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  1. not recognising VIP

    Could you show me what you mean with a screenshot?
  2. Download BoostBot 8.0 BETA 10 Install Tutorial With Videos Current Working Features Collect Resources Re-arm Traps, X-Bows, and Inferno's Quick Train Search Requirements Requirements Reduction Attacking Live and Dead Bases [Four Finger Deploy Only] Special Troop Deployment Surrender early or if all loot has been looted Changes in This Release Improvements to dialog handling. Restarts emulator if inactive Previous release: Bug fixes Performance Updates Works with newest updates Must Read This is a BETA and will likely have a lot of bugs. It is also very limited in it's features. This is for users to test and give feedback on bugs they encounter. If your bot is not working, turn off all anti-viruses and re-download, extract and start. You must read the below bullet points for known issues and how to configure the bot. Please doe not report bugs that are already in the list below. Report bugs here. Only the "Four Fingers Deploy" algorithm works, do not select any other attacking algorithms. All attacking algorithms (and new ones) will be added in the future. Moving/interacting with the emulator while it is botting is currently disabled to prevent user caused errors during BETA stages.
  3. You can use clan castle troops here: We are working on donating.
  4. Attacks once and doesn't re-train army.

    Could you submit an image of your boostbot settings as well?
  5. BoostBot 8.0 Beta 9 Error...

    Let me know if that doesnt work
  6. best bluestack for boost bot

    We recommend to use MEmu because BlueStacks is laggy/buggy/has ads. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-7mA5whz6LldEt3VlhVREJHSE0/view
  7. Try changing the percent and restarting the bot. Please create a support topioc
  8. hello I have a problem to run boostbot does not leave me because it says I need a file dll someone gives me solution I would appreciate it very much THANK YOU

  9. Please create a support topic so we can diagnose the issue. You may need to diable your antivirus and re-download, extract and run.
  10. You can just resume normal use of your computer and bluestacks will not be effected.
  11. You need to disable your anti virus. It is our crack-protection.
  12. Can't Login BOT 8.0

    It could be your antivirus. Disable it before downloading/extracting next time and it should work from the get go
  13. What makes it not perform? Make sure your anti-virus is disabled before downloading, extracting and starting.
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