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  1. Jordan

    Problem with version 1205

    https://discord.gg/StaCgcM Please try this link, I have forwarded your request to the developer
  2. good morning I want to report that I have a problem and just pay 3 account 2 of 4.99 $ i 1 of 1 $ I have not got the key to enter can you explain me what I have to do to get my password my friend Jordan.

  3. hello good how are you all I want to ask a small question I have a problem I just paid to get the key i the id has not come to me I have to do in that case

  4. ConquerBot had a server issue the last few and we have fixed fixed the issue, if you have been experiencing issues, that is likely why. As a result, we have extended the duration of your license key by 3 days. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks, Jordan
  5. Jordan

    Problem with version 1205

    The server is down, please check our discord live chat, we are working to fix the issue.

    Is it possible for my master to purchase the program using an immediate service?


    1. farshid_amin47


      Hi, I live in Iran
      You can buy for me
      Not in our country


  7. Is bot now working on Conquer Online or not?


    1. Jordan
    2. farshid_amin47


      A robot for a computer or not?


  8. Can you make the conquer bot use skill scatter with archer ? it will be helpful .

  9. xin ông add  cái link 


  10. Jordan

    ConquerBot (Brazil)

    Version 1204

    1 download

    Brail Conquer Online Bot.

    From $1.00

  11. Jordan

    i wont some help

    im not sure what you mean, can you re-word?
  12. Jordan

    i wont some help

    we keep it this way for safety
  13. Jordan

    i can open 3 account

    How many keys do you have?
  14. Jordan

    battle warship bot CONQUER ONLINE BOOT BUG

    im not sure what you mean, could you post a picture or video to explain?
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