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  1. Sync Problem

    https://snag.gy/p3Zwbt.jpg (For Screenshot)
  2. Sync Problem

    You MUST use this format when posting an Error or Bug. Bot Version and Revision Number: BETA 6 MEmu version: Bluestacks Windows Version: 10 Do you use a PC, a VM or a VPS?: PC Describe the issue below. When do you get the issue? What happens with BoostBot and the Emulator?: "Client and server are out of sync" Nothing happen than. Please submit logfile with the timestamp for the issue if needed. Please posts screenshots to help us see the issue if needed. Click here for a guide for screenshots.
  3. Attacking Beta 3

    It's my second Acc. TH 8, LV 65+, barbs + arch lv 5 Okay, since the new Update the bot find a dead base. But the bot leave to the village now. No chance for screenshot any more^^
  4. Attacking Beta 3

    Np, Isn't a solution right now here? thx, for reply
  5. Attacking Beta 3

    You MUST use this format when posting an Error or Bug. Bot Version and Revision Number: Beta 3 MEmu version: -- Bluestacks -- Windows Version: Win 7 Do you use a PC, a VM or a VPS?: PC Bot don't drop Barbs. It drops the King and then the bot does nothing. any help?
  6. The Bot did not drop to attack (barbs) any help?
  7. Question about spells!

    The bot can create spells.. but my question is, could the bot use them ? Thx
  8. How you farm Delex? (Th9)

    THX! I Will try
  9. Donation Problem

    Bot Version? Clashbot 7.10.5 (Rev. 1848) Bluestacks Version? To find out what version you have, a bluestacks icon shows in the system tray, if hoovered over, it will show the current version Note: Bluestacks 2 is NOT supported yet, download the recommended version here : Windows Version: Win7 Are you using a PC (Personal Computer, VM (Virtual Machine), or VPS (Virtual Private Server)?: PC Is your Clash of Clans and BlueStacks in English? Yes, but I'm from germany When did you first get the error? - How did you get the error? - Have you installed .NET 4.5.1?: Yes Please link a screenshot (or multiple) provided by the bot: - the allowed keywords are in but now this come [12:08:10] [Donate] Going to check if we can donate troops [12:08:10] [Donate] Starting clan donation checks... [12:08:12] [Donate] Clan donation done nothing happens.. Can't donate Giants for my Clan :/ any help here? Thx
  10. How you farm Delex? (Th9)

    I need delex for my Th9, defences are complete only need my heros (at moment: King 24 and Queen 24) Staying in Gold-league III - I Bot attacks with: Barbs Archer Giant Giant Only Dead bases 200k each and 450 delex Four sides deploy It takes so long.. only got 1,5k delex p/h with boost any better setting here? Thx
  11. Delex

    any setting? with giant or barch?
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