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  1. As soon we get a VIP bird we could get the feathers from
  2. Timeout

    That would be a bad idea, because it was a VIP option and it was that because people would like to pay for that option. Instead of asking for free VIP options, then just buy VIP and enjoy ALL the VIP options, or use the free version and be happy because there is a free version.
  3. Am I being credited VIP days?

    Payment and account support is the right section for those questions, please make a topic in there for further support, thank you.
  4. Payment and account support is only made from the payment and account support section.
  5. Can a Moderator Please delete my account?

    We dont delete accounts. If you dont want to use it anymore, then just leave it and forget about it, thnak you.
  6. To get a refund is the same as getting your money back. You never asked to get a refund, that make it hard to give you one. Any requests for refunds should be made in the payent section, thank you.
  7. This is a english forum, and here english is the language that is used. You could try using turk forum section in the foregin language section, but I am not sure if there are many turks in there at the moment.
  8. Cant find download

    Please read this There is no bot at the moment, thank you.
  9. Delete Account

    Yes you could edit your name in your account settings. Click on the little down arrow beside your name in the top right corner of this page and enter account settings. There you should be able to edit your account settings, thank you.
  10. Delete Account

    We dont delete accounts, thank you.
  11. Please post in the payment and account support section, this forum sectiopn is for bot support, thank you.
  12. No download page

    Please read this topic, thank you.
  13. It is blocked on the forum, but the homepage still have a link to the shop. Jordan is the only one who have acces to edit that, and he is informed about the issue, thank you.
  14. how can i download the bot?

    Please read this, thank you.
  15. Bot Status

    The developers left with the bot and now Jordan is hiring new developers to make a new bot. Please read here for more information, thank you.
  16. It was not deleted, it was hide because you violated forum rules. Not one of your posts was deleted, they was hide, because you violated forum rules.
  17. Boost bot free or not?

    Did I say that it was false accusations? No, I said the front page of this forum dont say anything about the bot being online, and it still dont say that. I even posted a screenshot of the forum´s main page, showing that it did not claim that the bot was online. And today 17/03-2017 the forum still dont say anything about the bot beeing online. I am only answering about the forum here, because I am a admin for this forum, and I dont have any thing to do with the .org site. When DaisyDobe post here in the forum and say that the main page state something it dont, then I have to set that straight. Who could know he was talking about something outside the forum? am I supposed to read his mind or just guess if he think about some where else and not the forum he post it in? Yes I see that the .org page still have this message posted, but I cant edit that, it is only Jordan who have acces to do that. I believe I already told him this was the case, but I will do that asap. Thank you for the help.
  18. Do you mod?

    Please read this, thank you.
  19. Jordan and Jackson are rather busy right now, please be a little patient, thank you.
  20. Subcription Cancellation

    Please keep payment and account support requests in the payment and account support section. To cancel your recurring payments, then go to your paypal account and remove the settings there, thank you.
  21. We dont take anything, you are the one that pay us. If you dont want the recurring payment, the go to your paypal account and remove the recurring payment settings, thank you.
  22. no download available

    First we need to have a bot to download, please read here, thank you.
  23. You need to wait untill this bot is ready to be used. Please read here, thank you.
  24. There is no new bot yet, it is under development, thank you.
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