Step 1 : Download and  install Conquer Online

  • Conquer game’s official  site  address  is
  • Make sure the games resolution is kept at default. (1024*768)

Step 2: Download and install ConquerBot

  • Download the bot here.
  • Unzip the into any directory of your choosing.
  • Run “ConquerBot.exe”.

Step 3: Add an account to the Account List 

  • Input Game ID in the Game ID tab.  (Figure 1’s   section  “2” )
  • Input Password in the Password tab. (Figure 1’s  section  “3” )
  • Select main server from the Main Server Combo box. (Figure1’s  section “4”)
  • Select sub server from the sub Server Combo box.   (Figure1’ s section “5”)
  • Check “AutoStart” if you wish character  to run automatically after login game. (look at   Figure1’s  section “14”).
  • Check “Reconnect” if you wish the character  to connect again  when it is disconnected  accidently. (look at  Figure1’s  section “15”).
  • You can input  Proxy IP address and Proxy Port. This is optional. Current version supports only  socks4 proxy servers. (look at Figure1’s  section “6” and section “7”.)
  • Press “Add Account” button to append current setting to the account list.(look  at  Figure1’s section “8”.)
  • To delete one account from account list, select that row from the account list and click “RemoveA” button. (look  at  Figure1’s  section “9”.)
  • If you have finished accounts setting, press “Save setting” button to save all accounts setting into the file. (look at Figure 1’s “10”.)

Step 4: Register your License Key

  • Click “Auto Account” button to open Auto Management dialog. (Figure1’ “11” button.)
  • At the Registrationg section, Input AutoID and Auto Pass respectively. (“Figure2’s  section “1” and “section 2”)
  • Input  gameid at the GameID input box. (“Figure2’s  section “3”)
  • Click “New Registration” button to register the License Key
  • If registration is success, the expiration date will be displayed at the Expire Date field. (Figure2’ s   section “3” and “4”.)

Step 5: Set the Game Path

  •   Click “ …” button (look at Figure1’s  “1” section ) and  select  “C:\Program Files (x86)\NetDragon\Conquer Online 3.0\Env_DX8\Conquer.exe” for (64bit OS) or select  “C:\Program Files\NetDragon\Conquer Online 3.0\Env_DX8\Conquer.exe (for 32bit OS)

Step 6: Configure the Route Tab

  • To set up the account’s Route setting, first select an account from account list and then click “Route” tab.
  • Move character to the hunting place’s center position.
  • To read character’s current position, click “Read Game” button.(Figure3’s section “2”.)
  • To add current place to the hunting place,  click “Add(Update)” button. (Figure3’ s section “3”).
  • If you want to delete old one, first select the old hunting place from the hunting place list and click “Delete” button. (Figure 3’s  section “4”).
  • For a far attack character, you can change “Attack Distance” filed value. (Figure3’ s  section “10”).
  • You can check “Weak Mode” field. If “Weak Mode” is checked, character will attack monster  till he will die, otherwise character only once attack target and change target. (Figure3’s  section “11”).
  •  If you check “Use Rider”, character will try to use rider skill. (Figure3’s  section “12”)
  • If you have finished “Route” tab setting, press “Save” button to reflect current setting to the bot. (Figure3’s  section “13”).

Step 7: Configure the Item Tab

  • To set up “Item” setting, first select one row from account list and click “Item” tab. Gold items will be picked default.
  • To append specific item, input Item name field and click “Add(Update)” button. (look at Figure4’s section “2” and “3”).
  • If the item name is checked, bot will try to pick up that item.
  •  If you want to remove that item,you can select that item from the list and click “Delete” button.(look at Figure4’s  section “4”).
  • To reflect current setting to the bot, press “Save“ button. (look at  Figure4’s section “5”).

Step 8: Run the Bot

  • To run all accounts, press  ”Run Game(all)” . It will run accounts one by one. (look at Figure  1’s “12”).
  • To run only one accout, press “Run Game(One)”. It will launch only one account.(look at Figure 1’s “13”).
  • If you want to stop auto mode, first select a row at the account list and click “Stop(Auto)” button. (Figure1’s  section “16”).
  • If you want to restart auto mode, first select a row at the account list and click “Start(Auto)” button.  (Figure1’s   section ”17”).

Other Settings

Check AutoID’s expire date:

  • At the Match code section, you can check the AutoID’s expire Date.
  • Input AutoID and Auto Pass field in the Match code section. (Figure2’s section “6” and       “7”)
  • Click Match button to check the expiration  date. (Figure2’ section “10”).
  • If the code match is successes, it will display registered GameID and expiration date. (Figure2’s  section “8” and “9”).

Change registered gameID:

  • At the Alter code section, you can change the registered gameID .
  • Input Auto ID and Auto Pass respectively. (Figure2’s  section  “11” and “12”).
  • Input already registered  game id in the Original Game ID field.( Figure2’s  section “13”)
  • Input new game id in the New Game ID field.  (Figure2’s  section  “14”).
  • After alter operation is successes, the new GameID is registered with the focus AutoID   and  autoPass.
  •  To complete the operation, click “Alter” button. (Figure2’s section “15”).
  •  To hide “Auto Management” dialog, click “close” button.  Stop and restart auto mode.(Figure2’s  section “16”).

About the Bot

  • Current bot  will try to repair weapons with meteors when it is fully destroyed.
  • If the bot pick new item that matches from the item setting, the bot will try to push it into the sach.
  • Bot will try use xp skills and “waveofBlood” skill when it is possible.
  • Superman skill and cyclone skill are used when it is possible.
  • When character’s HP is lower than 50 percent of his max value, then he will try to use HP potion if there is a HP drug on his inventory.
  • This bot is target for warrior class mainly. So when the character class is warrior, the bot will use skill best.
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