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  1. jackfrostbr

    Free 1 Month VIP

  2. atualmente não, com a nova atualização do clash of clans, o bot tem que atualizar também né, porém ele está agora em fases de testes, e fases de testes é algo exclusivo para vips neste forum. quando sair a versão official será gratuito para todos!
  3. this is just, is one of the vips privileges, but the free version is coming :v
  4. Çok güzelsin sikişelimmi

  5. jackfrostbr

    Portuguese Support

    Portuguese: isso já tem meu amigo, eu tento ajudar a galera que é da comunidade brasileira junto com outros, mas não sei se tem administradores ou moderadores na área portuguesa/brasileira, mas caso queira um suporte brasileiro ou português, acesse o seguinte URL: URL http://boostbot.org/forums/forum/51-português/ English: It already have my friend, I try to help everybody who is the Brazilian community with others, but do not know if you have administrators or moderators in portuguese / Brazilian area, but if you want a Brazilian or Portuguese support, visit the following URL: URL http://boostbot.org/forums/forum/51-português/
  6. jackfrostbr

    New Update on CoC, Bot Cannot Train Troops.

    All about update clashbot here
  7. the updated clashbot now is only for vip, wait the new version for non-vip members.
  8. the update is only for vip now, wait the new update for free members.
  9. ;)

  10. essa é a versão antiga, a nova versão está em desenvolvimento, aguarde a próxima. e tente usar o idioma inglês
  11. o clash of clans atualizou cara, a nova versão do clashbot está em desenvolvimento, aguarde and try use english language in the forum :/
  12. jackfrostbr

    new update?

    now not is safe to use, wait a new bot version, don't have the normal barracks in the COC and the bot can't train troops, good luck PRINT:
  13. jackfrostbr

    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to the boostbot community and enjoy the farm xD
  14. Hello, i trying to find th8 push settings, and now i go share my settings, i used this setting in 5 hours and i get 150 trophies i only trying to go cristal league, good luck for all this basically makes 50% of destruction in the attacks guaranteeing a star, especially in CV7 WARNING not guarantee the security account users, use according to their risk, this configuration is subject to attack villages active can report them STATISTICS 5 HOURS ATTACK REPLAY (CV7) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YC49-c9bjTo GENERAL SETTINGS BARRACKS SETTINGS for vip users is only 20 giants and 100 archers, vips can use custom barracks ATTACK SETTINGS
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