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  1. Gold People

    does green count?
  2. Any th10 farming settings?

    im currently using: dead 250000 only at 2000 trophies, works pretty good... like 650k an hour problably could use some tweaking tho
  3. Themida msvcp140.dll missing

    there was a sticky on the bot support where you could find your awnser..... link is here:
  4. Bot seems not to start

    could you profide some screenshots please?
  5. can i get banned with bot?

    not really.... i used the bot daily for over 2 years and nothing happened so far
  6. Need help Farm TH10

    define dead, were working on the bot the community will follow. for now the settings are unknown since the bot is just released. i usually go with dead only 250k gold at 1800 trophies and i get quite a bit
  7. Bot Doesnt Train Troops

    are you online right now and do you have teamviewer?
  8. My bot does not train troops, what should I do?

    can you please post screenshots so we can see ? of your memu/bluestacks and bot settings please?
  9. Bluestacks? Memu?

    yeah i can to
  10. please make your own bot support thread and we will help you asap
  11. Bluestacks? Memu?

    http://boostbot.org/clash-of-clans-bot-download/ all the correct guidelines are in the link
  12. New Forum Theme, Dreadnought!

    ill actually start using that one! i like it
  13. Bot Atk all vilas

    "last" is a relatively bad source of information, please CHECK and make sure what version you have, also include screenshots so we can determine the problem concering your settings. thanks
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