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Greetings ClashBot community,

As we all know, Supercell updates clash of clans regularly, and implements more content into the game. When these updates are released, certain features of our clash of clans bot will stop working & need to be updated, and some featured may need to be added into into our program to ensure our bot is up to date with clash of clans, and will run as efficiently as possible. Therefore, i am here to inform you how our update process works, and how we aim to stay up to date with all of Supercell’s actions.

Why is the bot going to malfunction when Supercell releases an update?
Every time clash of clans adds in-game content, we also need to add an update in order to make sure our program is cooperative with the new version of Clash Of Clans. If Supercell adds in-game content, and we don’t update our software, our program will become out of date, and will not be able to handle the new features that Supercell has added into Clash Of Clans.

How is ClashBot going to handle each new update & how long will the update take?
When we receive word that Supercell is planning on releasing new content into the game, we research as to what this content will be so that we can plan ahead and get a feel for what we will need to code into our program. After the update is released, we will go to work straight away in effort to make sure our program  will be updated as soon as possible, and before any other competitor site that may chose to run against us. Once we have finished updating our program, a new topic will be made regarding the new release, and it will also contain a download link to the latest version, which will be compatible with Super cell’s latest update. Furthermore, Within the days leading up to the new update Supercell is going to be releasing, we will notify our users of any downtime by posting an announcement, and you can follow the discussion from there. When we update ClashBot, it usually takes no  more than 48 Hours, however, if we feel we may need more time to perform the update, all VIP’s will have an extension added on to their subscription, as a form of compensation for our downtime.

When is the next Clash Of Clans update?
The next update for Clash Of Clans is due to be release this upcoming week, and will implement a variety of in-game content, so of course, ClashBot will need to update. The following content is set to be released.

We are currently in preparation for these new updates, and will strive to update our bot as quickly as possibly, so that you’re not missing out on precious botting time. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask them on our official announcement thread, which is coming soon. We thank you for sticking with us through these times, and we value your cooperation.


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