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    Download BoostBot 8.0 BETA 8 Install Tutorial With Videos Current Working Features Collect Resources Re-arm Traps, X-Bows, and Inferno's Quick Train Search Requirements Requirements Reduction Attacking Live and Dead Bases [Four Finger Deploy Only] Special Troop Deployment Surrender early or if all loot has been looted Changes in This Release Bug fixes Performance Updates Works with newest updates Previous release: Added VIP Feature - Boost Barracks Added VIP Feature - Auto-Upgrade Buildings Changes to game state handling Bug fixes and performance enhancements Improved deadbase detection Minor bug fixes and improvements Must Read This is a BETA and will likely have a lot of bugs. It is also very limited in it's features. This is for users to test and give feedback on bugs they encounter. If your bot is not working, turn off all anti-viruses and re-download, extract and start. You must read the below bullet points for known issues and how to configure the bot. Please doe not report bugs that are already in the list below. Report bugs here. Only the "Four Fingers Deploy" algorithm works, do not select any other attacking algorithms. All attacking algorithms (and new ones) will be added in the future. Moving/interacting with the emulator while it is botting is currently disabled to prevent user caused errors during BETA stages.
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    BoostBot 8.0 Beta 9 Error...

    Check out this post, worked for me:
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