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  1. Not recruiting any troops

    I'm having the same exact issue on 8.0.0 BETA 8 it will recruit for one or two attacks then just stop. I have tried checking all the boxes, for last built, 1,2, and 3 and made sure there was army builds in all of them on Clash, but it still will stop after a short time.
  2. Can't Get The Bot To Work

    runnnig 8.0.0 beta 8 memu 2.9.6 windows 10 pro PC The bot won't' build at all, it keeps losing its location. This is not the bot I remember, I'd like to go VIP but with this behavior, I cannot justify any cost. Do you have a known list of bugs or new version coming out? Can I get the old version that seems to run great.
  3. bluestacks

    I am having the exact same issue, I start the game and then it just goes to the app screen after a few seconds. Very annoying, I'm going to reinstall, let me know if anyone gets it working or can recommend a stable version of bluestacks with BoostBot. Thank you,
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