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  1. Boogie_pvl

    About TH snipping

    Guys, how it works? How to set up the program to a bot attack only TH and attacked a small group of archers. my bot launches all the army If anyone know how thats work please give me screenshot of settings, thanks and sorry for my english i use google translate
  2. Boogie_pvl

    Lightning Spell Farming

    Good day, gentlements. I have matured the following question: how to set up a bot that he farm as usual, but if it is any (not dead) base with elixir more than 1500-2000 - bot must throw 4 lightning spells 4 in DE storage. Sorry for my English, i use google translate =)
  3. Boogie_pvl

    Ligthning spell

  4. Boogie_pvl

    Ligthning spell

    Hello, dear developers. I respect you and respect your job. Also, I respect you for your responsiveness. Therefore, I ask you the following question: how to set up spell lightning (make it work 4 times, I have th9). Thanks for understanding and sorry for my bad english. Perhaps the topic was rising already in this forum, but I ask to understand me, I find it difficult to read and understand English, the ability to go a lot of time on it. Below is my setup
  5. Boogie_pvl

    Resolution problem

    I do this solution, but bluestacks change resolution 720/860 when bot start working. Into regedit all right, all fields are normal (900/1440).
  6. Boogie_pvl

    Resolution problem

    Hello, dear developers of this great program, excuse me for my English, I live in Kazakhstan, my native language - Russian. I have a problem - Bluestasks resolution equals 720 by 860(when I run the cocbot). Resolution of my monitor - 1920 to 1080. I am very uncomfortable to play, because window of bluestaks very small - I can not see anything. Help me pls, thanks.
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