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  1. Do old member like me eligible for a longer VIP term? and really.. your FREE VIP should make it for a limit time to prevent abusing the benefit.
  2. The settings has been set to 100% but the problem still occurs.
  3. @Kalgon if im not wrong, spell deployment is not implement to boostbot yet.
  4. 24/07/2017 - I have test this, sometime after a couple of hours. bot don't train troops anymore until you restart the process. Bot would also stuck at this page. 25/07/2017 - I can confirm that these two above aren't working in a proper way.
  5. first post in this section

    I'm old, do you remember me as an old member?
  6. Will Boostbot not work again?

    We seek your patience and understanding.
  7. Happy Fourth

    Whats new on 4th july? Look normal day to me.. ;>
  8. The Count to 1,000,000

    1289. Wew it has been over a year. we are still stuck around 1k count..
  9. TH11 1.2m gold/ 1.2m elix 5k d.e after April update

    Not really accurate tho... the only accurate should be 10 hour straight without stopping.
  10. Bot fail! Was working since have a year, now it isn't ...

    Botting on a virtual server is pretty unstable..
  11. TH 10 Setting working good for me :)

    big problem for th11 :/
  12. TH10 500k hr (no boost)

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