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  1. luckykevin

    [TH 10] GiArch Farming Settings

    What trophy range??
  2. Yeah I'm not getting shit at TH10 either. I've tried 1900-2200 trophies. Nada. It's killing me. It's not just is though, no one at all (especially in my clan who don't bot) aren't getting anything, as far as dead bases.
  3. luckykevin

    delete plz

    delete plz
  4. It's been happening with me since 7.0... and when it checks clashbot.org
  5. They are aware, and working on a fix for the next update.
  6. luckykevin

    Loot @ TH9! Journey to Lvl10 Walls (178/250)

    Congrats!! I'll be there soon. And so am I, I used to always have 100k+ dark even with constant dark troop/hero upgrading. Now I'm lucky to maintain any dark. I also don't like any of the deployment methods. I'm having the most success with 4-finger, but it doesn't deploy an even amount of troops on each side... Hopefully there will be an update soon.
  7. luckykevin

    Please bring back old attack style

    Since when are there less dead bases after the update? Link to info please?
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