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  1. Bluestacks stuck on "Downloading Game Data"

    Yes this was my fault!!!. Problme of bluestacks is: The is a checkbox "Start bluestacks" on finish the installation. That I have to uncheck and start the bot. Thank you.
  2. Bluestacks stuck on "Downloading Game Data"

    Hi, I have the same issue. I install blustacks 2.0 and it works. Then I start the bot and a error apear (.net error). After this bluestacks does not boot anymore. When I deinstall and install bluestacks, it works till I start the bot (same error). Then I try to install the BlueStacks-ThinInstaller.exe from this web site. With this version I only get the blue screen " DOWNLOADING GAME DATA" I have Win 10. Before I install Bluestacks 2 the bot works with the old blue stacks version. Now no version is running.
  3. Every day the server is down and clashbot crash.Why is it necessary to stay connected to the server for clash bot working. This sucks !
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