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  1. BoostBot 8.0 BETA | BoostBot is Back

    Great start Cant wait to see future updates. Well done, Jordan and Devs
  2. Just came back

    Check the update thread, new announcement posted today!
  3. Hi guys

    Welcome to the forum Bot progress thread:
  4. VIP Update!

    Check this thread posted just 30 mins ago
  5. any auto bots for clash royale?

    Not that I've heard of. Clash royal would be a hard one to bot seeing as your moves and what characters you put down on the field are based on what the other person puts down. Let me know if you have any luck finding a bot for it though
  6. Reputation Wars

    Don't mind if I do ;D.
  7. can not login

    Please use this format so our staff can help you
  8. bot not working

    Please use this format so our staff members can help you
  9. can not login

    Moved to bot support! Our bot support staff will be happy to help you
  10. Are you using Bluestacks or Memu? You can select which one you are using by selecting the dropdown menu on the start button.
  11. banned for 90 days ..

    The bot isn't detectable because we don't modify or request any data from their servers. We run completely separate from their game. They are cracking down on rooted/xmod users. We highly advise you don't root your device or use xmod.
  12. banned for 90 days ..

    Have you: - Ever used iMod/xMod/Jailbroken/Rooted devide - Posted a picture/video with your name in clash of clans - Posted about a bot in global or clan chat This is a ban that xmod/imod users get.
  13. 800k/hr Barrack 1:Barbs Barrack 2:Barbs Barrack 3:Archers Barrack 4:Archers Dark Barrack 1:Minions Dark Barrack 2:Minions
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