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  1. Paid and I want to download the program what do I Do

    1. khaledessa0


      Transaction ID 2D281837VY936770V

  2. How do I get my last shelter survival bot to work


  3. Paid and I want to download the program what do I Do

  4. Hello, Recently our very talented Conquer Bot developer has gone away. I'm not sure what has happened, but please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as we hope everything is okay in his life. Because of this, we do not have an updated bot and are offering refunds. Please make a dispute on PayPal or a payment in Payment and Account support and we will refund it accordingly. We hope he returns soon and we can continue to offer the Conquer online bot, please check back for updates. Thanks, Jordan and The BoostBot Team
  5. https://discord.gg/StaCgcM Which link? Can you try this one? What version of android are you using?
  6. Jordan

    rise of kings bot Bot Help

    Please use our livechat support for help: https://discord.gg/StaCgcM We can get more information this way as I'm not sure of your issue completely and we could help you much better this way
  7. Jordan

    war and order bot War and order

    We have recently updated this version, so we are not sure which you may have downloaded, please check the recommended version and try it.
  8. Jordan

    war and order bot War and order

    What version of memu are you using?
  9. Hey come....


  10. solve this quickly, if I will not cancel the payment...

  11. hey, my auto ID and my Auto Pass did not arrive ... how do I do?

  12. Hi Jordan

    I would like to cancel my subscription for Mobile Game Bot License please. I have been into payments and accounts, and orders section but can't find the option to cancel the subscription. Please could you point me in the right direction to get this done.

    Many thanks,

  13. Jordan

    lords mobile bot More support help

    We are working to improve our support, we will have more resources ASAP.
  14. In the video annotation I saw written Koda to accelerate the game in the game game I do not know the code and do not know where it is and do not know what is the help of

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