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  1. ~Reckless's Settings~

    My bot 6.2.8 got bug i think. Now it happen to me twice since im using this bot it will drop my trophy to 1100 even the lowest trophy i set is 1700 then the bot stop working.. Really waste my time bcos it happen on the night when i was sleep already
  2. Latest info, the problem still had. My bot drop my trophy to 1100 by attacking with 1 troop and run...even I set the lowest trophy range is 1700...and then bot stop farming
  3. ~Reckless's Settings~

    Thanks for ur fast answer
  4. ~Reckless's Settings~

    let me help to answer this question, it is because his target is to get GOLD first
  5. ~Reckless's Settings~

    in 6.2.8 u dont tick at ANY BASE, why?
  6. ~Reckless's Settings~

    Ok I will... I will set the trophy range in gold 1. Now Im at Crystal III
  7. ~Reckless's Settings~

    Im at TH9 with lvl 6 archer and barba... now focus on upgrading wall level 10...
  8. ~Reckless's Settings~

    I follow this setting and I get around 350/hour gold and elixir without boosting barrack... is that ok?
  9. Ive checked and found the bot attack with 1 barba n run to drop the trophy... I dont know why the bot do this
  10. I set my trophy range from 1700 - 2000 but after more than 16hours online the bot keep my trophy below 1300.
  11. ~Reckless's Settings~

    wow! thats AMAZING dude! u complete your th9 wall level 9 within 4 days! did u boost all 4 barrack everytime or once a while?
  12. ~Reckless's Settings~

    thanks... i boost 2 of my barrack.... wall upgrading level 10 will take lot of times... haha
  13. ~Reckless's Settings~

    Reckless, Im planning to upgrade my wall from level 9 to 10. Need your opinion, do i need to boost all my barrack?
  14. guys, after I made a tests the best trophy to stay for farming is at gold area... bcoz in crystal league u cant get much gold n elixir, everything is below 100k per raid... but when u stay at gold u can get more than 150k
  15. ~Reckless's Settings~

    its too hard to find a lot of gold and elixir when u at crystal league... just stay at gold league to get more gold and elixir!
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