allow us to get in more attacks as it is normally the spells which take longest to get ready.

There has been a controversial tweak to Poison Spells. If an enemy clan castle troop is not focused on anything and a poison is used on it, the troop will try to move out of the poison radius to lose the slowing effect and health loss effect. However if the clan castle troops are occupied with another troop then they will remain in the poison and make no attempt to leave the harmful radius. Even if troop is leaving the radius, it is still subject to being slowed, harmed and will have less attack damage. The speed of the troop leaving the poison radius depends on the troop, for example: a goblin would leave very quickly while a golem would take a long time to get out of the poison spell radius.

Sneak Peeks #3 and 4 – 20 March
At this point of the Sneak Peeks people were getting anxious to see if the rumours of a new troop were true. Of course they were!

The Bowler! This character, which looks like a cross between a goblin and a minion is able to be trained in the New Level 7 Dark Barracks which is also visible in the image above. In attacks this troops can be likened to the Grenadier from Boom Beach (who throws grenades) except The Bowler has a more accurate approach. The Bowler has a large range and each of the rocks it throws is able to bounce so it can hit two targets instead of just one. The health of a bowler is relatively low and they will be taken out quickly if exposed to Archer Towers and Cannons. These bowlers may also be quite useful for defence, especially against witches, who are being used very frequently at the moment. The second bounce of the boulder would most likely hit the witch and eventually kill her. The Bowlers have been seen to be very effective when under the influence of a rage spell, especially if the rage spell is at a high level.

These are the stats of The Bowler. However they have only just been released so I would expect some editing and adjusting to make sure they are not too underpowered or too overpowered. In order to make use of this troop, I would recommend that you upgrade him to the maximum level for the optimum effectiveness. At lower levels The Bowler seems to be quite weak and is taken out relatively quickly. I would also recommend that you use a few Bowlers in your army compositions, alongside a few golems would make them perfect for picking up the extra percentage and getting you the extra stars in War or Multiplayer Matchmaking.

Additional Updates
In this section I will not repeat any of the information I have mentioned above in the article. That is why you may think some aspects of the update are missing but do not fret, by the end of this article you will realise that everything has been covered.

Town Hall 8 and Above Players
The HP of all levels of Wizard Towers has been increased. In early stages of the game Wizard Towers are sometimes the most important defence for taking out multiple troops however later on in the game it was seen that Wizard Towers were being taken out way too easily. The HP of Wizard Towers Level 5-9 has increased a lot more than the lower levels in order to make Wizard Towers more useful in Clash of Clans.

Town Hall 9 and Above Players
The hit points for skeletons has now been slightly reduced, the main function of this was to make it possible for Archer Towers to take the annoying skeletons out with one arrow. This will make it slightly more difficult for people to use witch dependant strategies. Now skeletons do not trigger traps such as bombs and giant bombs. Before this update it was extremely easy for people to clear traps by using skeletons as decoys but now it may be witches or wizards who are blown up by the bombs and giant bombs.

Now that Level 7 Goblins have been released for Town Hall 10 users, Supercell have kindly moved the Level 6 Goblin upgrade for Town Hall 9 players. This will be very useful for people who use GoBarch (Goblins, Barbarians and Archers) or other farming strategies which utilises Goblins.

The X-Bow now does increased Damage Per Second for Levels 2-4. At higher levels it was seen that X-Bows do not actually do much damage to high health troops such as the golem or lava hound. Now that the Damage Per Second has been increased, it will mean that the X-Bow will be able to efficiently target these tanks troops. This will also cause the X-Bow to be more effective against the Queen Walk or Immortal Queen (this strategy uses your Archer Queen alongside 4-6 Healers behind her who continually heal her when she is under fire from a defence) which has been growing exponentially in popularity, especially in wars.

Town Hall 10 and Above Players
Multi Targeting Inferno Towers now switch target much quicker than before. Pre-Update there was a delay added because the Inferno Tower used to be too good against Witches but now the delay has been removed due to the release of Level 3 witches and other features.

Now that more people have upgraded to Town Hall 11, the likelihood of Town Hall 10 and 11 users finding each other in Multiplayer Matchmaking has been greatly reduced. This will be a lot more useful for farmers who want to find dead bases instead of strong Town Hall 11 bases. This change will not apply to the Champion, Titan and Legend league which will remain the same as before.

Town Hall 11 Players
The range of the Grand Wardens Eternal Tome and Life Aura has been slightly decreased in size. Normally the Grand Warden can be recklessly and still be effective due to his AI which makes him follow other troops. Now that the Eternal Tome and Life Aura have been reduced in size people will need to play more tactically and place the Grand Warden in a suitable location to attain his maximum effectiveness in battle.

War sizes: 35 versus 35 and 45 versus 45 have now been removed to force more clans into the 30 v 30, 40 v 40 and 50 v 50 war size and therefore decrease the time it takes for a matchup between two equally strong clans to occur.

You can now see the number of remaining War Attacks you have by looking at the Clan War tab on the main screen. Instead of having a star button to show your war status, there is now a bigger “War Details” button which displays the same information about the current war you are in. The War Events tab has been redesigned to be more concise and easier to understand. Supercell wanted to make it clear who was attacking who and how many stars were gotten. A new addition to the Clan Profile Page now shows your clan’s “War Win Streak.” Once you lose a war, unfortunately the count is reset to 0.

The Clan War Matchmaking has been tweaked in order for Clans to be matched up more fairly. For more information, see this post:

The time limit for all attacks, including War attacks and Multiplayer Matchmaking attacks have been reset to 3 minutes. The extra 30 seconds was proving too long and was making the Queen Walk or Immortal Queen strategy very overpowered as this strategy required a lot of time for the raid to work properly.

Finally revenge attacks now provides the user with a League Bonus and the attacks will contribute towards the Star Bonus. This has been an avidly requested feature which Supercell have finally added to the game.

The construction of new buildings now cannot be cancelled due to an exploitation of this feature in wars. Upgrades of existing buildings can still be cancelled, only brand new buildings cannot be cancelled. People would buy defences such as the Eagle Artillery during the War Preparation phase and this would allow them to place the building on their War Base and give them a very unfair advantage over the enemy clan during the Battle Day. Straight after this they would cancel the upgrade so they could do this again but the defence would still be set as their active war base.

If you are attacking and a troop hasn’t been deployed yet and it isn’t in the user’s sight because it requires them to start scrolling, there will be an arrow pointing in the direction to scroll. This will help to make sure that no one accidentally forgets to place a troop (Trust me, it happens!). Traps that explode such as bombs and air bombs will have a more distinct showing of the range in which they cause damage. This only applies to splash damage traps which excludes traps such as the seeking air mine and the spring trap. Battles will now automatically end if only poison spells can be used and all other troops are dead. Supercell have now fixed the instance when the battle would automatically end because the user still had an earthquake and all other troops were dead. The earthquake spell could theoretically been used to destroy a building.

The player profile has been revamped yet again and the new unit, The Bowler has been added to the list. The Army Overview tab now shows how long until your troops are completely trained or when your spells are all brewed. The system is very clever and even factors in boosted barracks or boosted spell factories to show a fully accurate time period. In the attack and defence log, more replays can be saved in the log and your replays will be kept for a longer time period.

Instead of tapping the loot cart and then it showing the amount of loot collected now the process has been changed. You can now tap the loot cart and it will show you how much resources are able to be collected. This will just make it easier for people to know how much they are receiving and it is a pretty nifty feature. The game developers have also added in more visual states for the Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir storages so that it is easier for people while searching through bases to realise how much loot there is in each storage.

In the Future
As you may have read, there were a lot of new features, tweaks and changes to Clash of Clans in this update. This update brought a range of interesting new ideas for the game which is still growing at a fast rate. It has left us with potential ideas which may be released in the next update but it would be too soon to predict anything for definite. The next large update will not be released any time soon though. Hopefully we will get another update within 3 months but again, nothing is confirmed.

Thanks for Reading!

Clash of Clans Update – Clan War Rebalancing

Clash of Clans Clan War Rebalancing

In the March 2016 Clash of Clans Update, a new generation of clan war matchmaking will contain significantly large improvements to the way clans are matched up in Clan wars. This new Clan war update will be reconditioned with the fairness of proper matchmaking at hand. Its primary objective is to give a clan a challenge which is very competitive and also fun at the same time. Because of this new Clash of Clans update, a few clans may have to wait some time for matchmaking, maybe a little more than 5-10 minutes, which is the usual intermission for matchmaking. Over time Supercell will be ‘configuring’ these significant changes to the Clan war system when the update goes live. This will give Supercell enough time to polish the servers and make sure that they meet the demands to the new Clash of Clans Clan war system.

List of changes occurring in the new Clash of Clans update.
-The quantity of players for war sizes 35 versus 35 and 45 versus 45 have been removed to increase the availiblity of matches in the other war sizes.
-There will be much more emphasis on the defending villages and there will less emphasis on the attacking forces.
-Greater defensive and offensive weaponry and troops such as the Grand Warden, Eagle artillery, inferno towers and lava hounds will affect the clan war matchmaking greatly due to their increasing strength compared to other defences and troops.
-The new Clan war system will combine clans will similar statistics and win to loss ratio in recent wars.
-To help pick off and prevent unbalanced and unfair matches, Clan versus Clan checks have been added to stop unfair matches if they do occur.
Supercell Clash of Clans development team are aware that Clash of Clans gamers are truly and extremely zealous concerning this topic. If you want to read out more about this update, look below for more information that will be present in the next Clash of Clans update.

The Optimization of War bases and defences.
In this future update, Clan war matchmaking concerning defensive progress will play a more significant and play a more important role. In the past, the old Clan War system placed balanced weight between the defending village and the attacking armies. This then led to confusing match ups between some players which had over-powered defences or over weak defences. Now and in the future, matchmaking for Clan War will take into mind your defensive progress increasingly to help keep the Clan war bases balanced out. This means that when time comes to face an enemy in clan war, the primary matter for your team is how strong the defences are on the other clan.
Also at the same time, the calculations of the statistics that determine your rank and progress throughout the game have been changed to a better suited system which is more appropriate to Clash of Clans. Before, a player’s base could be edited to carefully conceal a strong and powerful defence or offensive asset to try and steer around the matchmaking and to attempt to outsmart it. An example would be a player intentionally not constructing an X Bow and cease to upgrade any other defensive weaponry to conceal an Inferno tower from the old matchmaking system. Therefore, it would be treated as a town hall nine base and then the player would be matched up to easier targets. Now, the Supercell teams have programmed the Clash of Clans Clan War matchmaking so it has a much sharper distinction to determine which players have and haven’t constructed high level troops and defences. This will not only prevent higher tier players from preying on the lower people, but it will also optimize Clan War bases more than currently. Generously, it will let higher players upgrade lower tier units like cannons or barbarians without risking a penalty by the matchmaking system.

Clan war Team balancing and Win streaks
The Clan War matchmaking has newly been fitted with newly introduced routine checks that make better balancing teams overall instead of just balancing the individual bases. This will definitely have a greater emphasis on matchmaking the peak of the Clan War map, and also less emphasis on the bottom base of the Clan War map. The whole war teams offensive and defensive statistics will be analysed overall. This will help pick out the unfair matches.
In some Clan Wars, clans find it very hard to be victorious and in many other clans, they are extremely victorious and never seem to find a clan which matches their skill and statistics. To make sure this never happens anymore, a clan’s recent war statistics will now be taken into store and will be used for further reference for future Clan Wars. Clans that have not been victorious recently and before will also be considered and placed into Clan Wars with other Clans with the same stats so that they have a fair chance at winning and therefore going higher up in the leader boards. This is also the same with a Clan that has been winning recently. A new Clan war statistic named the “War win streak” will additionally be introduced and will be present on the profile page for the clan. This will mean that people can see how many wins the clan has had in a row.

In the near future.
It is clear that no matchmaking system can be 100% efficient all time as there is bound to be some minor or major problems. The work to improve Clash of Clans (and other games in the clash universe such as clash royale) is never complete which suggests that Supercell is always striving to make their games better and more efficient every day. The development team will and always has fixed bugs and applied adjustments to Clash of Clans. I expect this update to come out in a few weeks time (End of March or Beginning of April). After this we should expect updates concerning other sections of the game such as adding features to Town Hall 11 and Clan features.

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Clash of Clans Update – January 26th, 2016

As many of you know, Supercell has just released a new update for Clash of Clans. This has recently put us in a short downtime and our developers are working very hard on getting a new update out so you guys can resume botting.

Now for more information on this new update:

The Treasury
Clash of Clans has added something called the Treasury which is being held in the Clan Castle. Its basically a bank that is well protected within the castle. Its main purpose is to protect loot from clan wars and star bonuses from raiding others. It is now the safest place to save up your loot bonuses from said clan wars and raid bonuses. Your Treasury has a capacity just like it did when you had your Clan war loot in your Castle. Its capacity depends on your Town Hall level as well as your clan perks level. Your Clan Castle level now has no effect on how much loot you can hold. Before the update you could see small storages on the roof of your Clan Castle, representing the loot you could hold in it. These little have been removed.
Daily Star Bonus
Now, when you win 5 stars from raiding online you earn a loot bonus. The higher the league, the higher the loot bonuses. Every 24 hours you can receive a new star bonus. This bonus loot is kept safe in your Treasury.
Loot Cart
After being attacked, a broken down loot car will appear in your village. You can collect this cart to receive some of your lost resources back. Make sure you collect this loot cart right away because they don’t build up, you can only get one at a time. These carts will contain 20% of your lost loot and are applied for the most RECENT attack on your village. If you have full storages, you cannot collect the cart.
If you have an eagle artillery, we have good news. They now do 3x the damage to golems and golemites. Town Hall 6 now has access to another air defense and Town Hall 7 now has 3. I’m interested to see how these balances will affect how people attack bases during clan wars or just simple raiding.
Bug Fixes
-Skeletons no longer get stuck in layers of walls when chasing enemy troops.
-Only one dark elixir spell can now be donated when sometimes more than one could be donated.
-Issuing with waiting times for building upgrades have now been fixed.
More Information On BoostBot Update
Every time clash of clans adds in-game content, we also need to add an update in order to make sure our program is cooperative with the new version of Clash Of Clans. If Supercell adds in-game content, and we don’t update our software, our program will become out of date, and will not be able to handle the new features that Supercell has added into Clash Of Clans. Our developers are working very hard to get our bot up to date, so please be patient as they are working for you right now .

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How to Farm After the TH11 Update

After the December 2015 Clash of Clans update, a lot of people have been coming to us saying how they are not getting as much resources as they used to due to the changes in the shield and attacking system. I’m going to make this article as easy to understand as I can so you guys could possibly benefit from it. I want to help you maximize your resources per hour to help you better yourself in the game as far as upgrading defenses/troops etc etc.

How To Farm After the TH11 Update

The days of putting your Townhall on the outside and getting a free and easy shield are now over. It’s time to start thinking strategically and making your base layouts hard to attack so you are minimizing the amount of loot that is taken from you at a time. By minimizing the loot that is taken from you, you are better able to save resources to purchase building/troop upgrades. To farm effectively after the update, the best way is to let BoostBot do it for you. BoostBot is a Clash of Clans bot that automatically farms for you 24/7. It will automatically train troops, find bases and attack them. No more infinite nexting, it will find the bases to attack for you!
Set Priorities
Each player has their own priorities when it comes to resources. Some value Gold over Elixir and others value Dark Elixir over Gold. So you have to make a list of what is most important to you. A lot of peoples list would look like: 1. Dark Elixir 2. Gold 3. Elixir. This determines how you will spread out your storages and even your collectors throughout your base. Your inside core will contain your most prized resource, and in this case it is Dark Elixir. So in the middle you will have your Dark Elixir storage and your Town Hall. The second layer will, in this case, contain your Gold storage and then the outer layer will of course be your Elixir storage. You can switch it up and mix Gold AND Elixir storages in your second and third layers, but its all up to you. You can try a certain way for 1 week and then another way for another week and compare your resource loss to know which one to go with.

With these goals you also have to figure what resource you want to target when farming. In most cases you will be targeting gold and elixir or just dark elixir.
A big part of farming now is FREQUENCY. The more you attack, the more loot you will get, no matter what. Also, using a cheaper army also helps seeing as you will constantly be training and constantly attacking. The less elixir you use on troops, the more you will have for other things such as upgrades. But you can’t always be cheap when training your army. Some bases are harder to penetrate and get into for good loot. A very popular army composition is giants, wall breakers, and goblins. This army composition will go a little something like this: Send in your giants to where you think is a good spot to penetrate the base. When defenses are focused on the giants send in your wall breakers to break apart the walls for easier access. Then send in your goblins. Defenses tend to focus on the giants so while your giants are tanking the defenses your goblins go grab you loot. Heroes also play a huge part when farming so you should definitely plan how you will use them in any attack. On the other hand a quick composition like “Barch” will have you a full and decently powerful army of Barbarians or Archers ready to attack in just a few short minutes. In the end it comes down to what town hall level you are, what level your troops are and your trophy range. With any of the attack strategies you choose, you can configure BoostBot to use those troops in coordination with one of our many attacking algorithms.
Army compositions are pretty tricky when trying to find the ‘best’ one. We suggest you play around and try different compositions all the time. You never know, you could come across something great! You definitely want to work on maxing out the troops that you use the most such as archers, barbs, or giants. When farming, the level of your troops have a HUGE impact on the outcome of the battle.



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1 Gem Boost Information!

Like every year, Clash of Clans is having a 1 gem boost on all of their buildings (barracks, all resource mines, spell factory, heros, etc.). This opens a lot of opportunities for war and farming. Now as far as botters, we suggest you guys boost all of your barracks and mines while you can! We have noticed decreased amounts of resources per hour so this 1 gem boost will definitely help everyone’s hourly recourse intake go up. If you want to boost your barracks, consider upgrading to VIP here!

With the newest update you are now able to boost barracks, dark barracks and your queen, king and warden altar for only one boost! This also happens at the same time as the 1 gem boost on the gold, elixir and dark elixir collectors! With this combination we are hoping to see a lot more loot generated in the game@

Now, you might be wondering what type of troop composition you should go with, so I will explain that below:

The most commonly used troop composition that seems to work for a lot of people would be 2 barracks training archers, 2 barracks training barbarians and both of your dark barracks training minions. Some of our high TH friends at Clashbot HQ have been playing around with their troop compositions and say to play around with your compositions and get creative. The higher level your troops, usually the more loot you will get. Try maxing out your barbs, archers, and giants, or at least the troops you use most while farming. Some people also use a composition that has 2 barracks training giants, 2 barracks training goblins, and 2 dark barracks training minions. Its all about troop level and how many of the troop you train. Don’t be afraid to try new things, because if it doesn’t seem to be working, just try a new composition!

Alright Clashers, make sure you take advantage of that 1 gem boost while it lasts! It could be the difference between 400k an hour to 900k an hour!

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Clash of Clans Update Information #3

More Changes!

“The first set of changes involves the Town Hall becoming a primary loot target. Even Trophy pushers should take note of the last item on this list!
Available loot is now distributed to the Town Hall as well as storages (maximum loot is unchanged)
Town Halls contain a share of loot equal to one Gold Storage, one Elixir Storage and 1/4 Dark Elixir storage
The Town Hall is now looted only when it is completely destroyed by an attacker
Town Hall Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir storage increases by Town Hall Level
The Town Hall and Clan Castle now count as resource buildings, so Goblins can target them for double damage
Also for the loot hunters comes changes to the League Bonus system to make it worth more, but only if you attack well:
All League Bonuses have been significantly increased
League Bonus loot is now progressive from 0% to 100%, based on destruction percentage of a victorious attack
100% League Bonus is earned at 70% destruction
Also, the Trophy pushers out there will be seeing some much needed rebalancing of high-level Trophy offers. High-level players will be gaining more Trophies from attacks and losing less from defense:
Trophy offers of defenders with less Trophies now increase based on total Trophy count
Trophy offers of defenders with more Trophies now decrease based on total Trophy count

Finally, there are some general-purpose multiplayer matchmaking changes to support all the rest:

Available loot percentage on Town Hall levels 6 through 10 has been slightly increased
Multiplayer targets one Town Hall level lower are now worth slightly less loot to attackers
Multiplayer matchmaking is now less likely to offer targets at a 2-level Town Hall difference (only below Champion League)” (Supercell Forums:
Supercell is essentially aiming for one big goal in the long run, and it is the better the attacker you are and the more you attack, the more you are rewarded. They want serious clash players to be rewarded the most, plain and simple!

Town Hall changes

Supercell explains how now that there is no real purpose to the Town hall (now that it doesn’t even grant a shield upon being destroyed) that they had to grant some importance to it. They made this answer plain and simple, they want Town Halls to contain more loot.
Loot that would have been originally in the storages will actually be evenly distributed to the Townhall. Yes, this includes dark elixir along with gold and elixir. By doing this people will have even more incentive to keep their Townhalls on the inside, transitioning from farming bases to all out strategic defense bases.

Available loot is being distributed into Town Halls as well as storages

Doing the math, we’ll find that players who defend their Town Hall well will be losing less to attackers than they used to. However, poorly defended Town Halls will carry a price tag. Also keep in mind that Goblins, obviously, will not turn a blind eye to such a sweet share of loot, and will target the Town Hall for double damage just like they target other resource storages and collectors. GoGobWipe, anyone?” (Supercell Forums:

As we have seen so far, this update has mainly been about rewarding skillful and serious Clash of Clans players. Again, Supercell wanted the gist of this update to be very simple so they made this very easy to understand, too. They are changing the League Bonus system to where the better you do on an attack, the more loot you gain. They have increased League Bonuses across the board to encourage players to do even better on attacks.
“The League Bonus now counts up for each percentage point of destruction, from 0% bonus at 0% destruction up to 100% bonus at 70% destruction. The League Bonus counts up rapidly at first: the first 80% of the bonus is already earned by achieving 50% destruction. Note that you still have to win the attack. Failed attacks give no League Bonus!” (Supercell forums:

I think this update is very interesting just by looking at the theme of it. Skillful Clash players are now rewarded more and the game is now revolved more around actually defending your base. In my opinion I think its a very good idea. This give a whole new competitive look to the game, and competitive drive keeps players interested. Let me know what you guys think about the update below!

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Clash of Clans Update Information #2

In our last article we explained what type of work Supercell is doing to the shield system in Clash of Clans. They explained that this new system will better support player’s daily schedules. As Town halls come back into villages, players will have to actually defend their Towns to gain a shield. This will also encourage more attacking seeing as people can now attack when they have shields, and they keep their shields to an extent.
In this article I will discuss the new sneak peek that Supercell has come out with. In this new sneak peek they talk about something called Village Guard.

Village Guard

“Village Guard is a new, short-term way to prevent attacks on your village while your shield is down:
While Village Guard is active, your village acts as if you are online, even if you close the game or get disconnected
Players can freely attack through Village Guard with no penalty
Free Village Guard time activates automatically when shields expire, from 15 minutes to 3 hours long based on League
2 hours of extra Village Guard can be bought for 10 gems every day in the shop, when your shield is down (23 hour cooldown)
Active Village Guard can be dismissed at any time
Buying a Shield from the Shop will dismiss active Village Guard” (Supercell Forums:
Village Guard is basically like telling your little sibling to get on your clash account and just click around to keep you online. Village Guard works even when you close the app, so if anything important comes up there is no need to worry about keeping yourself online.
Personal Break
Personal Breaks place a time limit on how long you can stay on Clash of Clans without a shield until the game kicks you out and basically tells you that you need to be attacked. While you are kicked offline people can then have a chance at attacking you.
“In line with our other shield system changes, the Personal Break system will also be undergoing some changes to make sure all Clashers participate in regular defending as well as regular attacking, and in a fairer and more flexible way:

A player is forced offline for 6 minutes after 3 hours of cumulative online time (or Village Guard time) without shield
This Personal Break 3-hour limit is only reset after getting a shield, or in some special cases covered below
Buying the 2-hour Village Guard from the Shop will extend a player’s current Personal Break 3-hour limit by 2 hours
The Personal Break 3-hour limit for online players is paused during server maintenance, but not reset” (Supercell Forums:

Differences between shield and village guard:

Village Guard
-No penalty when attacking
-Free Village Guard time improved with League
-Only available to buy while shield is DOWN
-Extra time for 10 gems in shop
-Always counts towards personal break timer
-Short period (15 minutes to 3 hours)
-Get free village guard automatically when shields expire
-Costs shield time to attack
-Shield can be bought ANY TIME instead of just when shield expires.
-Doesn’t count towards personal break timer.
-Get free shield after defending
-Extra time available for 100+ gems in shop
-Longer period (12 hours to a week)

“Keep in mind that active Village Guard time will ALWAYS count towards the Personal Break 3-hour limit, even if the player is offline for all of it. However, buying the extra 2 hours of Village Guard from the shop will add 2 hours to the current Personal Break 3-hour limit to make sure it can be fully utilized.

Shield allows players a chance to take longer breaks from the game, the Village Guard helps players stay online reliably when they want, and the Personal Break system makes sure everyone defends fairly. The three go hand-in-hand with the overall goal of supporting Clashers’ existing game play strategies, and to do it in a fairer and more flexible way. Changes to multiplayer matchmaking, loot and Trophy offers, covered in our next post, will help balance things even further.” (Supercell Forums:
Everyone knows how annoying it can be when you are just opening the game after your shield expires and you get attacked right in the nick of time. Well Supercell has come up with something to prevent such things from happening. An automatic Village Guard period will be activated every time a players shield runs out.
“The amount of Village Guard awarded is based on the player’s League:

Master I League players and below get a free 15-minute Village Guard when their shield expires
Champion League (all levels): 30 minutes free Village Guard
Titan III League players get a free 1-hour Village Guard when their shield expires
Titan II League players get a free 2-hour Village Guard when their shield expires
Titan I and Legend League players get a free 3-hour Village Guard when their shield expires” (Supercell Forums:

This will give players more of a incentive to get to higher leagues. A lot of good players would usually drop their trophies to be in lower leagues to prey on lower townhalls and accounts that are inactive, but with this new update they will now actually try to raise their trophies and stay within their own skill range!

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Clash of Clans Update Information #1

As most of you probably know, Supercell came out with an update this December. This update contained major changes in the game including shield changes and a lot of cosmetic upgrades. We will do our best to help you understand this new update, so stay tuned :).

Townhall Destruction

The first thing we have heard about is the improvements in the shield system. Something very new about shields is the fact that Townhall destruction no longer grants a shield. This will force many players to put their Townhalls on the inside of their bases instead of the outside for an easy 12 hour shield. Another big change is that you no longer break your entire shield when you go out and farm. Instead, you just break part of your shield, so time gets subtracted from your current shield.

“Under this new system, it will be entirely possible to get attacked, get a shield, and then attack two or even three times without forfeiting all of your shield. At the same time, we’re changing how shields are acquired:

A 12-hour shield is granted at 30% destruction

A 14-hour shield is granted at 60% destruction

A 16-hour shield is granted at 90% destruction

However, NO SHIELD is granted if the attacker does not deploy at least 1/3rd of a full army” (Supercell Forums).

There were clearly a lot of problems with the current shield system, such problems include

-Wanting to get a shield is a little too troublesome.

-if you have good defense it’s hard to get a long shield.

-shields discourage farming and attacking because you want to keep your shield.

-Shields are rewarded to players who don’t defend. This hurts trophy flow and resource flow, making attacking boring and unrewarding.

Fairer Defenses – Better Raids – More Clash

The Clash of Clans Team wants to uphold our original intention of helping players recover safely and productively from their defense losses. Along with the Village Guard concept, explained in the next post, changes to shield acquisition should help ensure that no player has to defend without a fair opportunity to recover.

The limit for acquiring a 12-hour shield has been lowered from 40% to 30% destruction on defense. Additionally, there is a new 14-hour shield that is acquired from 60% destruction, regardless of Town Hall destruction. Victory and defeat conditions for battles remain unchanged, but players will, on average, be getting more shield than they used to, more reliably.

Conversely, players who try to work around the shield system will get no shield at all. Attacks of less than 50% maximum army capacity (based on the Army Camp, Clan Caste and Hero capacity of the defender’s Town Hall level) will not grant any shield, regardless of the destruction done. Leaving the Town Hall outside to get “sniped” will become an incredibly poor idea.

There is a huge upside to making sure all players defend fairly: more and better targets in matchmaking. With the upcoming shield, loot and Trophy changes, Clashers will be defending more, offering more to attackers, but also attacking more and fighting for more from every attack. Clash is healthiest and the most exciting when all players are active and engaged in the back-and-forth between attack and defense, so we feel strongly that this is the right direction for the future of Clash.

However, we’re not done! To help make our revamped shield system even better and address even more of its current flaws, we will be introducing the new Village Guard and changes to the Personal Break system in the next post. Stay tuned!” (Supercell Forums:

This post by Supercell basically explains what type of new shields there will be and how this new shield system to work. This will change the way people play this game seeing as its not as easy to get a shield and people are rewarded for attacking with MORE troops and more frequently. So what do you guys think of this new system?


For more information on how this will effect our bot, read this post:

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Clash of Clans Halloween Update / ClashCon Information!

As many of you might know, Supercell is likely preparing a special update to their most popular game Clash of Clans for Halloween. Hints have shown that this will be no minor update, such as a 30 minute maintenance break, but will include major changes to the landscape and how the game is played.

The update is confirmed to be Halloween themed. It will change the looks of a lot of things including settings and the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of a lot of buildings. Rumors have been going around that Supercell will introduce nighttime game play into the game, and I don’t know about you but that sounds awesome to me. I am very curious as to how this will change game play such as farming or even raiding in a clan war.

It has been reported that as night falls, buildings will glow from the inside with torches as well as gems will glow up the battlefield or your base. This will obviously looks extremely cool, but how will this affect people attacks? Visibility will obviously be a lot worse, so I think attacks will be a lot more challenging. But this adds nothing but a new challenge which in turn raises the interests of players. A lot of people think that Clash of Clans is just a casual game that people play and don’t really care about, but that is simply not the case. There is an extremely competitive side to the game where people compete to see who can gain the most trophies and stay in the highest league. This new feature that is being implemented into the game either has a lot of people curious and excited as to how this will effect attacks or worried and nervous that they won’t like it.

As for the people who do NOT like the idea of attacking while its ‘Nighttime’ in Clash of Clans, I have good news. This will be a SWITCHABLE option, so you can turn it off and on as you please. Though I think it is kind of weird that something that could have such a possible huge impact on the way people go about attacking and defending could just easily be switched off and on. But we will see how Supercell has managed to keep its balance in the game soon enough.

People who want more information about this upcoming update should definitely be looking forward to going to ClashCon. This year’s ClashCon will be the very first major convention for the game Clash of Clans. Expectations are high for ClashCon as it is expected that Supercell will be releasing a lot of information on future updated to the game as well as information on how the game will look and feel and function in the future. No one knows if developers are going to be dropping any major hints or spoilers just yet, we will just have to wait and find out! Some say that Clash of Clans is one of the fastest developing games the app store has ever seen so far. The numbers of people that have downloaded the game have grown exponentially in such a short amount of time it is crazy.

Sneak peaks about the upcoming update will also becoming out on this blog as they are posted on Supercells official forum. We will make sure to keep you guys updated, but as for now.. Clash on!