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Clash of Clans Update – January 26th, 2016

As many of you know, Supercell has just released a new update for Clash of Clans. This has recently put us in a short downtime and our developers are working very hard on getting a new update out so you guys can resume botting.

Now for more information on this new update:

The Treasury
Clash of Clans has added something called the Treasury which is being held in the Clan Castle. Its basically a bank that is well protected within the castle. Its main purpose is to protect loot from clan wars and star bonuses from raiding others. It is now the safest place to save up your loot bonuses from said clan wars and raid bonuses. Your Treasury has a capacity just like it did when you had your Clan war loot in your Castle. Its capacity depends on your Town Hall level as well as your clan perks level. Your Clan Castle level now has no effect on how much loot you can hold. Before the update you could see small storages on the roof of your Clan Castle, representing the loot you could hold in it. These little have been removed.
Daily Star Bonus
Now, when you win 5 stars from raiding online you earn a loot bonus. The higher the league, the higher the loot bonuses. Every 24 hours you can receive a new star bonus. This bonus loot is kept safe in your Treasury.
Loot Cart
After being attacked, a broken down loot car will appear in your village. You can collect this cart to receive some of your lost resources back. Make sure you collect this loot cart right away because they don’t build up, you can only get one at a time. These carts will contain 20% of your lost loot and are applied for the most RECENT attack on your village. If you have full storages, you cannot collect the cart.
If you have an eagle artillery, we have good news. They now do 3x the damage to golems and golemites. Town Hall 6 now has access to another air defense and Town Hall 7 now has 3. I’m interested to see how these balances will affect how people attack bases during clan wars or just simple raiding.
Bug Fixes
-Skeletons no longer get stuck in layers of walls when chasing enemy troops.
-Only one dark elixir spell can now be donated when sometimes more than one could be donated.
-Issuing with waiting times for building upgrades have now been fixed.
More Information On BoostBot Update
Every time clash of clans adds in-game content, we also need to add an update in order to make sure our program is cooperative with the new version of Clash Of Clans. If Supercell adds in-game content, and we don’t update our software, our program will become out of date, and will not be able to handle the new features that Supercell has added into Clash Of Clans. Our developers are working very hard to get our bot up to date, so please be patient as they are working for you right now .