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Clash of Clans September Update Sneak Peeks!

Hello ClashBot users,

Today there were a couple ‘unofficial’ sneak peeks about the upcoming update to Clash of Clans. These sneak peaks were found on reddit so we cannot vouch for them 100%, but we are pretty sure that they could definitely become in game features!

sneak peaks bro

The first sneak peek was a post  found on This post explained that someone found a 7.200.1 build config file from Supercell. The post goes on to show some of the code that Supercell was using in the new version of Clash of Clans and by the looks of it, it does show some new features. Such as the “alliance_donate_button_spell” feature.

It seems that supercell is adding the ability to donate spells to clan mates for clan wars. This means a lot of things when it comes to clan wars and farming. TH8s or TH9s could possibly be able to receive TH10 spells such as the freeze spell. This will impact clan wars hugely, opening up new doors for new attack strategies or strengthening existing attack strategies. For an example: A TH9 paired against a TH10, if an alliance member that was a TH10 could donate a freeze spell to the TH9, the TH9 would have such a greater chance in being able to 2-3 star the enemy TH10 by freezing its inferno towers or xbows. I know many people will get very creative when using this new feature (if it is a new feature), so we will just have to see what is to comeJ.

UPDATE: We have just learned about a new feature called tie breaking. This allows clans who have tied in a clan war to determine the real winner. We have no real information about how the ‘real’ winner will be decided, but this is definitely a cool idea seeing as people would definitely rather have another shot at winning instead of settling for a tie.

clan war tiebreaker


The reddit post can be found here for those who are interested in seeing possible new features:


Supercell has just released sneak peek #1 on their website! These sneak peeks have come straight from Supercell so they ARE 100% confirmed. Supercell has also confirmed that there will be a big update announced at ClashCon in October, but for now they are releasing information on the update that is coming to us even sooner.


Sneak Peek #1!

A new lighting spell has arrived! You an now upgrade your lightning spell to level 7. Level 6 lightning spell is now available at Townhall 9 and levels 5 and 6 lighting spells now deal even more damage! To watch the lighting spell in action go here


Sneak Peek #2!

Supercell has just released another sneak peek to its upcoming update.

Upgrades to more spells! The lightning spell, poison, earthquake, and freeze spells have all been upgraded!

  • Poison spells deal damage a bit differently now. They start off dealing small amounts of damage and they build up to deal a lot of damage.
  • Poison spells also lower defending troops attack speed.
  • EQ spells do a lot more damage initially, but repeated use in the same spot decrease the amount of damage dealt.


Sneak Peek #3!

Townhall 10s have been blessed with 25 more walls. This opens the door to difference base builds such as war bases/farming bases/trophy bases.

Level 11 walls have received a makeover, but they still cost the same to build and have the same amount of HP.

What does this update mean for Boostbot?

Well, after this update occurs we will be down for maintenance. By the looks of this update, it isn’t very big so we should not be down for a large amount of time. But you should definitely expect some down time. For more information on why the bot will be down you can look at our article found here.