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  1. Damion

    TH10 500k hr (no boost)

    let's see
  2. Damion

    (TH10) 1.2 M G&E and 3.5k DE per hour

    Would like to see
  3. Damion

    TH10 Farming Settings Reference

    @ jcjoy, You show only a 2 hour session, show us a 10-15 hr session. with all settings.
  4. Hello Fellow Bottineers, I was wondering how you know what your keyboard is set too, and how to change Bluestacks keyboard settings for the new clan Donating. My Clashbot isn't usually picking up letters, when someone request 'Farming' it usually only picks up 'f rming'. I have adapted to just it searching for the word 'ming' or for 'defence' search 'nce'. Just need some guidence. Please help, Thank you. Damion
  5. How Do you know your settings for your keyboard and how to change Bluestacks? Thank you.
  6. Damion

    TH9 Settings 600-700k/hr Unboosted loot

    It could help to boost Giants, but I find that it depends how long it takes to find bases on average. I have discovered a better Farming settings and will be updating it tomorrow.
  7. Damion

    16h unboosted TH9.

    What are your settings, range, algorithiam, Barracks?
  8. Damion

    TH9 Settings 600-700k/hr Unboosted loot

    500,000/hr - low end farming 12,000,000/day 84,000,000/week 336,000,000/month 70 x 1,000,000 = 70,000,000 = 1 week 248 x 3,000,000 = 744,000,000 = 9 weeks 10 weeks = 2.5 months/2 (using Gold & Elixir) = 1.1 Month This is not including the gold and elixir upgrades during this time. So around 2 months I'll have max walls. It will take me about 3+ months to max my base since I only have 2 builders on upgrades and 2 on hero's and 1 for walls. So I will max my walls before my base. No need for boosting my barracks. Ive done the math. for me to max my base not including Heros and Walls it will take 10 weeks, 2.5 months. That's if I use 5 builders nonstop on upgrades, but cause I have a Wall Builder and a Hero Builder, going to take more than 2.5 months.
  9. Damion

    TH9 Settings 600-700k/hr Unboosted loot

    It's not just that I would have to then start boosting my Hero's since I would be making so much DE that I wouldn't be able to keep them on Upgrade. which would be nice, but get's expensive. That's why I won't boost till later. maybe after my AQ is done. then boost. plus with a level 30 Queen, the return of Gold/Elixir/DE will almost double cause of how Powerful she is. I might try your advice and boost, but that will be once my AQ hits at least Level 25 and see how many walls are done and how much Defenses are upgraded. I saw one of My clan mates. He uses a Bot, has Maxed Level 10 Walls, and still not done his Upgrades. but I assume he started his walls, then after they were all done, started upgrading Defenses. But I might halt on my Defenses, Keep One defense on Wiz Tower and Mortars, 1 on Elixir Drills and Air Defense, then 2 on the Heroes.
  10. Damion

    TH9 Settings 600-700k/hr Unboosted loot

    Yeah, using boosted Barracks I would drop to 125,000 Gold and Elixir. But My Builders Don't Come Off fast enough. By the time I'm a maxed TH9 (Defences), I will Have max walls, Maxed AQ, and atleast Level 20+ King. But I'm ok with my steady Wall Upgrade. I might Boost when getting closer to the last few Upgrades if my Level 10 Walls aren't all fully Built.
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