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  1. pranavperfect

    Clashbot Crashing

    Crashing with Bluestacks too. Bluestacks 2. Boostbot latest version.
  2. pranavperfect

    Drop trophies using King/Queen

    well it could be in terms of a checkbox also, something like "Use heroes to drop trophies". and IMHO, dropping trophies might mean the raid is only on for a second, a damage to the hero would essentially be fixed in a few seconds if not more. And obviously if no hero is available, it would just drop trophies the traditional way.
  3. I used to use the old version, and i noticed that once the walls have upgraded and about 50 or so are left, the bot stops to recognize the walls. any level it may be at. it always pics up walls from a specific location. so you need to move the upgraded walls around. Is it possible that walls are upgraded in a sequential manner from inside out or outside in. This would greatly help a user. Also, the bot disconnects almost every few mins with the error of "Client and server sync error". I'm not sure what that error pertains to. But it's very frequent. And happens only during searching. This slows down the raiding functionality. and also uses up unnecessary gold as the search begins from start and any advanced search options go waste.
  4. pranavperfect

    Drop trophies using King/Queen

    The bot should provide option to drop trophies using King and Queen as they do not require use of elixir.
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