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ClashBot’s Tips and Tricks Week 1

Hello Everyone,

I am starting this series because i know a lot of new players need hints and tips to get a better understanding on how the game is played. In this series i will point out a few tips that will benefit mainly lower leveled players, and then a few tips that could benefit anyone. I hope you guys enjoy this series and it helps at least someone :).

Always Remove Obstacles and Save Your Gems

Obstacles such as trees, bushes, and rocks will occasionally be spawned on the outside of your base. These obstacles will only spawn when you are offline, so depending on how much a player plays they will either get a lot of obstacles or very few. If you remove these obstacles, they will occasionally grant the player gems, which can be very helpful. This allows a player to gain gems for free, and in turn save them up for another builders hut/upgrade etc etc.

Saving your gems is extremely important especially at a lower level. If you can continuously destroy obstacles and complete achievements at a lower level to buy builders huts, you will be able to build your base even faster. The more builders huts the better!

Achievements, Do them!

Though a lot of people don’t think achievements are worth the time, i am here to tell you that they are extremely important. By doing achievements you can save up hundreds of gems every day, sometimes even more. For example, There is a single achievement that is worth 450 gems just to reach 1,250 trophies. That is nearly enough to buy your third builders hut! Just look through each achievement and make goals for yourself of what achievement you are close to and think you can get in a relatively short amount of time. For more information on achievements and how many gems they grant upon completetion, look here.

Goblins Do Work

At lower trophy levels, goblins can be used to go through bases quickly and efficiently for just their resources. The lower your trophies, the easier the bases will be. Therefore, if you have mass amounts of goblins to bombard the enemies base, they often cant do anything about it, seeing as there will be too many goblins to kill. The loot will be less at these lower trophy and town hall levels, but goblins train very fast and they are extremely cheap compared to other troops, so you will still find yourself gaining a lot of gold/elixer.

Heres a video of someone using goblins: