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  1. Sync Problem

    I have the same issue, thanks Jordan.
  2. Mac Users - Read Here

    Just a tip for you guys paralells trips out, for some reason virtual memory keeps going up and eventually causes the whole computer to freeze i contacted paralells about this and they said that they don't know why too. Its best to bot using bootcamp
  3. Hey team just a few issues from the get-go 1) Clash of clans doesn't install on the memu app player, tried changing the device it runs on, still gives me "isn't supported on this device version errorf" any ideas on how to fix this? 2) Version 2003 won't even let me log in. (couldn't test the bluestacks version) 3) maybe making a guide to show people how to run the Bot on memu would be beneficial to lots of people Regards, Voidbringer Keep the hard work up team!
  4. Regarding Supercell's Fair Play Initiative

    And so it begins. just runescape bans powerbot went through the same path as this.
  5. "You have been disconnected due to inactivity" Anyone know how to fix this???? TY <3
  6. looks okay. just have a question... is it supposed to not work at all when it says "connection lost" cause it just dies when it does this and it doesn't reload.
  7. hi..

  8. Impacts of the TH11 Clash of Clans Update

    Ty very helpfull
  9. Bot wont Boost the barracks.

    this is also happening to me too. Has anyone else got the same problem?
  10. Barracks Boost Help!!!

    I was Hi there I was wondering if this has been fixed yet? My barrack's aren't boosting thanks for all the hard work!!
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